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if anyone is passing by in Milan and wants to see the jacket, just let me know. ciao
prize drop.
 Hi thanks again for your tips.As you may or may not know milan has been under pouring rain for almost one week and still is.well my black tricker stow boot with vibram gumlite sole proved perfect.elegant and waterproof as promised! practicity and beauty can combine, it's true.I stay warm, dry and (not yet so) comfortable.the right shoe (or my right feet) actually has not yet adapted to the new (the left has).
thanks for the replies. I will post a pic when possibile. I love them for being so comfortable spot on!
Like three years ago I had bought a pair of C&J Connaught black (the quintessensial black tie shoes IMHO). I never put them on cause I did not want to ruin them (I hoped I will be using them for my wedding but a spouse never came along....). Anyway one month ago, realizing I was not going to get married anytime soon I decided to put them on. Aaaaaand, wow! They are a perfect fit for my feet (no pun intended). I only have some doubts. Are not them too comfortable for...
   I totally agree, I have a pair of standard 31 size. perfect fit on waist when standing/walking and little less when sitting. yes they're high rise and I am now used to much low rise. anyway the prob for me is that they're way tooo long. 34 on a 5.7 like me sure would need some cutting, but If i cut them I guess I'll loose some of their details. now i am double cuffing them with a 5 cm cuff. Do you think its still ok? I used to never cuff the jeans (since 1987, I guess)
thanks! I started worrying because that is my first pair of shoes costing more than 250 Euro (which is a lot for me and in general, I think). yet on this forum people seem to spend billions in dress and shoes (john lobb?!?!?! ahahah! yes if I made 10.000 euro a month, maybe) while for me there must be a fixed proportion ratio between my net earnings and spendings. I also had never heard about Obenauf (I'll see if here in Italy their products are on sale).
Yes but in my experience - unless you have a driver and live the marvelous life - such level of "formal" is more than enough. I mean during winter I still have to go to work, by bike or feet, to walk, to go to court etc. etc.. How is someone supposed to do that on my crockett and jones or fratelli rossetti black captoes? :-) thanks!
  Here they are. I hope in approval from you. I consider this pair as formal dress and not casual. But I think they fit both. I'll tell you more next winter. Now in Italy is getting warmer (even if rainy) after a long winter.
no I bought them at a shop, I can't buy shoes online! it's would be like throwing money out of the window, for me.
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