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I have had hundreds of dress socks of all makes, and I have never had a sock go so high. It reminded me of a womens sock.
Sue for breach of implied warranty.You are lucky that you got 6 weeks. I got just 2 wearings.Not to rain on the parade of Viccel and its legion of fans, I found the socks to be of poor quaility.I ordered two merino socks, and I founda) They wore out after 2 wearings.b) The colors and textures are harsh and rough. At best they are for jeans.c) The fit was big. The socks came up to mid-kneecap.In sum, the price was nice, but you get what you pay for. Do not expect the...
The coat and vest are excellent, and you carry them well.My only criticism is that the pants are too jarring and ruin the look. The pants are too light, and the stripe is too pronounced. I think that a darker trouser with a more subtle stripe would serve you and your ensemble better.Good luck.
Unfortunately and honestly, there are so many things wrong the suit should be scrapped.Eiithera) have the tailor/clothier make a new suit at no cost to you; orb) if the refuses to make a new suit, go elsewhere in the future.Better luck on the next suit.
It's a manufacturing defect. Either the lining or something else is "bleeding" through the hopsack. I had this once on a mohair suit. I brought it back to the clothier, and he sent it back to the factory. The factory fixed the problem. Bring it back. Good luck.
You can get H. Freeman & Son. It is sold at the English-American Tailoring factory store in Bedminster, MD, and LS Men's Clothes in NYC.
Non-iron shirts and pj's pose a personal health issue for me in that they cause me to itch and aggravate my eczema. I never heard of public health issues with non-iron shirts which have been around since the 1950's.
I hope that you enjoy your green pants. My observations:1. Most tailors take a sample from the swatch book, and they pin it to their internal order records. Ask to check your pants against this swatch.2. Many cloth makers make the same cloth in a couple of colors, and there may have been an error at either your tailor or Tip Top. Or, indeed, the cloth had a greenish cast which you do not recall. If there were an error, the tailor should offer the pants at 1/2 price...
I do not think the cost is worth it in that about 30% or more of the cost is for shipping and handling. A local skilled cobbler can do an excellent job. spend a little extra for German oak bark soles. An advantage of a factory resole is that the factory will use C&J materials (such as embossed heel pads) and C&J shoe bags, etc.
Sure. Wear a white tux. You can get a job as a dance host on the Love Boat.
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