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As mentioned above exotics are dry skins by nature. If they are not regularly moisturized the skin will crack within a short period of time. However if you treat them regularly with a conditioner they will last for decades. Saphir Reno. is a great product in this case.
I had the chance to stop in and talk to Eric today. It seems both Eric and Allen Edmond's are happy with the terms of their agreement. For those interested in Alden's, he has a large selection reduced to 30-40% off.
We use far more JR then any any other leather. Never get complaints about it.
In this months issue of Men's Health mag. (May) I'm quoted on this topic, page 80. Fine sand paper is very effective..... Just be careful how you use it.
+1 we sell tons of them and never got a complaint about how quickly they wear.To the OP are you sure they are authentic Dainite?I'm seeing more and more knock-offs not nearly the quality though...
I understand. But with exotics it's not always about the last.. Sometimes it's about the skin. You've got to see them for yourself, then comment.
Don't know what that color is called. I have hunch AE will be introducing more shell varieties.
That's a safe method.I have found Afta to be the most effective product in a case like this.Another product that I recently started using has me impressed. Saphir R'eno 'Mat.Most edge dressings are oil based. That's difficult to remove as it's almost as stong as dye.If you are going to use that Bengal-stripe's advice is excellent except if you get to much dressing on the tape it could bleed through into the upper. So, still take caution.It's much safer to use an water...
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