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Actually if you use cotton or flannel bags they will help keep the dust off of them and protect your shoes from being scratched. Those materials also breathe and will not trap -or- allow moisture to build up.
So I'll conclude that your educated guesses have been very effective and accurate. Agreed?
No kidding........really?Wow, I never knew that.
Then it would be my guess that you rarely if ever had a customer complain after you re-balanced a shoe without the original last. Maybe all of the shoe repair supply houses in the contry should be notified not to sell bases because without the original last they are useless.
I really don't care to engage in another round of shoe warfare.....But can you tell us how accurate your guessing ability is/was? My guess is with a simple thing like this it should be near 100%.I know my Guy's are pretty close to that mark.
Same ole merry-go-round?So I guess what you are saying is when you did repairs you were never able to balance a heel because you did'nt have the original last?
Any competent cobbler can tell you that they balance heels on a regular basis without the original last.
I asked them for permission to post the event because I thought it would be of interest.There is info on who will be there but it's best if you give them a call.212 682-0320
From Oct. 20th to Oct. 24th Paul Stuart will be hosting a Made to Order footwear event at their Madison Ave. 45th St. location. Each day representatives will be on hand from the finest Artisan shoemakers. They will be there to answer questions and help you select from a wide array of styles and customized options. Here is the schedule: 10/20, English Modern. 10/21, Italian Classic. 10/22, Continental Contemporary. 10/23, Fashion Forward. 10/24, Redefined Tradition. It...
The 3 types of liners I mentioned also allow the maker to add a thin heel pad between the liner and insole. Usually the pad is made of felt or foam. It adds to comfort. Most of the high-grade makers (I'm talking north of Alden) use a full length sock liner in only their premium line.Their entry and mid-level models come with either a heel seat or 3/4 liner. It doesn't make sense to me that they would install a full liner in their best RTW shoes if that would be...
New Posts  All Forums: