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On the subject of outrageous cost: 1. Generally, these "super-duper" suits are merely publicity stunts and talkings points. (E.g., "we can make the finest suit from the rarest of rare of cloths that only emperors used to wear.") Many clothiers and manufacturers make these "ultimate suits" solely for the press coverage. The reporter from Channel 2 news eagerly takes-in the "story" which is nothing more than an advertisement. 2. On a related note, there is an ice...
Shoes without shoe trees tend to have their soles curl slightly. The tree keeps the sole flat for the long periods of non-use. Shoe trees made from the shoe's last not only retard curling, but they keep the shoe's overall shape.
You will find striped sleeve linings on RTW, MTM, and custom/bespoke. Generally, it is a sign of a traditional, fine coat. The striped linings came about when suits had a much heavier construction. Coat linings were originally alpaca. Silk was used in the sleeves for less bulk and to make it easier to slip-in and -out. Eventually, various other materials came into use, such as bemberg. Silk was supplanted in that the other materials are less likely to...
Generally, Poole bespoke made for it's Saville Row shop has a Poole label sewn below the collar. Poole is the only maker who places the label ther rather than the usual place by the inside chest pocket. The label states "Henry Poole (London), Ltd."
Why stop with a tie? Why not have a matching shirt too? Seriously, a tie made from the coat cloth would look odd.
This is probably so.Men are dressing less formally everyday.With the exception of "society" charity balls, most charity dinners have downgraded from a policy of "black tie" to "business attire". Some have even stated "festive attire", whatever that is.In the past your average guy has always found black tie to be a hassle. E.g., buying a tux which may get little use, having to use shirt studs, and getting the various accessories (tux shirt, suspenders, shoes, etc.)As a...
One of my vendors has bought from them recently. He is happy with the suit. It looks good on him. If "My Suit" is in your price range, go for it. Don't pine after the unobtainable.
^^^^. Great minds think alike. When the sale was announced I purchased the nailhead and windowpane.
It is a lovely renovation. However, what are you going to do with them? Are you going to wear them? If they don't fit, why go through the trouble? Or sell them on eBay? Good luck.
Ban Tailor on First Avenue between 80 and 81.My wife has used both Adamidis ( "Stanley") and Ban. Both are excellent. Ban is a little less expensive. She is mostly using Ban now.Good luck.
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