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The 3 types of liners I mentioned also allow the maker to add a thin heel pad between the liner and insole. Usually the pad is made of felt or foam. It adds to comfort. Most of the high-grade makers (I'm talking north of Alden) use a full length sock liner in only their premium line.Their entry and mid-level models come with either a heel seat or 3/4 liner. It doesn't make sense to me that they would install a full liner in their best RTW shoes if that would be...
To be clear....Makers replace sock liners, heel seats or, 3/4 heel seats depending on what was in the shoe when it was made. Not insoles though.
Sock liners, yes. Insoles, no.
Agreed, in addition, I have yet to see a man-made synthetic product that performs even close to leather. I played hockey for decades. In the 80's the makers switched from using leather for their boots to synthetics (plastic, sometimes, heavy duty nylon). Lang was the first company to make a splash in the market. The underground hockey world was in love with them. NHL players started using them. The promoters were getting their piece of the cake. To me they were horrible....
Just to clarify, this is the one:http://www.cheaney.co.uk/country-leisure/35/cheaney-tweed-c-country-boots-in-almond-grain#Thanks again for the kind words.
Yes, I understand. However, I saw a finisher and trimming machine. They must use it for some of their tasks. Just didn't notice an out-sole stitching machine. Do you know that their process entails hand-stitching all of there re-soles?Just curious.
Regarding the out-sole hand stitch, I didn't notice an out-sole stitching machine in his shop. Maybe he doesn't have one. Then again everything else was done by hand. So, we really don't know....Interesting video though.
No, they are stitched on with very reliable Landis machines. It's a lock stitch.Custom work is for example, changing a 270 GY welt to a 360 storm, adding a mid-sole, changing the welt color/finish, converting to Dainite, Itshide Commando it goes on and on.....
You are ridiculously pathetic and more obviously paranoid. I don't know why but, that's you're problem.....To you and you're dreams:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUsfk7rUf2UI live in the real world.
Some good points made here. The reality is that the makers encourage using their re-crafting services. That's understandable because they want to keep you as a loyal customer. It also aides in making the sale of a new shoe. However, they are not trained to deal with typical repair issues. Rather, their mentality is to run the shoes through a sort of assembly line. It's a factory mentality/operation. If anything needs more attention, needs to be pulled off the line, it cuts...
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