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I'm really enjoying this discussion and the various viewpoints. But it all boils down to some basic, practical, logical, business principles. And the fight for survival and prosperity. Let's face it, we all do what we do to make a fair living. Most of us with integrity. Having said that I wanted to respond to this post:No, I said this based on MY experience. And from that they have looked for ways to save money and maintain -or- improve their product. Reaching out to me...
It depends on how you look at it. In my case I was able to hire men that were laid-off (but mostly retired) from factories. In most cases tea added great contributions.I don't consider factories to enemies at all. But for them who would be capable of producing the needs of the world-wide foot-wear industry. They provide jobs. In many cases health care, feed families and, sometimes education to the younger gen.I mentioned in a post earlier some differences I have had with...
I'm not trying to disparage the factories. However, the reality is factories have a factory mentality. Whether it be new shoes or repairs. Their objective is put a shoe on the assembly line, run it through right into the box. Their are so many unqualified, incapable repair shops that damage shoes that, I believe most of the factories made a blanket decision not to touch anything that had previously been repaired by an outside shop. This does two things: 1. It prevents them...
Didn't put me on the spot at all.It's just the tone could have been interpreted as derogatory as evidenced.If you are sincere....I accept moving forward.
Yeah, right.
I have also seen other shops stitch a welt with a McKay machine. That's insane but you'd be surprised at how often I've seen it. As you know a McKay is pretty much a chain stitch.
I simply answered the question that was asked of me.Welting machines are expensive and beyond that they very hard to come by. A few years ago I was able to find one in excellent condition. Before I pulled the trigger I talked over with the guys in the shop. They didn't want it....
Yes, that's what they do. The holes are already there and are pretty much used as a guide. Holes are bored through the welt for correct alignment. Sometimes if we see a weakness we patch (support it) in the same area that the holes we in.
Oops...My bad. Apologies.
No need to "suspect". I think I've been clear and consistent from the beginning.When we replace a welt we do it by hand and lock-stitched. I understand that as well.
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