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I would advise against attempting it.Chances are far greater that you will ruin your shoes than be happy with the results.Years ago suede dyes were reliable.Several years ago the Government came out with new regulations that caused a change in the formula that was being used in the manufacturing of suede dyes. Ever since then the dyes were not reliable or consistent.I don't know of any Pro's or Finders for that matter that are happy with the suede dyes of today.Here are...
Never tried the wipes.We buy it by the gallon and just use rags which work fine.
Guardsman makes an excellent product for removing built up wax: http://www.shopguardsman.com/detail/TCL+470800 It's safe and effective. Make sure that you condition and polish after using it.
Good point......Keep the hits coming!!!!I still get a chuckle when I think of your compromise regarding the discussion between 1/2 and full soles. Your solution was a 3/4 sole!
Why? You are who you are aren't you?Pretty simple to me.
Again? Okay...
Sorrily you are really reaching. So much wrong with what you just printed. But, I'll give you this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHQ_aTjXObs
Thanks for that and for everyone that ever suffered and lost a pair of shoes bc of gemming failure please shout out. PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!
PB.....As a lark I was looking for a supplier for gemming and found this:http://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/1zcxi4/churchs_custom_graderare_slipped_gemming_sighting/FWIW....You will never find a quote of me saying or writing that I have only seen it 15x's bc I never said or wrote that. What I said and stand by is that it is very rare and overblown. I also stand by comments that I have made stating I see inseam stitching fail more often than rare gemming failure....
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