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Yes you can still find some. But as I said, once the remaining stock is sold it will no longer be available. As far as I know it's no longer being produced.It was a good product in it's day. They did a great job capturing the larger part of the market when it was a shoe product maintenance company. Much like Vibram to synthetic footwear bottom components is today. It wasn't until large companies bought and sold it that it started in it's decline. The first episode that I...
That's correct....In June of 2016 they bought back all of their product line from the wholesalers.I was told that they re-tooled their operations to make their line more environmentally friendly. In doing so their products wound up being less effective and the colors of their polishes got screwed up.Being a morsel of of a huge conglomerate they decided to shutter operations rather to invest further in it.If you like their products your local repair shop may have some left....
Are you kidding?Just to sleep unless you're a troll.
This pretty much confirms that you don't know what you are talking about. Unless, of course, you want to lean on miscommunication issues.You may know lots about finishes. Stick to that.... is the attachment:  
I got this press release this morning. Beautiful shop.Thought some might be interested..... file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/JOSEPH%20CHEANEY%20-%20Henrietta%20Street%20-%20Press%20Release%20and%20Images%20(8).pdf
I'm not disputing you, but that's unusual.They tan their out-soles to insure the consistency that they want. There are a few other components that they make themselves because either they no longer are available and/or what is available does not meet their standards.Best Zap.
Thanks....We work on them all the time. I don't recall seeing the staples exposed like that. They are pretty standard high-grades.Curious though (and I realize that this wasn't your point). But, did you do anything to expose the staples more -or- did they appear like that when You opened the sole?
I've seen that as well. Very rare that the staples are that pronounced -or- exposed though. I just looked at 14 pair in the shop opened. None even close.
If you don't mind me asking......What brand shoe is that?
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