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Call Henri. Or visit the store.
GAZIANO & GIRLING SHOES ON SALE AT BARNEYS (MADISON AVENUE) Barneys will no longer be selling Gaziano & Girling ready to wear shoes. The shoes have been marked-down from $1,425 to $449. (Boots would be a little more expensive.) This is probably the final mark-down. I am not sure if they're taking phone orders, but you can try my friend, Henri Ripatti on the shoe floor at 212-833-2048. Good luck.
Gee, where are they made? It wasn't clear.
The Loake shoes are garbage. I bought a pair by mailorder, and they went back to Brooks. They are well below the regular Peal shoes made by C & J and AS. You are better-off with Allen Edmonds. The remainder of the Peal line is so-so. I don't feel that the leathers are not good. The leathers are too tough and unforgiving. I purchased a Peal shoe made by C & J in the summer, and it failed to "give" after wear. They are unwearable. I feel that the Peal line has been...
To the initial poster: Go to a store which has a good selection of suits so that you can try-on different models/cuts. I would recommend, in no particular order: 1. Paul Stuart; 2. J. Press (if you lean toward traditional); 3. Barneys (But pick a style preference, such as traditional or "modern", and limit yourself to those floors. Otherwise you can spend a few days there.); and 4. Saks Fifth Avenue. I am sorry to say that Brooks, once "suit central", has...
It's good to see a new, young tailor striking-out on his own. It's a tough business in a competitive market. But everyone had to start somewhere. About the price. Low price is not his selling point. This can be a good thing in that he is not under-pricing himself as did a well-known "Savile Row" tailor.
In the case of technology, the Nikon camera that you buy at Best Buy is the same that you would buy at B & H Camera.In the case of shoes, a retailer might carry stocklist Edward Green or Crockett & Jones. Therefore, one Humphrey 707 on the 999 last is the same from shop to shop. Yes, some retailers merely stick their name on the label although it is the identical shoe being sold elsewhere.However, that high-end retailers and those with custom operations (e.g, Cleverley...
Ask your tailor/clothier. My personal opinion is that lightweight is the key to "coolness" rather than the selection of cloth type. An 8 ounce tropical wool is preferable to a 12 ounce fresco. Fresco is a bit overrated here. One reason is because it has fallen out of favor in the RTW market. It is too rough. I think that a good tropical weight of 8 to 9 ounces will be fine with enough wrinkle resistance. I do not find cotton cooling. This includes seersucker and...
Agreed.He dresses like an adult.
Mr. Fan, please furnish some photos in the daylight. Also, please show the coat buttoned-up.
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