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Oxxford sews the buttonholes by hand.Some of the Italian brands have handsewn buttonholes. Attolini comes to mind.
My wife bought a jacket at Peter Elliot with the label "Amina Rubinacci, Naples." Same family?
I tried some bespoke shirts with separate collars. The only benefit that I can see is being able to switch collar styles, such as self-collar, soft, startched, cutaway, etc. Otherwise, unless you wear a highly startched white collar, a soft separate collar will look no different than a regular attached collar. My problems with the shirts: 1. On one shirt the collar and the shirt ban did not synch together. One was too big for the other. And this was from one of NY's...
This is excellent advice. In sum, talk to the Chan representative. Defer to his judgment. He is in the business of making his customers look good.The one time that I gave too many instructions resulted in an unwearable mess.Good luck.
Often the sales force is the last to know about a development. Sometimes they hear snatches of gossip which can often be incorrect. Therefore, take the gossip with a helping of salt. My sales girl told me that the cordovan shoes will be discontinued. She is puzzled because cordovan is the store's best seller.
The cost savings are not great against:1. the extra time spent buying the cloth in a cloth shop (figure a half a day); and2. trial and error.It's a bit chancey buying cloth over the internet. You may get stuck with some which you would have passed-on if you saw and handled it in a cloth shop.Also, in a tailor's shop you can compare the color, texture, weight, and hand of varous cloth samples. If you want "navy", you should have many choices. You cannot do this on...
Carl, how is Soktas shirt fabric?
In my opinion, nothing equals black. However, if you want brown, get the darkest brown that you can. Almost black. Then again, make it easy and get black.
I do not know him. What is his job? In the factory?
http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/oxxford-clothes-chicago-factory-visit/comment-page-1/#comment-17987 It makes one want to order another Oxxford suit!
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