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AE conditioner and polish.
If used correctly, same results. Pledge has more oil in it. It's a one step but more work. Also better chance of collecting grim on patent..
I try to avoid sandpaper and agree w/Ron on the steel wool. The Corthay's came out great though. Nice job. Another method for the OP is a black crayon. Melt the tip. While the wax is wet, apply it to the gouges. Let set until barely soft. Take the back of a spoon and rub the the area to level out the high edges. Polish. This process takes some perfecting so you may need some practice. Once you get the technique down it yields great results. You can use it with many colors...
Try some Venetian cream. Works great on bookbinder and cordovan finishes/leathers.
I wouldn't use Vaseline on leather. It will darken it and attract dust. There are patent cleaners that are very effective on patents. But, my favorite process for patent cleaning and care is this: Insert shoe trees. Apply a lite mist of Windex and let set for 15 minutes. Using a white rag, buff the Windex completely out. At that point you may think you achieved a good gloss. You're not done yet. Apply a very lite coat of Vaseline. Work it in well. With a white rag rub out...
3 types:A heel seat. Approx. 3 1/2 inches long.A 3/4. Goes from the back of your heel, stops just short of the metatarsal area.Full length. Heel to toe.We replace them as needed.If they're good and you want them replaced there's a charge for that. We use kid skin. My supplier's tell me I'm crazy for using kid for liners. To me, it looks and feels great.We specialize in re-crafting high end footwear. I consider Alden's to be mid/high end.I'll admit, we are not perfect. I'll...
The store will open on Monday March 19th. 4 Piccadily Arcade. They just added this video of their factory on their web site: http://www.cheaney.co.uk/making-a-cheaney-shoe.php Their are other videos after this one concludes.
Perry Ercolino told me he was making him a pair. That was a while back though.
My take on sole guards is on the Styleforum blog.
I saw this on Ask Andy. The link is from Horween's blog: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?115650-Multiple-videos-of-various-shoes-being-made-including-Loake-C-amp-J-and-Edward-Green. Thought I would share it...
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