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If you go to a local shoe repair shop you will find a device called "heel grips". They are intended to be inserted on the inside heel area of the shoe to prevent heel slippage. You may want to give that a try. BTW......Sole guards (Topy) are about $40.00 per pair. Swims retail at about $95.00. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/cati2_Accessories_1_40000000001_-1_1_image_0_N_198_198_131307_subcategory__?gclid=CO2a_KTErcUCFZUkgQodwDIA0w
I agree with DW could be several things. However we work on C&J's everyday. They have an account with us. I can tell you first hand they are not using inferior leathers. If they were (in this case) I would see welts failing prematurely on a regular basis. To imply that they may be using inferior leather is misleading and unfair. Any competent shoe repair shop could re-welt them. The factory may not want to do them not because they need a new welt rather, they are more...
I wasn't asking that. I had a sincere curiosity of what else is in it. You answered the question. Thank you.But now my curiosity widens. If it's so evil to leather why would you use it?I suspect the answer to that is.....if used properly it won't cause any damage.I'm not going by assumption, I stated I can't smell any perfume. For what reason?We work on shoes not runways.
Does it list the remainder of the contents?Now that the question has been raised I'm curious to know.
Here is the label off a gallon of Sellari's liquid stretch. They don't say what it consists of. We know that alcohol is in it. We don't know how much. You can smell it. Not overwhelming though but, it's present. Perfume? No trace of that to my nostril's. From my personal experience with the product I can't dispute any claims the maker states on their label. And, as I stated I have never seen it cause any damage. It's simple, the product was formulated for specific intent...
Yup....I would have to agree with him. I could be a number of things. Really hard to put your finger on just one.
I know.....My point was in my 40 years we must have gone through several 1000 gallons of it. Never caused any damage nor have I ever received any complaints about it.
Then I stand corrected. Did you ask them to do that or is that part of their normal service? That's like making a new shoe. I can't see how it's practical. Did they originally come with a full sock liner?
I just wanted to clarify some things. I never said or implied that when we re-level an insole it would be" like new". How can you take an old piece of leather and make it new? The solvent used is the same solvent used to stretch shoes. It's also the same solvent used prior to inserting a last preparing for a re-sole. In my experience I have NEVER not once seen that solvent damage leather. It's purpose is to make the leather more pliable. That's what it does. Nothing more,...
I'm talking about the upper lining. No way they replaced that or the toe box. It would be more cost effective for them to give you a new shoe than do all of that!I'm asking about the sock liner. Is it full (heel to toe), 3/4 (ends under the arch) or a heel seat?Do you remember what it was originally?
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