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O.K. I'll withdraw the words "no brainer" and replace them with the statement "I'll take full soles over 1/2 soles on my shoes any day of the week". Which was my point.
So.....I guess hand welt vs gemming is not a no brainer to you.
For those interested, ask 10 cobblers which takes less time, doing a 1/2 or full sole? I'm quite certain the responses will be unanimous.
I have never had an instance where we damaged the insole by prying the heel base off.So, the issue of full sole vs. 1/2 is a no-brainer for me.
Waiter, may I have some extra Bearniase sauce with my filet mignon please? Thank you Sir......
Half soles: Less time + less matetrial + Less work = higher profit. We have done 1000's of full soles this year. Not one 1/2 sole. Ask people in the shoe industry which would they prefer on their own shoes, 1/2 or full soles? They will tell you full soles.
It comes in 4 colors.Black, Neutral, Cordovan, Dark Brown.I tried to convince them to make it Ravello and Whiskey as well. Not yet though.....
They will be at:551 Madison (55th St.)4:00-7:00
I normally suggest that when the worn area of the heel gets down to about the thickness of a dime it's time to replace. This way the customer gets the most use out of a pair of heels without damaging the base.
Shouldn't be what skin is are monks made of?
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