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Mr. Fan, please furnish some photos in the daylight. Also, please show the coat buttoned-up.
I cannot comment on Rubinacci.Brioni is a traditional tie with a substantial interlining, tipping, and tie keeper. Its tie keeper is often fancy, such as a gold chain with a Brioni charm in the center.In comparison, the Vanda tie either has no lining or a light one. Also, there is no tipping; the edges are hand sewn. Finally, there is no tie keeper.I would say that the Vanda tie is a lighter construction by reason of no lining or minimal lining.Finally, Vanda is better...
I'll second the excellent opinions on Vanda's customer service and quality.
Nothing wrong with used clothing as long as it looks good. If you want to be fancy, the gussied-up term is "resale" or "vintage." Women have been buying "resale" and "vintage" for years. With the concerns about bedbugs you have to be careful. If you have a reputable resale store in your area, patronize it. In the big cities there are vintage shows. Otherwise, buy from eBay only from reputable dealers. Good luck.
I have had some shirts made when Harris Reiss was one of its salesmen. (He has staked-out on his own.) The shirts were good value. Some were made in Hong Kong and some at one of the Gambert factories in New Jersey. J. Lucas is a MTM outfit. It clothing is made by outside factories and workshops. It has an actual showroom on Madison and 35th Street. It also sells to customers in their homes and offices. It started-out in this manner. I believe that Martin...
I saw Mr. Nicolosi recently on a bus home.He is still working, and he says that he is busy.
Peter Elliot Blue will increase its tailored clothing and will carry the same lines that the Madison Avenue store carried. E.g., Kiton, Hickey Freeman, and Belvest.Peter Elliot Blue also carries boys' clothes. It is a "dad and lad' concept in that many matching items are made in both adult and child sizes.
The Peter Elliot mens store on Madison Avenue at 81st Street is closing at the end of October due to rent issues. The entire store is on sale from 30% to 70%. Peter Elliot Women (Madison & 81st) and Peter Elliot Blue will continue. Peter Elliot Blue (Lexington and 72nd) will carry his menswear.
The formal ascot worn with morning coat seems to be reserved for the bridal party. The formal ascot with stick pin is a "father of the bride" look. That look is very dated. It seemed to have gone out of fashion by the 1950's. E.g., in the 1950 film "Father of the Bride" neither Spencer Tracy nor the groom wear a formal ascot. They wear four-in-hand ties. Also, almost everyone wore four-in-hands at the recent royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. Ironically, the...
Looks like excellent workmanship. Liberace would have loved them.
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