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I don't think that it's vicuna. If it were vicuna it would say so, plain and simple. There were be no need to be cute and call it something else. There would be no need to hint ("wink, wink") that it is vicuna. One cannot tell from the photos. It looks like an ordinary wool topcoat. It is worth more for your sentimental value than its value on eBay (perhaps $50). Good luck.
Darts are necessary to give you some shape to the coat. E.g., a broad chest and a nipped waist. Some very skilled tailors can achieve shaping without darts. Some very skilled tailors don't like darts since it breaks-up the stripes or other patterns on the front of the coat. Without darts, the coat falls straight down like a lab coat or a sack. Hence, such are called sack suits.
I noticed the following trends: 1. The black four-in-hand necktie has diminished. Most men now wear bow ties. 2. Black is back in full force. With the exception of "The Rock's" maroon smoking jacket and a couple of white dinner coats, men are wearing black dinner suits. 3. Although there were a couple of men in white dinner coats, that trend seems to be on the wane. It is a totally inappropriate look for a formal event in January. 3. I noticed a couple of...
I tried the website (www.asuitablewardrobe.com), and it states that the web page is no longer available.
1. Cego for shirts. See Shirtmaven's listing above. 2. LS Mens Clothes for tailored clothing. You will pay less than 1/2 that what you would have spent at Brooks MTM. As for more exalted establishments, you'll be paying 1/3 of what those places charge. I have used both Cego and LS, and I recommend them. Carl (Cego) and Izzy (LS) are lovely and honest people. As for Shirtmaven's recommendation of Mr. Ned, it is also an excellent choice. The pricing is similar to...
Both buildings are still standing. Ironically, Gorsart was not in the best parts of downtown. Now, both locations are "hot."
I shopped at the original Barneys a couple of times with my parents. This was in the 1960's before it became a fancy store. It was definitely in the discount realm. I slightly recall that it was brightly lit with florescent lights. My mother recalled Barney Pressman working the floor and berating an employee.
Everything old is new again. The latest rumor is that Barneys will open at its old store at Seventh Avenue and 17th Street. This spot was formerly Loehmann's. Other Barneys' rumors: 1. The Madison Avenue store will close and everything will be relocated to Seventh Avenue because the lease is up on 2017. If this is so, there will be much less space in that the annex on 17th Street is now the Rubin Museum. 2. The 60th Street of the store (the mens store) will be...
It is an acceptable sportscoat. Not all sportscoats have a bold, "knock your socks off" pattern. Many sportscoats have a subdued pattern. I would say that this is more of a sportscoat than a suit coat. As a suit it would be more of a "casual" or "sports" suit rather than a business suit. As for the jetted pockets, that is OK too. There is no ironclad rule that says that sports coats must have flapped pockets or patch pockets. The jetted pockets make it a little...
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