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I've seen lots of permanent damage done by Crazy Glue and the likes. As mentioned, it's not flexible, it drys out the leather making it brittle and causing it ti crack.All purpose cement is really the only thing that you can use and hope for the best. If there is enough material a cobbler will be able to stitch it back in place.
The metal heel piece shown in your image is called a Seg. They are in-laid and nailed on. And yes, they are slippery and noisy.The "V" plates that you mentioned are much smaller. The are shaped like a slice of pizza. Some like them, others don't complaining about noise, slipping and, both tend to yield a "harder" walk.
If they are authentic gunboats aside from a metal shank they also have a double row of nails and a metal "V" plate on the heels. That's a lot of metal. I would be surprised if the security alarm didn't go off.....
Same 'em on right now, no socks. Just as comfortable as my Sperry's.
If you can find it, grab it.Meltonian is no longer in business....
I am quite familiar with this brand, they make good products. However, I am not familiar with this particular one. We do get requests from time-to-time to insert a tongue pad between the tongue and tongue liner of the shoe. This means the tongue and the tongue liner are separated. We affix a tongue pad to the underside of the tongue and cement and stitch the liner back over it. I always caution the customer that the felt tongue pads that we use eventually compress which...
I'm a Jersey Guy.
If you are asking about the Sea Island, any competent shoe repair can replace the soles. Instead of them being made with a Goodyear out sole stitcher like the ones AE re-craft the Sea Islands are stitched with a McKay stitcher. Much like Blake stitched. No big deal for a competent shop that is used to that machine.
In this case they do what you often try to do, distract from the topic.That was, what's the big deal about fixing some slipped gemming?
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