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I would have it redone. It looks like a mistake. At that price a flawless product should be delivered. Good luck.
The following are excellent and can be found in better tailors: Vitale Barberis Zegna Loro Piana
A dark, conservative, business suit is acceptable, preferably in the following order:1. solid;2. subdued stripe; and3. subdued plaid.Navy is "the serious business suit."A black tie will be fine although many people have forgotten the tradition.Good luck.
It is interesting that the Mayor states that he buys all of his suits at Martin Greenfield. He used to be a very loyal Paul Stuart customer.Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is also a Greenfield customer.Paul Stuart is a fine, New York store. It is probably the best all-around mens store in the City. But, in any event, Mr. Mayor, bravo! Greenfield is one of the few surviving suit factories in New York.
I don't recommend it. The vest looks like it belongs to a suit. It will look odd. People will think that you wore-out the suit and saved the vest. You can wear either a sweater vest (either pullover or cardigan style [sleeveless]) or a contrasting vest (darker grey or black or wine cashmere or doeskin), but this is more suitable for a casual look, such as a weekend brunch. Generally, the odd vests in wool are bright colors meant for casual wear. Since this is a...
No. It's called "wear and tear."
To follow-up on Shirtmaven's excellent post: Brooks had three levels of quality in tailored clothing: 1. "Own Make" was made in Brooks's factory in Long Island City. It was its top of the line suit. This is the Brooks suit that the bank manager or the law partners wore. Essentially, it was a handmade suit. These were the classic, full-cut, sack suit, Brooks suits of old in heavy wools and with vests. Brooks closed the factory when it decided that it was more...
I am sorry for your loss. First go to the bespoke tailor who made the suits or an excellent tailor in a stand-alone tailoring shop. My recommendation is to have only one suit altered. After the alterations see if the suit "sits" on you right. Wear the suit a number of times. If the alterations are OK, then proceed on getting more altered. If the pants are too big they may have to be re-cut rather than just taken-in. This can cost upwards of $200. You also must...
[quote name="username79" url="/t/363050/tailor-makes-my-suits-look-great-but-uncomfortable-opinions-recommendations-wanted#post_6610667" * * * Unfortunately most of what he produces for me ends up being uncomfortable after being worn for a hour or two. I find he tailors things so tightly that it restricts my movement. This makes him an excellent choice for formal-wear, but not so much for things like a travel jacket. Also, it prevents me from wearing things like a navy...
Apropos of RJ's articles, I recall a comment by Alfred Hitchcock on his producer, David O. Selznick. Selznick, the producer of "Gone with the Wind", was known for his lengthy and detailed memos to his directors and writers. In fact, his biography was entitled "Memo from David O. Selznick." In an interview many years after working together, Hitchcock said that he once received a memo from David O. Selznick. Hitchcock said that he was still reading it.
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