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Quote: Originally Posted by corskc Afta shoe cleaner is not something I can get locally unless I mail order it overseas. Is there a more 'natural' substitute for this? Sorry, I thought you were in the U.S. Afta is the only product that I trust for such situations. We use it constantly and it's very effective. It's harsh enough to remove polish yet mild enough not to cause any damage or staining.
Quote: Originally Posted by corskc 1. Meltonian Shoe Cleaner 2. Woly Shoe Cream, Tricker's shoe wax 3. It was a fresh cloth, a discarded old t-shirt. Based on what you described, the only thing I can think of is the shoe may have still been damp with the cleaner when you applied the polish. If that was the case, the wax polish sealed the damp cleaner inside the pores of the leather. Try this: Insert shoe trees. Get a small can of...
What were the specific brands of products you used? Did you let the cleaner dry completely before applying any polish? Did the brush and/or rag have any residue of dark polish on it?
I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Rider and Steve Taffel (of Leffort) today. They were proudly displaying Ron's spectacular selection of boots. I must say that I was very impressed with the variety and quality of leathers he uses. The quality of his workmanship is also superb and his prices are very fair. The next time you're in the market for a sweet pair of boots don't overlook Ron's line. As for Steve's collection......Outstanding! If you have'nt been to his shop...
I have many kitchen workers and chefs that bring or mail in their Birkenstock clogs for new soles.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Well, you have then but one choice left: - B Stop being so serious and get a sense of humor. Roaring with laughter!!
You may have a loose heel base.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba What are you driving at here? I'm not simply jumping on the AE hate wagon, I would appreciate that you respect that I've formed my own opinion, based on my experience. Its a great deal tougher for me to form my opinion, based on your experience. Yes....I respect that you are entitled to your opinion. I have simpley stated my observations based on my experience day in and day out. That's what this...
Use cream polish. It's eaiser to work with and won't cake up. It's also more effective in keeping the leather supple. Weave tends to dry out quicker.
Actually, AE had an Italian line prior to the Seven's. Aside from the Seven's they still have some Italian made Blake stitched. My guess is that the Seven Series was an attempt to offer something more fashion forward and upscale to the Italian made that they were already carrying. I suspect that their intent was to delve into another market expanding their entire line with more variety. There could be many reasons why it didn't work. Many have voiced their opinion on...
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