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I said in the U.S.I'm starting to think that leading people to believe that you can have a bespoke HW shoe made here in the U.S. (let alone) N.Y.C. for $1800.00 is no different than saying you can buy a RTW shoe for $50.00. If that's the case what happened to the quality to $ ratio that fueled this discussion?
That being the case, I'll order a pair from him. Willing to wait. At his price. I'll post as we go along. Hopefully we can fish together.$1800.00 for a bespoke pair that fits me. Do I keep the last? Airfare and hotel are expenses that I won't pay. If Sf is willing to absorb those charges please bring a witness.All the rest is bullshit.
Oh stop it...Just an excuse.FTW I think your work is beautiful. Full of detail. I admire your passion and, I can't hold a candle to what it takes to make a shoe. Let alone I never repaired a pair of shoes in my life. But, be that as it may, I am behind the counter and in the shop every day for over 40 years.With that, My experiences differ from yours. So be it....As you printed you can easily provide us with the name of firms that will do a bespoke hand welted shoe to the...
Apparently DW will make you a pair for your very own for about $1800.00 (my sense tells me the price is negotiable). But from what I understand you will get the best materials, workmanship and, within reason the style you want. Plus, You will have your very own last. I'm even willing to contribute 10% of that $1800.00 order (upon delivery and your satisfaction of final fit and look). To be fair though be willing to wait, the Man is semi-retied. And, I respect that.
So, are you saying that you would be willing to pay $1600.00 (I doubt that you would get that price, all-in) for a bespoke shoe that's not hand welted to the insole?And, based on the discussion here, if the welt is not hand stitched to the insole why would you? Hand stitched welting to the insole seems to be the main issue of most of this thread.
Again....do you really think that they will make you a bespoke pair of shoes, custom lasts, hand welted, and so on for a few 100 bucksDream on............
Nice try.Permission? What permission do you need?You won't answer the question because you can't.Maybe you will do it. Who else will?Now we have the forum (who ever is interested in this thread) thinking you can get a bespoke made shoe of their liking last, quality and all for what? $1800.00? Show me...I know you like your fly fishing. I never had the time to learn it but would like to some day. Did very well this past season w/the brookies and rainbows. Just floated some...
So....you really think that you are going to get a bespoke shoe from them, on your own last, hand welted for $1600.00?Only one way to find out. Contact them and ask. Let us know.....
Can you share them with us?
Does anybody know a firm here in the U.S. that would make a bespoke shoe for $1800.00? Lasts? I don't.....and if you know of one (please let us know) I doubt they would make the style shoe you are looking for. Added the quality of materials and workmanship I doubt would be up to the standards and quality we are discussing here in this thread. So what would be the point?
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