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Well, if nothing came loose, why change anything?A few things though.Both the sole guard and sole should always be sanded. Using a machine will yield better results. Be careful not to disturb the stitching on the bottom of the sole.Contact cement will give better results than rubber cement.Contact cement should be applied to both sides. If applied correctly it should only take 15-20 minutes to dry.Rather than clamping the shoe to the sole guard (which won't give much...
I got a different German breed, the dachshund. Love my little puppy dog. :-) -Mike[/quote] I had one too! A brown short-haired mini, He took over our Sicilian household with His love and affection. We had another dog and two cats during that time. Fritz was the smallest, but, the King! What a personality..... Enjoy you're l'il critter!
I had dogs all my life. Loved 'em all. My favorite though was my Vizsla "Buddy". A true pal..... To bad they can never seem to get a good one for the Westminster show. The one they had this year had a white beard!! I managed to pick the winner on opening night, The German Short Hair, another great (fun) breed.
That makes more sense, thanks.
Thanks DW. And yes I understand your suspicion of me asking the question. I would like to qualify. You and I have differed along the way. To Me it's always based on our differences from our experiences. So be it.....Building a last as you explained, per person/client is a huge time commitment. To simply have a few lasts on hand and for you to be as successful as you have been is certainly a tribute to you'reabilities.
DW, forgive me if this question was raised in the past. How do you pick a last? Do you modify something out of stock? Build it up with cork and leather? Either way.....I would think that you have a nice inventory on hand. For regular customers, do you save their lasts? Who owns them, they -or you? It's just a question of policy. To me the real artwork and time is in making the last right.
I understood the distinction long before I first read your comments about the difference.However, I'll try and ask again. If you finished a shoe for a customer that was a tad to short and uncomfortable, do you make a new shoe for them?
To me that's a fancy way of saying....I'll stretch 'em.
As I thought Sir. Thank you for your honesty. I hope that you Cherish your estate and really enjoy it with your family! That's what's it's all about for all of us.
DW I prefer to keep this friendly. I appreciate your insights and willingness to share your experience and time. I've learned a lot from some of your posts. Most of all I respect your passion for the shoemaking trade (bespoke) and it's traditions. We agree, Shoe making and repair are two different things. Neither are anything to be ashamed of. Having said that, I don't know of any shoe repair shops -or- for that matter custom shoe makers that don't have an assortment of...
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