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That's fair...just questioned his sudden interest....put it out there.
You Sir....have now established yourself a total wind-bag. Worst than that an old one.I won't even bother to comment on the remarks above. Insanely classless and disparagingly as has become usual you're remarks are and, off fact.But, I'll re-open my bet.
The same way we do all others. If you notice Vass proudly displays the JR logo on their shoes.
Nice try...You know that the sole and welt won't stretch because of how they are put together, and the nature of the materials. However above those components for example the toe cap there are ways to create more room. You know that as well. You can't predict (in terms of sizing) how much it will go. Certainly, we would not cause any damage during this process. I tell customers it's not an issue of numbers such as a half of size rather, it's an issue of what the shoe...
I may be wrong here but the way I understand it is because of U.S. Government regulations it became cost prohibitive for U.S. tanners to compete. There are harsh chemicals involved in the sole tanning process. Waterways were being contaminated. In order to clean the mess and continue to operate was not profitable. Hence, they shuttered.
I hope you enjoyed your pop corn.I've never seen nor did any customer ever complain about a shoe being distorted after we stretched it longer. And no, your dopey comment about letting a machine think for me, it doesn't, neither do you.My experience is more valuable to me than yours is. Just because you may not be willing to spend the money on a good machine does not mean you can't accommodate a customers needs. But then what should I do? Contact all of those satisfied...
I appreciate you're complements and sense of humor.If you can't laugh at yourself I guess you shouldn't laugh at others.Sincerely.
Oh, I see....I am not here to dispute you but, if I disagree (based on what I learned and at this point more important my experience) I'll say it.If you look back, there have been things that I wrote in plain English stating "I agreed with you". But those comments will only be in the minds of the ones that actually read them.I guess I'll have to contact the 100's that we have stretched length-wise for and refund their money with the explanation, DW SAYS IT CAN'T BE...
No that's never been an issue. As mentioned, when they ask for it -or- we suggest it, they are a happy to see the logo. They know they got what they paid for.Answer to your second question is also no. Regarding our custom work, it's a blend of cosmetic and, or materials. The JR logo was never an issue.
No, the "fact" is they are readily available. I'll bet you $1000.00 on it. If you have confidence in your distributor/s you would take me up on such easy money. FYI ( and I certainly hope such an astute person as yourself is open-minded enough to learn something) they are stamped on the flesh side so the buyer knows that he is getting what he is paying for:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeH8uV6ptcQI'm still curious though....what do you do with a bend that you are not...
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