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Some confusion here.....From what I understand they stitch GYW. They pick the old stitches from the top of the welt by hand, which is the right way. They probably do Blake and, Blake/Rapid as well.
WADR, if you are talking about these guys:http://nickscustomboots.com/You're comment doesn't make sense to me.Of course they can re-craft a GYW shoe.I don't think they use JR. I know they use Belgium leather which is top quality.You may want to research them a bit further.
S.C. Johnson bought Melt. a few years back. They wanted to make the product more environmentally friendly. They decided to use less solvents and go in the direction of water-based products. As a result, all of the colors/formulas got messed up. Rather than work on correcting the problems they chose defunct the entire Meltonian brand. Being as large as they are it made no sense for them to pursue the shoe care product industry. There is no danger in using what ever...
My main supplier is the largest in N.Y.They had to send them back. I'll see if I can find out more info on why tomorrow.
Yes no more Meltonian as of this past July.
I would add that trimming the waist to narrow could take away from some of the support of the shoe particularly under the arch of your foot.
A good cobbler could disguise this easily but, for diy-selfer's you can do it with some patience's. Get a small tube of rubber cement. It's good to have in the house anyway. Apply a light film on the rough area (shoe not the the effected tab). Let set. Bring the damaged leather back to where it was originally. With the back of your thumbnail start from the widest area of the damage and drag it slightly beyond the narrowest point. Let the cement set for about a half hour...
Interesting videos DW and Duncan. Thanks for sharing.
Duncan-- Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing.....
Thanks Ron!
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