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Unfortunately and honestly, there are so many things wrong the suit should be scrapped.Eiithera) have the tailor/clothier make a new suit at no cost to you; orb) if the refuses to make a new suit, go elsewhere in the future.Better luck on the next suit.
It's a manufacturing defect. Either the lining or something else is "bleeding" through the hopsack. I had this once on a mohair suit. I brought it back to the clothier, and he sent it back to the factory. The factory fixed the problem. Bring it back. Good luck.
You can get H. Freeman & Son. It is sold at the English-American Tailoring factory store in Bedminster, MD, and LS Men's Clothes in NYC.
Non-iron shirts and pj's pose a personal health issue for me in that they cause me to itch and aggravate my eczema. I never heard of public health issues with non-iron shirts which have been around since the 1950's.
I hope that you enjoy your green pants. My observations:1. Most tailors take a sample from the swatch book, and they pin it to their internal order records. Ask to check your pants against this swatch.2. Many cloth makers make the same cloth in a couple of colors, and there may have been an error at either your tailor or Tip Top. Or, indeed, the cloth had a greenish cast which you do not recall. If there were an error, the tailor should offer the pants at 1/2 price...
I do not think the cost is worth it in that about 30% or more of the cost is for shipping and handling. A local skilled cobbler can do an excellent job. spend a little extra for German oak bark soles. An advantage of a factory resole is that the factory will use C&J materials (such as embossed heel pads) and C&J shoe bags, etc.
Sure. Wear a white tux. You can get a job as a dance host on the Love Boat.
Yes. This outfit is totally out of place.A dinner jacket is not an odd jacket or a blazer to be worn with grey flannels.Even the Hollywood set who sometimes wear a tux tieless (ugh!) or with a four-in-hand (also ugh, but not as bad) NEVER wear a dinner coat as a separate.Ditch the odd dinner coat. It's either a full tux or nothing.
Oxford Clothes Individualized Shirts Martin Greenfield Clothiers Adrian Jules Hickey Freeman Hart Shaffner & Marx
Are you looking for 3-5 suits for a TOTAL cost of $2,000 or $2,000 per suit? I have the same question for shirts.If you are looking for a total cost of $2,000, then your choices will be limited.I think that your best bet would be LS Mens Clothes. They sell Coppley suits for about $600 per suit at the entry level.Good luck.
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