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I agree with some things being said a disagree on others.... Leather is leather eventually under the best circumstances when it gets used enough -or- ages enough it will exceed it's life. To say a shoe cane be be re-soled an infinite amount of times (regardless of how it is constructed) is not a legitimate statement.The position about using the original last is also a wives tale to me. We have accounts with some of the most reputable high-end makers. I have been...
Thanks DW, I just want to point out though....The picture was taken in the J.M.W. shop on Madison Ave. It's of a sample that they use to show customers and explain about the construction for those that are interested. So, it's constantly being flexed without the support of the other components holding it together (as intended by the manufacturer). In addition, it's several years old and is exposed rather than being sealed.The point you made and showed has merit regarding...
Here is an image of the underside of a J.M. Weston GY welted insole. Very solid. Not hand welted, rather machined. I doubt it will fail. The inseam stitching (waxed-or-not) will fail long before gemming as we have seen in an earlier picture. After the welt is attached everything is cemented together. Then it gets stitched (out-sole to welt) holding all of the components together. If the cement gets stale it can cause loosening of fit and or a squeaking in other areas.
Since you enjoy bringing things into the mud. I graduated from FDU, 1979. Maybe you graduated BSU around the same time. As, you love to skit the issues. Re-read what you posted earlier.
Quite frankly....You're na,na,na does not impress me.I threw out a fair question. Find someone/anyone in the know of shoe construction that would agree cemented soles are as good as GY welted.
Of course Men's and Women's shoes are constructed differently. That's based on cosmetic appeal. Women's vs Men's. It's not fair to compare.And, of course you can't compare hand-made bespoke vs RTW Goodyear welted.It's only fair to compare apples-to-apples, not oranges.I'll stand by my comment.....It will be hard to find a knowlegdable person in the shoe biz that would agree a cemented sole shoe is even close to a GY welted.Then again, we could ask the members reading this...
I think you will have a hard time finding anyone in the shoe business that would agree under any circumstance that a cemented sole is as good as a Goodyear welted shoe.
This will be their 6th store in London. It's scheduled to open next month at Canary Wharf, Cabot Place. In the making, shoe care and, repair films will be playing in the shop. Of the 1600 square feet 1100 will be used for retail. There will be a Ladies section promoting the new Ladies Collection designed by Mrs. Jones and Her Daughter Philippa. Also the new Mens fall/winter line will be on display. C&J continues to do a great job growing their brand while maintaining...
Maybe I didn't explain it well but, here is a picture of what I was trying to explain:
This is what I was referring to.
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