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I would buy both books. Although I think that Flusser's best book was "Clothes and the Man" and that "Dressing the Man" reprises much of the material, "Dressing" has much new matter as well as some variations on familar themes. I recommend Flusser's two other books, especially "Style and the Man" which is an update of his first book.
First, check the care instructions on the garment. Second, you can try steaming it. Third, if you cannot clean it satisfactorily, bring it to the dry cleaner. Try to find the best in your area although the most frequent problem is not the dry cleaner but the manufacturer when it comes to women's garments.
Jay Kos has offered to steam hats while you wait. If you need a serious hat cleaning, rennovation, and blocking, the masters are Peter and Irving. They're listed in the yellow pages. They're in a loft in the millinary district (or what's left of the district).
;> Congratulations. You have joined the brotherhood. T & A makes a beautiful shirt. An amusing story: A lawyer down the hall from my old office recommended T & A. He raved that he had shirts for 15 years and that he still wears them and that a button never fell off. Well, I finally stepped up to the plate and ordered bespoke. I found that some of the buttons were loose and that I had to tighten them myself. I also found that T & A wore-out no differently than other...
You would have to pay me to wear their stuff. Of particular note in the Hall of Shame is Master Thom Browne. His coat is too short, his pants are too short, he is not wearing socks, and he appears to be wearing track shoes. At Domenico Spano's shop in Saks Mimo has a framed article which features a photo of Mimo and Browne together. In that photo Browne also wears "high water pants". I guess that it's no accident. Of course, Mimo looked smashing. I have seen the Browne...
Now, don't get me started. It seems that we can have our own web site just for pet peeves. I would categorize most of our pet peeves as mere symptoms of the CASUAL CANCER which has run rampant not only in our clothing but our manners and morals. Some examples: 1. Men in suits wearing knapsacks instead of carrying attache cases. 2. Men who use shoulder straps on their carry cases which totally distort the line of the suit and the shoulders. 3. Grown men wearing...
At Brooks Bros., 346 Madison Ave., they make no secret that Martin makes the Golden Fleece and MTM suits. In fact, Brooks advertises this in its MTM trunk show ads and mailings. Also, Jay Walter, the chief MTM salesman talks to Martin at least once a day. Martin also makes for many custom shops that hide the Greenfield connection. Many of these shops seek to give the impression that they make everything in-house and have a squandron of little elves upstairs that make your...
I think that it looks great. It makes the suit look custom. I have MTM and bespoke suits with slanted hacking pockets. I would skip the ticket pocket for the suit. A little too much at once.
I heard that Prince Charles has 5 buttons on his blazer. I know a clothier who has 5 buttons. He's a bit of an eccentric and a character. Generally, 5 is unusual and is reserved for princes and eccentrics.
The pictures of the suit made in Canada were made by Coppley of Hamilton, Ontario. Coppley made both RTW and MTM. I have some of them, and they are good suits for the dollar. I still wear some of them. You shouldn't feel gyped for the price that you paid on eBay. Some are fully fused, and some are partially fused. The Alan Flusser Custom is the superior garment. It's a full canvas front with all the bells and whistles, such as hand made buttonholes, beautiful buttons, etc.
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