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I to have several decades experience. I won't dispute the fact that HW is a superior construction than gemmed. However, IMO the argument is overblown in terms of the failure rate VS the cost of the 2 methods. Add to that every business including bespoke NEEDS to make a profit. Needless to say it's important for any business to meet the demands of their market. Fact is it would be impossible to supply the demands of the men's shoe market if the factories were to continue...
I highly doubt that Carmina did that job. It's more likely that they sent them out to a shop that does minor work for them.Whoever did the job thought they were being creative. You be the judge.....
Spray dye is not flexible enough for a belt. Even if he used a liquid dye it can still rub off on your slacks or blazer.I have found the at best leather dyes (those used in shoe repair shops) should not be used for any other purpose than on boots or shoes.
^ I would agree with most of that.
Bottom line is the bases are made of inferior leather. Pouris, they absorb moisture like a sponge and expand. The rubber part of the top-lift (donno know if it is a combo heel). Can't expand as the leather heel base does. Further, the extra moisture in the leather stack could penetrate into the area where the nails are and rust them -or- weaken (rot) the leather area around the leather stack. That could cause the top-lift to shift even though it's holed together with...
Sounds crazy but this works, even on my Topsiders.When you are tying your laces most people loop the lace over the top and pull it through the bottom, then tighten them down.Instead, try doing it the opposite way. Loop the lace through the bottom and pull it over the top, then tighten.The motion of your foot flexing as you walk will keep the laces tied tight instead of allowing them to loosen.
To those who celebrate it, the very best to you and yours.
And for the record bid guy. We often get requests to adjust heel heights for customers that have discrepancies in they're leg lengths as a result of an accident -or- birth defect. I won't touch them without a doctors prescription. Then, we have some options for the customer. I'm just a lucky Guy.... And with your by gollys.... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Sincerely, Nick
As mentioned earlier adjusting the heel height is not that big a deal. It depends on the balance which any good shoe Guy can figure out without a disaster happening.
Here is a lineup of high grades that came out of the shop today. With the exception of the Vass they were all unworn. The Vass slightly worn. They all had flush mounted toe plates installed. The Lobbs had a sole guard applied. There were no shoe trees installed in any of these shoes. We took pictures of the heel height and toe spring dimensions. It all depends on how the last is balanced. The brands shown are (not in order): C&J, Ralph Lauren, Peal & Co., John Lobb, J.M....
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