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Non-iron shirts and pj's pose a personal health issue for me in that they cause me to itch and aggravate my eczema. I never heard of public health issues with non-iron shirts which have been around since the 1950's.
I hope that you enjoy your green pants. My observations:1. Most tailors take a sample from the swatch book, and they pin it to their internal order records. Ask to check your pants against this swatch.2. Many cloth makers make the same cloth in a couple of colors, and there may have been an error at either your tailor or Tip Top. Or, indeed, the cloth had a greenish cast which you do not recall. If there were an error, the tailor should offer the pants at 1/2 price...
I do not think the cost is worth it in that about 30% or more of the cost is for shipping and handling. A local skilled cobbler can do an excellent job. spend a little extra for German oak bark soles. An advantage of a factory resole is that the factory will use C&J materials (such as embossed heel pads) and C&J shoe bags, etc.
Sure. Wear a white tux. You can get a job as a dance host on the Love Boat.
Yes. This outfit is totally out of place.A dinner jacket is not an odd jacket or a blazer to be worn with grey flannels.Even the Hollywood set who sometimes wear a tux tieless (ugh!) or with a four-in-hand (also ugh, but not as bad) NEVER wear a dinner coat as a separate.Ditch the odd dinner coat. It's either a full tux or nothing.
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Are you looking for 3-5 suits for a TOTAL cost of $2,000 or $2,000 per suit? I have the same question for shirts.If you are looking for a total cost of $2,000, then your choices will be limited.I think that your best bet would be LS Mens Clothes. They sell Coppley suits for about $600 per suit at the entry level.Good luck.
The earthquake came without warning. (They all do.) Therefore, no one could plan the day's outfit. Those who wore something ordinary can be excused. However, Hurricane Irene is on the way. Along with buying batteries and bottled water, a prudent person must make sartorial plans. There will be no excuses this time.
Take the tie to either Tiecrafters or John Kochis. They would know whether it is feasible. I sense that it is not worth the effort.
Demand that Chan not only do the alteration but pay for two way shipping. Also demand that they comp the suit. Seriously, don't be petty. Just get it done locally on your dime. It costs less than the shipping, insurance, and time.
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