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Are you ready for second grade?
As usual you proved nothing.Thanks for the pics. To be honest they are pretty ugly looking things. I don't know of anyone that would wear them. But that's cosmetics. So it be, to each their own.A $1800.00 HW shoe made with quality?Show us one of your contracts deleting all personal info.If you can't you are full of shit.
I wouldn't say that. Far from it....He know's a lot about making shoes. Much about the materials....
Apologies that I missed it. What shops/price for hw bespoke, todays pricing? If I see them I'll be convinced.
Oh....Now I understand aside from being a shoemaker you are a qualified psychologist.Show us your degree.Show us a shoe contract that you claim you have for each client. Just one.I've asked this sort of Q many times. You NEVER stepped up to the plate because you can't.I'm done with the notion that you can get a quality made HW shoe for $1800.00 than comparing it to a RTW for the same price.Won't happen.....
All bs as usual. Let's see the contract you told us about (I'm gettin bored).
Apologies (sincere) I don't have the time to read all of this. Can you provide a post#?Thanks in advance if you are willing.
For the life of me I can't understand why you consider me a troublemaker when I am only questioning some of the things you write. Usually when I stick to my guns and don't distracted (rather bored) when you change the subject you can't prove me wrong. For the most part when we disagree you can't prove your point with real life circumstances as I have.If I remember correctly there was a part of this discussion that related the price of a RTW high-grade VS a HW bespoke. How...
I understood every bit of it. Delete the word firm and replace it what ever you want. And don't bs (at least me) that you are not permitted.That excuse insults my intelligence.Funny....You accuse me of believing everything I hear from top executives in the shoe biz. Then you boast that you are so dignified because you challenge things to a point where you draw you're own conclusions. It all sounds good and reads well.Why is it that when I challenge what you write that I am...
New Posts  All Forums: