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Two tie trees were in the 346 Madison windows last X-Mas. BTW, Oxxford had a smaller version in its shop on E. 57th St. Evidently, only corporate customers would buy it as a "favor" for their holiday parties.
Love the English back trousers. I applaud the lack of back pockets. It gives a smoother line. I have one back pocket on the right for the hankerchief. I need it because I carry money, change, keys, and sometimes a cell phone in the front pockets. I skip the left, back pocket. Who did the fine work on the trousers and your sportscoat?
It's confirmed. The sale started today at the main store, the Mecca of menswear.
Mr. Will mentioned that the Edward Green shop puts shoes on sale in January and July. Have any of you purchased them in this manner? Does one rely on past catalogues? BTW, when Bergdorf discontinued carrying Greens I was able to get some for 1/2 price. I did the same at the Oxxford shop. I trust that as a public service that if any of this esteemed company know of a Green sale you shall let your brothers know. Thanks.
Hardy Amies told Master Flusser that he bought 1 pair of London Lobb bespoke every two years. He built-up a collection of incomparable shoes. You can do nearly the same with Edward Green. You'll find that the Greens are the centerpiece of your collection. I have discarded many shoes over the years. I've kept the Greens.
The answer is a qualified "yes." First, you have to determine whether you feel comfortable spending the money. Unless you are swimming in dough, we're only talking about an occasional purchase of Greens, such as once a year. I know people that could buy and sell me ten times over, and they would never consider spending more than $100 for shoes. Therefore, you must feel comfortable with the expenditure. If you are uncomfortable with the cost, then you should forego the...
Double vents are appropriate. They neither are old-fashioned nor dandyish. My first real boss wore double vents. If you are considering a single vent so that you'll look like the other guys, then you might as well buy RTW.
Man, those are zoot suits with a reet pleat.
1. You keep ten pairs of shoes in your office. You change shoes at least once a day. 2. You are known by name at Brooks Bros., Paul Stuart, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's, Turnbull & Asser, Oxxford, and Peter Elliot. 3. You check out eBay's bespoke listings just to see bespoke clothes. Never mind that you would never buy. 4. You have one drawer in your office desk dedicated to clothing catalogues and brochures which you read during lunch or breaks. 5. You keep in...
Dear Phil: I can tell you a little about Oxxford and Edward Green shoes. The Oxxford store stopped carrying it because they weren't selling. They did not have the room to hold all of the models. The store decided to drop shoes because of the difficulty of carrying inventory. Alan Bennett of Davies & Son, London, used to carry shoes, but he dropped them for the same reason. In other words, unless you have the selling space and built-in business of Brooks or Barneys,...
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