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One of my vendors has bought from them recently. He is happy with the suit. It looks good on him. If "My Suit" is in your price range, go for it. Don't pine after the unobtainable.
^^^^. Great minds think alike. When the sale was announced I purchased the nailhead and windowpane.
It is a lovely renovation. However, what are you going to do with them? Are you going to wear them? If they don't fit, why go through the trouble? Or sell them on eBay? Good luck.
Ban Tailor on First Avenue between 80 and 81.My wife has used both Adamidis ( "Stanley") and Ban. Both are excellent. Ban is a little less expensive. She is mostly using Ban now.Good luck.
I actually shopped at Robert Hall! I am 56 years old, and my father used to take my brother and me to the store at Kings Highway near McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn. Robert Hall had another, bigger store in downtown Brooklyn on Llivingston Street. It was a no-frills store in one big room with rack upon rack of clothing for men and boys. I would liken the atmosphere to Syms. (Poor Syms is the next entry in the clothing retail cemetery. "The paths of glory lead but to...
It is not unusual for the mill to have the name of the manufacturer or store on the selvege. E.g., a). "Woven exclusively for Brooks Brothers"; or b). "Woven by Holland & Sherry for Oxxford Clothes". Sometimes the store or manufacturer wants its name on the cloth for trnk shows. I think that 180's cloth can be a bit fragile.
Evidently you are a happy customer.I tried Viccel with the hope of becoming one. I was disappointed.I have not been disappointed with other internet merchants, such as Alex Kabbaz and Sam Hober.
I have had hundreds of dress socks of all makes, and I have never had a sock go so high. It reminded me of a womens sock.
Sue for breach of implied warranty.You are lucky that you got 6 weeks. I got just 2 wearings.Not to rain on the parade of Viccel and its legion of fans, I found the socks to be of poor quaility.I ordered two merino socks, and I founda) They wore out after 2 wearings.b) The colors and textures are harsh and rough. At best they are for jeans.c) The fit was big. The socks came up to mid-kneecap.In sum, the price was nice, but you get what you pay for. Do not expect the...
The coat and vest are excellent, and you carry them well.My only criticism is that the pants are too jarring and ruin the look. The pants are too light, and the stripe is too pronounced. I think that a darker trouser with a more subtle stripe would serve you and your ensemble better.Good luck.
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