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The soles were McKay stitched on. With some, your toes will "roll" over the front of the sole leaving no protection for the uppers. That's what's causing the scuffing. Others may roll out to the side rather than the toe. Treat the scuffed area with polish and keep an eye on it. If it continues to get worse bring your shoes to a local cobbler and ask them to put extended tips on them. That will extend the sole slightly while preventing the scuffing.
Next time you need heels ask for 15 iron. They are slightly thicker and last longer. Another option is to ask for JR heels. They also last longer.
Quote: Originally Posted by josiahsiung are these jobs very costly? Between $20 and $30. Depends on where you bring them.
It will keep happening. Bring them to a local cobbler and have them replace the liners. FYI...super glue is the worst cement/glue that you can use on leather. It seals it, dries it out and, makes the leather become brittle enough to crack.
Quote: Originally Posted by Texasmade Boys have a penis, girls have´╗┐ a vagina. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVjaB1rruu0&NR=1
Quote: Originally Posted by josiahsiung what are back liners? sorry, I'm not too knowledgable about all this. Back liners are a piece of leather stitched into the counter area. They are used for two purposes. 1. To take up room when the heel is loose. 2. Often the counter (heel) liners wear out. Back liners are used to repair worn counter liners.
If you need to take up more room, bring your shoes to a local cobbler and have them install back liners.
Croc scales are round. Gator more squared.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Just spoke to the Alden store and it sounds like it will be taken care of at no cost to me, if you discount the aggravation of waiting 9 months for a pair of shoes and immediately needing to send them back for a resole. As mentioned, most likely, it's a loose or cracked shank. Could also be that the foot-bed didn't set properly causing the shank to shift when pressure is applied. In either case the only...
Quote: Originally Posted by rabiesinfrance Superglue might do it if you're careful. NOOOOOO! It will dry out the leather, make it rigid and, cause further damage.
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