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Although I was never told this directly (by any reliable company sources) many customers have been sensing this ^.
That's really weird....I sense that what he offered was not an option to you but, an advantage to him.Why not ask him the pro's and con's and let us know his reply?
That may be the case for you.....I'm hearing more and more that the cost of factory re-crafting (not all but several and, I don't care to mention company names) has gotten beyond what customers are willing to pay.Gets me thinking, are those companies being short sighted? I ask because there are those customers that will stop buying a specific brand because they can't get their shoes re-crafted by the factory at what they consider a reasonable price.......Are those...
O.K. fine by me.....
Apology accepted.I think you misunderstood something else as well.In post 18803 I mentioned that sole guards are not intended to be used as a patch.Further, when a customer comes in for a sole guard to be applied over a week sole (does not to necessarily have to have a hole in it), I refuse to do it. Anybody in this forum that may have shared such an experience with me will attest to my claim.
We have gone through differences of opinions on sole guards balance etc. I can only share my professional experience. I have had many customers ask how the balance will be effected after installing sole guards. I tell them that I've heard those claims before. I tell them if you are that concerned about how significant the balance will be skewed, don't do them. They almost always go ahead and have it done. On the other hand we probably average 25-30 pair of sole guards...
IMO the grade does not matter as long as you invested enough in the shoe to make it worthy of the repair. I've written before, I wouldn't put a 1/2 sole on my own shoe so, why put one on a customers?To me, a 1/2 sole equates to patch-work both to the out sole and the cork footbed. Add to that, when the sole is stitched on, the new stitching slightly overlaps the old stitching. Something I don't particularly care for.I just wanted to add, most are not aware, sole guards...
The purpose of a sole guard is to prevent the leather from wearing out. They have other advantages as well (if you are a fan of them). If you use sole guards to patch a worn sole you won't get the intended value out of them. I recommend full soles over half soles on high-grades such as C&J's.
Use fingernail polish. Carefully apply. Two coats should do it.
Thanks.......That's a really weird one. I guess, as they say, shit happens!
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