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Double vents are appropriate. They neither are old-fashioned nor dandyish. My first real boss wore double vents. If you are considering a single vent so that you'll look like the other guys, then you might as well buy RTW.
Man, those are zoot suits with a reet pleat.
1. You keep ten pairs of shoes in your office. You change shoes at least once a day. 2. You are known by name at Brooks Bros., Paul Stuart, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's, Turnbull & Asser, Oxxford, and Peter Elliot. 3. You check out eBay's bespoke listings just to see bespoke clothes. Never mind that you would never buy. 4. You have one drawer in your office desk dedicated to clothing catalogues and brochures which you read during lunch or breaks. 5. You keep in...
Dear Phil: I can tell you a little about Oxxford and Edward Green shoes. The Oxxford store stopped carrying it because they weren't selling. They did not have the room to hold all of the models. The store decided to drop shoes because of the difficulty of carrying inventory. Alan Bennett of Davies & Son, London, used to carry shoes, but he dropped them for the same reason. In other words, unless you have the selling space and built-in business of Brooks or Barneys,...
You live in one of the world's great clothing cities. Why are you thinking of the equivalent of the Gimbel's Shop at Home Upholstery Service rather than visiting one of leading stores or tailors? Generally, the tailors who come to the office are second rate. E.g., Tom James.
Some thoughts: 1. It's encouraging that a youngster (30 something) has entered classic men's clothing and seems to be making a go at it. He entered a field which many had considered a dead end. He is a go-getter. E.g., he has many placements in fashion spreads in Town and Country and Gentlemens Quarterly and other magazines. When he started out he did his own public relations. He gave up denistry to become a clothier, and he is in it for love of clothing and to be a...
You have a beautiful shirt. Enjoy it. I like the initials under the label. I used to monogram above the waist, but I got tired of the look. Also, because the T & A price kept rising I deleted the monogram to save the money. (Like everything, T & A charges more for monograms, such as about $9 per letter. However, its monograms are not like the other companies.) Was it from the "classic" or "exclusive" collection? Good luck.
Other hat venues: 1. Jay Kos--Lock and Borsalino hats. Used to have Rod Springer formerly of JJ Hats and Tripler's hat department. Don't know if he's still there. Generally good selection. BTW, hats was one of Kos's specialties. 2. H. Herzfeld--I believe has Lock. Cannot comment. 3. The stores selling hats but without a hat specialist (in other words, hit and miss): a) Bergdorf Goodman Men--has Borsalino and Stetson. b) Barney's c) Brooks--Has Borsalino. d) J....
I would buy both books. Although I think that Flusser's best book was "Clothes and the Man" and that "Dressing the Man" reprises much of the material, "Dressing" has much new matter as well as some variations on familar themes. I recommend Flusser's two other books, especially "Style and the Man" which is an update of his first book.
First, check the care instructions on the garment. Second, you can try steaming it. Third, if you cannot clean it satisfactorily, bring it to the dry cleaner. Try to find the best in your area although the most frequent problem is not the dry cleaner but the manufacturer when it comes to women's garments.
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