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Thanks for sharing but it won't hold. One or two wearings in damp weather and you will realize the mistake you made that will need to be corrected by a cobbler. I like to save when I can. I'm also a DIYer. However, When I need legal advice, I pay a lawyer, Finanacial advice, I pay an advisor. When I'm sick, I see a doctor.............
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth Is that also true for Alden made Brooks Brothers Shell? I'm not certain but it makes sense that they do.
Allen Edmonds and Alden's use Joh. Rendenback soles on their shells. http://www.lederfabrik-rendenbach.de/index_gb.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Stax I like something like this: http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/cat...&productGroup= $128.00 for two pieces of rubber and a couple of pieces of leather?? Great deal for them not you!
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym I haven't seen a channeled Dainite sole (open), but when I showed a normal pair to one of Marcell's students, she said she didn't know why companies didn't channel them. Nick, could a Dainite sole be channeled? I have an old pair of cheap loafers and some moccasins that have channeled rubber soles. I'm assuming that they were molded that way, but would it be difficult or unwise to cut a channel into a rubber...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Yes. Men from the boys. Maybe you should make my shoes...are you willing for the crucible and flying out to Boston? - B That would be educational and entertaining!
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne A particularly knowledgeable member directed me to this blog post about EG. It appears they do replace the entire sock if/when necessary. Sock liners and insoles are two different components.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth Your assumption on the risk free rate using non-gemmed shoes is faulty. When thousand year old mummies were found, the leather around them had already rotted and disintegrated while the linen wrapping the corpse under the sarcophagus still remained mostly intact. Going by that, the feather used in shoe making made from textile may not be as weak as one would imagine. In fact, textile is also used in non-gemmed...
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Just walked by - the storefront, sign is up outside with "opening soon" signs... hopefully the abercrombie smell doesn't penetrate the entire store & stock. I heard they were opening at the end of the month.
I love my Weil. Sleek, dependable never take it off, it takes a beating and never fails. Much more reliable than the Rolex I bought her.
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