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DW...I hope you lighten up on the Guy. I don't see him as a troll. Just came across SF researching an issue he had. He's not looking for the hair on the egg -nor- an argument. Rather he clearly stated his priorities and means. I'll trust my intuition. We should welcome more guys like this to expand the SF population. Better that than chase them away.
We have been selling and I have been wearing Powersteps for years. Customers are very happy with them. In my case I have no foot problems what so ever. I can pretty much find a good fit with almost any RTW brand. I wouldn't use Powersteps in any dress shoe nor do I need to. However with my hiking boots I remove the supports that came with them and replace them with the PS's.They are very comfortable and give a lot more support than the ones that came with the boots.When...
A/E were offering several styles on combination lasts (wide vamps/narrow heels)I don't know if they still are. You may want to contact their cs dept. and ask.
I won't do orthoepic adjustments either. The only time I will is with a Dr's prescription. And even with that only simple accommodations.Heel lifts, bars, basic things of that nature. Anything else is beyond the realm I'm comfortable with.If there is a podiatrist reading it would be interesting if you weighed in here.
Good points by DW and PB. I noticed something many years ago. Guys will often tell me "these are the most comfortable shoes I ever owned. Do what ever it takes". It's very, very rare that I hear a Woman say that. Why? Because they buy for style and color. Comfort and fit are low on their priority list. Often a Woman (usually mid-late 30ish) will complain to me my "shoes are killing me". I think my foot changed shape. I take her (normally high stiletto) shoe put it on the...
No question about that. I chose a severe case to make a point. There are many others that have less severe issues but severe enough that they simply can not get a proper fit from a RTW shoe.
That's one way of looking at it and practical in most circumstances.I have a frequent customer that loves to dress up for business. He can't wear any U.S. made shoe because of how there lasts match the configuration of his foot structure. He normally wears E.G.'s. He decided to have a custom made pair of shoes from a top maker in the U.K. When the fitter came to N.Y. He explained the whole process to him. They began taking measurements and sketching his foot. They made 4...
Fair enough but...what does one do when they truly have a difficult foot to fit regardless of the various lasts offered by various RTW makers? I see it quite often. In most cases they can not afford to have there entire rotation custom made.
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