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Leather has sort of an elastic tendency. A slight memory. It's always best to wear your shoes around the house or office for a few hours before going out for the day (or evening) after they were stretched. While your foot is in the shoe and flexing the leather it is loosening the grain. This will aid in making the stretching permanent. Also, wearing them around the house will avoid the possibility of you going out for the day and half way through you realize your shoes are...
I would agree with that as well. Speaking for myself, I don't pay attention such statements or slogans. It's like asking a waiter how is the soup special?What would you expect him to say other than very good?IMO it's ultimately up to the consumer (and frankly their responsibility) to find out as much about a product or service before they spend THEIR money.
I don't agree...... These days it's pretty simple to find out what a company, individual and/or service, product is all about. It has nothing to do with hype. If you are willing to do some research you'll find out. Even on forums such as these.
Interesting discussion.... IMO it all boils down to how much pride and integrity does the firm, workers -or- worker have? Their reputation will answer that question.
Sounds like you need a thin back liner.
I've seen lots of permanent damage done by Crazy Glue and the likes. As mentioned, it's not flexible, it drys out the leather making it brittle and causing it ti crack.All purpose cement is really the only thing that you can use and hope for the best. If there is enough material a cobbler will be able to stitch it back in place.
The metal heel piece shown in your image is called a Seg. They are in-laid and nailed on. And yes, they are slippery and noisy.The "V" plates that you mentioned are much smaller. The are shaped like a slice of pizza. Some like them, others don't complaining about noise, slipping and, both tend to yield a "harder" walk.
If they are authentic gunboats aside from a metal shank they also have a double row of nails and a metal "V" plate on the heels. That's a lot of metal. I would be surprised if the security alarm didn't go off.....
Same here....got 'em on right now, no socks. Just as comfortable as my Sperry's.
New Posts  All Forums: