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The nails do not penetrate through the insole. They may be intended to secure the shank. Not necessary though.....
Try inserting a pair of heel pads. They will raise your heel alleviating the irritated area.
If done properly it won't ruin the integrity of the shoe. If the sole is new the stitching is not disturbed at all. If the sole has been worn to far -or- in your case it sounds like it was damaged at the toe. A new leather tip is attached and stitched on. Then, the flush mounted toe plate is added.
Yes in leather.
Before and after. A pair of BB for Alden's converted from a crepe sole to black Dainite, new mid-sole, leather heel base, white stitching on the top of the welt.
Welcome to the forum and good luck in your career.Try a tongue pad. It will push your foot back into the heel of your shoe.If you have a competent shoe repair shop in your area they can add a back liner which will take up some room in the heel. Even if the heel lining wears out a new back liner will solve that problem.
Tell 'em you want the last. See how far that get's ya. Remember you paid for it!
Yup.....A bespoke maker from Portugal stopped in today. We spoke about some of the later issues discussed in this thread. Many times the "adjustments" amount to nothing more than stretching. Remember, he has to stay in business. Given that, if you shell out the bucks for bespoke and he stretched your shoes in the "hot spot" areas to get them to be tolerable comfort wise, did you really get your moneys worth? Further, does he really have the correct (your personal last) for...
Agreed......Added sometimes the message gets lost in not what is being said but the way it's being said.
Thank you Sir--I already have a full plate and also like to spend time with my family (3 kids).It's rare that I get the time to fish the trout streams any more and, there are several good ones within a few miles of my home!!!!
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