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Take the tie to either Tiecrafters or John Kochis. They would know whether it is feasible. I sense that it is not worth the effort.
Demand that Chan not only do the alteration but pay for two way shipping. Also demand that they comp the suit. Seriously, don't be petty. Just get it done locally on your dime. It costs less than the shipping, insurance, and time.
1. Cego 2. Almeier
The coat is too short. The whole look is skimpy. The accordion wrinkling on the sleeves is due to lack of a lining. This is a good example of carrying too far the mania for unlined coats. There is a reason for linings. Rubinacci should have a recall.
As to buying separate collars, here is my experience. I tried them. I got it of my system. Unless you have the collar highly starched and polished, a soft detachable collar will look no different from a regular one. The old world look can only be accomplished with the starch and polishing. I found the collars uncomfortable with the collar pins poking me in the throat and back of the neck. I also had one shirt where the collar did not align perfectly with the shirt band.
The man to contact is David Hober. I would not think that a pull would not be repairable on a grenadine. It is a knit. I think that re-weavering would apply solely suiting cloths, e.g., worsteds, flannels, etc. Incidentally, in Mr. Hober's care guide he notes that grenadines should be handled with care since they tend to pull. I think that a pull is part of the "cost of doing business" when wearing grenadine. Good luck.
The biggest problem in re-collaring and re-cuffing is fabric matching. You don't want a bright, new collar and cuffs against a faded body.If you have some extra fabric tucked away, often this will be futile because the extra cloth looks new while the shirt's body is worn and faded. This is especially so for colored shirts. Less so for stripes or plaids with a white background.I have had had extra cloth which I had to discard because of fading.Sometimes the shirtmaker...
Funny story. What happened if he were delayed getting to your shop? What did he do when he had to go to an after-work event?In some ancient "how to dress' book I recall that a story of a man who would have two shirts. Dutifully at the end of each day he would wash and iron his shirt. I guess that that could be your bare minimum. With that thinking you would buy only enough food for your home for each day.Amen!I find these lists amusing.I have some duplicates (and in a...
You also have to consider shipping cost and the possibility of damage/loss in transit. The lining is very nice. I have some similar color combinations. I would keep it. The only time that I have ever relined a coat is when I have worn-out the lining. Also, the colored lining gives some life to a charcoal suit. But, if you want a charcoal lining, go for it.
Have Chan pick a lining in either charcoal or black.
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