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Okay so now we agree on stretching, girth maybe we did before. We also agree that insoles can not be stretched. Building up the last, I get it. So pumping up the last for length is not in effect lengthening. As I see it, the way this thread continues, you make lasts for every customer, right?It's good to hear that if you made something to short, you'll make it correctly....No Charge.
Again, questing my integrity with no basis. Cheap shot. So, You are going to make a brand new pair of boots for thoses that that don't fit exacaly in every dimension the way you measured, Right?
I'm done....Can shoe's be stretched?
Let it be known....Good for you!
Thank you Sir....Lends to my points. Still never got an answer, when you a make pair of custom boots and the customer complains they are to short. Do you scrap them and make a new pair?
This is becoming ridiculous. You still haven't answered my very fair questions. Why??
Precisely my point.....First you say "if they are true 9's the heel to ball will be the same". Then you say " a man with a foot that measures 9 7/8 long would GENERALLY have a heel to ball 71/4". Which one is it? All I ever said since you brought it up is, the difference you are talking about is so minute it's irrelevant. Then you go on about definitions of distortion and ruination again brining my integrity into question. I don't need your blessings.....I know the effort...
I never said much of what you are insinuating. I understand "heel to ball" is crucial. So is ball to end of toe in terms of comfort. I don't think you can argue that of our structural differences vary from person to person. Apparently, you didn't understand my point so, I'll ask it differently. Take 50 guys that wear a 9-D (on average, yes I know it depends on the last). Is the dimension from joint to heel exactly the same on all of them?I'm saying we have and do stretch...
No, we do it because it works.I learned about the process 3.5 decades ago. After witnessing tens of thousands of pair that we stretched over that time. I'm happy to report I have not received one complaint concerning how the "joint relative to the heel" was impacted.Given the time-tested track record that I experienced it would be ignorant on my part to stop offering the service because of one person's view. Just as it would be foolish on your part to stop doing something...
Unbelievable.....2010 was a record year for us. We almost hit that total already in 011. With typically our best quarter about to begin it's safe to say, either I can “grow, learn and, excel” or, I'm just lucky. Enlighten me because I'm to ignorant to figure it out.Some see machines as doing the Devil's work. I invest in machinery, only the best and, very expensive, in order to accommodate my customer's demands. I know their capabilities. I'm also very aware of the damage...
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