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I have it on order. It will be in by weeks end.
It's "blind stitched" either the cement loosened or they missed a spot when gluing the flap down. Glue it back DO NOT USE CRAZY GLUE!
Quote: Originally Posted by macaroni I must contact those tanners. Great info. Thanks Bengal. +1 Nice shoes
I agree with most of what DWFII said. Especially regarding mink oil. It attracts dirt and grime like a magnet. Defiantly not to be used on dress shoes. However, it's great for hunting/work boots or any other footwear where cosmetics are not a concern. It's very effective for repelling moisture. My experience with Saphir Renovateur is different. Agreed, there seems to be very little mink oil in it. It spreads generously therefore, a small dab is sufficient to cover the...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 How about this answer: Renovateur = OVERRATED, OVER-HYPED French product people automatically assume must be the bees-kness Why do you say? We use it. I think it's fantastic.
Peace and happiness to you and you're families.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain in my experience Sestriere both feels softer and wears (slightly) faster than Dainite. It also seems lighter/less dense but I can't be sure of this. They are a less expensive imitation of Dainite. Good but not as good as the authentic Dainites
Quote: Originally Posted by ambien walrus Why not just say, "hey, don't replace it with a rubber heel"? Then, see this: 2. Wear them the way you intended. When you get to the repair shop expect to pay 2x's plus for a new top lift and base.
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