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Bravo!! Beautiful last. I like the small details: 6 eyelets, brass tacks at the toes, JR soles among those that I can see.
No problem for a reputable repair shop.
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 Enjoy the victory and the parade today, you guys earned it. We will be ready for you next year and hopefully we will battle it out for the ALCS. The post season isn't that fun unless the Sox and yanks are playing against eachother. Also, you guys would be stupid not to sign hideki matsui. The guy is a Samuri warrior Thanks and..........much agreed on both points!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 You are all sad excuses for yankees fans if you are using a Mets triumph as a come back. You should have gone with Bucky F. Dent but you are all morons. The Red Sox don't have a commitment to winning, we just win. Something we have done twice this decade as opposed to your one. See you next year girls Sorry.....but, we're still enjoying the victory. See ya next decade and compare notes around the...
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 Teams with a "commitment to winning" don't lose series when they are already up 3-0. Don Zimmer who is your daddy? %#&% Happens Can anybody say Bill Buckner!!
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma First off, let me say I am from the US, and I am not a baseball fan. I love sports for the competition, adversity, and the fact that any given day, miracle upsets can happen. But that isn't always true. I've always found it curious how professional sports call their teams 'World Champions'. Do they compete on a world stage with many teams from other countries? American football, and baseball are most notorious...
World Champs!
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I just picked up a pair of shoes that had been resoled. The soles were branded: "Samson Oak", with a little acorn, in a circle. Surrounding the circle was "Highest Quality" and "Oak Tanned Sole Leather". Below that is written "Prime Fibre, 12 Iron Up, Extra Large, Made in U.S.A. Who can tell me about these soles? I have never heard of Samson Oak and internet search yields nothing. BTW, the soles are pretty...
This is one of the things that irks me about my industry. Many of the operators are penny wise and dollar foolish. They also think that the public is stupid. For instance, they will save money on materials and buy cheep garbage which won't look, feel or, wear well. When the customers complain they (the owner) become arrogant. I have had many discussions with these types. I have tried over and over again to explain that it's this attitude that gives our industry a bad...
Trunk Show October 29th, 2009 Rider Boot Co. founder Ron Rider rolls back into the Big Apple on Thursday November 5th, 11 am - 7 pm for a new show at Leffot. Ron pulls out all the stops when it comes to samples, leathers and colors. If you're a boot guy you won't want to miss it. Posted in News & Events | No Comments »
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