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Excellent product as well. Try to use it in a ventilated area.
It's best to use an effective product rather than nothing.I can't tell you how often customers bring in suede footwear damaged from the unexpected.They tell me that they "didn't plan on wearing these in the rain but we got an unexpected rainfall".More common than that is they were out at a restaurant an some food or drink accidentally spilled on them.Just something to consider.....
No silicone in the Vectra at all.
Welcome to SF. If you want to play it safe use this stuff as directed:http://www.amazon.com/VECTRA-Ultimate-Apparel-Protector-Handbags/dp/B004X23DJ6
Not easy for a laymen to do but, if you are going to try it, it will take some patience.Find a crayon as close as possible to the color of your boot.Soften it with some heat.Fill in the area.Let it set.With the back of a spoon, gently rub out the area until there is no wax causing any seams around the area.You will see a difference in color. That's normal.Use masking tape to tape the top of the welt. What you are doing is protecting the welt and white stitching for the...
Oh....I didn't think you could. Would have been nice if you were able to.Thanks for trying though.I guess this puts Lexol in the dirty rotten swine group for some.
Not true you ranted about being misleading with nothing more than circumstantial evidence. Then making assumptions based on that evidence. That's where it becomes unfair.It surprises me that a person that considers them-self an authority in the field would do such a thing.
Then again to accuse based on pure speculation is itself deceptive and at the very least unfair.
I understood that the first time you wrote it.A far cry from being deliberately misleading though.That's my point.....
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