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LS Men's Clothes on W. 45th St. Good luck.
Question: Do unlined sleeves work well? In other words, aside from providing an ease of slipping in and out of the coat, are sleeve linings necessary to give the sleeve some shape? Have any of you had unlined sleeves?
Quote: Originally Posted by fishsalad * * * What's better than Brioni custom made? I'm talking fit and look. Rubinacci.
Quote: Originally Posted by fishsalad * * * I think BB is a good suit but not as good as Oxxford. Any thoughts on this? Why? Considering retail price in USA is 3,000 and they sell it for 1/3 of retail. Btw, they manufacture Oxxford in USA? The Oxxford 1220 is a better suit. I would say that it is comparable or superior to Brioni's RTW make. The Oxxford 1220 has less handwork than Oxxford's "Highest Quality" line, Oxxford's...
Quote: Originally Posted by hsiangwang Some thinks that it's a weird color. * * * Don't worry about it. Thank you. I won't.
They are lovely shoes, but where you can wear them? For a screening of The Wizard of Oz?
Quote: Originally Posted by Butler Excellent sportscoat, cloth, and fit. However, the contrast buttonholes and cuffs detract from its easy elegance. These unnecessary details shout "hey, look at me, I'm bespoke!" My recommendation is to drop these details.
Quote: Originally Posted by LooknGr8 * * * Am trying to decide what to do on 5 new pairs. * * * My specific *new* question is, since I live in the northeast and it's impossible to avoid some rain/slush/snow precipitation (even though I'll be careful) should I just opt for the full rubber oversole (not including heel) instead of the partial Vibram overlay/Topy? * * * 2nd question: Do the rubber oversoles eventually wear out and I'll...
Resolve all doubts: order both.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Just saw a suit made by one tailor but he outsourced the trouser and vest. Three different colors of buttonhole twist were used. Each garment was different. Vest and jacket lining didn't match. Vest was at least 1 1/2" above the waistband of the trouser. This was all overseen by one tailor and he missed all these points. I like to see jacket and trouser together when fitting a suit to judge the overall proportion,...
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