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Very cool looking skin. Definitely DON'T use the mink oil. Creams and conditioners as long as they are not oil based.
Sorry but I disagree. Compare the thickness and breathe-ability of the insole to lining and upper leather. Add that the foot bed generally is comprised of cork and rubber cement. That in itself hampers the ability to breathe. And, that is why moisture won't leak through the bottom of the soles on a rainy day. I've used this example before....Take a cork food bed mixed with rubber cement and submerge it under water overnight. Cut it in half the next day. You will find that...
Some of whats being reported here is precisely why I recommend cream polishes over wax. High-grade skins are not tanned to look like mirrors. They are tanned and should be maintained to reflect the integrity and beauty of the skin itself. A high gloss shine, to me, cheapens a skin that you paid a lot for to look like what it is meant to look like. Of course this is a cosmetic issue and just my opinion. Cream polishes and conditioners penetrate deeper into the pores and...
Very good products. We use them all the time w/o probs. Something is a bit strange here. What type of skin are your shoes made of?And the original finish?
What type and brand of polish were/are you using?
It's called a 3/4 heel seat. Very common.
I agree with HMS and Bengal-Stripe. You just have to keep looking. My customer base wears nearly all high-grades. As a result they request specific products that are not always easy to find. I always contact my suppliers first. If they are not willing to source the product for me I do it myself. This can be very time consuming but well worth it if you finally get the product. We bring in several products directly from Euorpe that can't be found elsewhere in the U.S. We get...
I would also like to remind those reading this thread that oak barked tanned soles, soaked for approx. 9 months are readily available from your local reputable cobbler. That doesn't mean everybody here has access to them.
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