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Jeff, what is your position with the Armoury?
I would say that tuxedo is OK. Most of the event will be the evening party. It is impractical (and expensive) for the men to switch from day formal to dinner suits.
Generally, clothing would be included in contents (e.g., furniture, appliances, etc.). Generally, you would not schedule items of clothing except for furs.GET COST OF REPLACEMENT COVERAGE. Otherwise, the insurance company will pay "Actual Cash Value" which means depreciated value.Keep the receipts.Good luck.
[quote name="The Louche" url="/t/143181/definitive-guide-to-wool-that-wont-shine/30#post_6918221 * * * I'm baffled by people that claim to get 20 years out of a suit -- I simply don't see how that's possible unless you only wear it once every few months or less, and that's simply not possible with business suits unless you have dozens of them.[/quote] I think that 20 years is a bit optimistic for the average person. Many who still wear 20 year old suits have big...
Cordovan longwings. You'll never need another shoe.
I would have it redone. It looks like a mistake. At that price a flawless product should be delivered. Good luck.
The following are excellent and can be found in better tailors: Vitale Barberis Zegna Loro Piana
A dark, conservative, business suit is acceptable, preferably in the following order:1. solid;2. subdued stripe; and3. subdued plaid.Navy is "the serious business suit."A black tie will be fine although many people have forgotten the tradition.Good luck.
It is interesting that the Mayor states that he buys all of his suits at Martin Greenfield. He used to be a very loyal Paul Stuart customer.Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is also a Greenfield customer.Paul Stuart is a fine, New York store. It is probably the best all-around mens store in the City. But, in any event, Mr. Mayor, bravo! Greenfield is one of the few surviving suit factories in New York.
I don't recommend it. The vest looks like it belongs to a suit. It will look odd. People will think that you wore-out the suit and saved the vest. You can wear either a sweater vest (either pullover or cardigan style [sleeveless]) or a contrasting vest (darker grey or black or wine cashmere or doeskin), but this is more suitable for a casual look, such as a weekend brunch. Generally, the odd vests in wool are bright colors meant for casual wear. Since this is a...
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