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Thanks, have had three Peche Mortel probably about 100 times. It really is excellent. Does the LCBO carry the bourbon-barrel-aged version?I actually quite like the Brooklyn but have never heard of the Lava, either, so will give that a try. I picked up the Nogne 100 and Flying Monkeys BNL last night. Did not care for the Nogne (unpleasant soapy taste on the midpalate) and will have to try the BNL.I just moved back to Toronto after 2 years in NYC...will have to recalibrate...
Anyone in Ontario with good recs re: LCBO's current seasonal selection? (mostly Russian Imperial Stouts atm)
Currently working on a Talisker 25 (a newer bottling; not the usual cask-strength ones from the past), GlenDronach 18 and a Glenfarclas 30. Was particularly disappointed by the Glenfarclas -- I'd read great things and the nose is simply amazing, but the taste and mouthfeel fall flat. Not bad, but they just do not have the same depth and intensity as the nose.
Long time reader, recently registered poster. Living in Toronto at the moment but have been all over the northeast: grew up in Montreal, went to college in Philly and worked in NYC. Mainly here for the Social Life and Business discussions but also like to get clothing ideas from the WAYWT threads. I wear a suit and tie five days a week and on winter weekends, am probably spotted in a pair of boots, Japanese denim or RRL pants, and a cableknit sweater.  
I went into banking because I wanted to work for a PE firm or hedge fund. Unless you're well-connected or have a 3.8+ GPA, you need to do your analyst stint before any good buyside shop will hire you. I have no talents and no particularly strong entrepreneurial inclinations, but being a math/philosophy double-major, I liked thinking through problems. I like the idea of learning a company or situation inside out, taking a view on it, and strategizing how to execute on...
I was at that location last month. My GF loves the Harlem on Queen West but wanted to check this one out. I'd never been but was pretty disappointed. Did not care for the atmosphere at all. We sat downstairs, where it was very quiet, too bright (we were sitting right under what seemed like a halogen bulb) and cramped -- an uncomfortable combination. Braised short rib was pretty decent, mac and cheese was weak. I just wanted to GTFO. I would try the other location given...
you could charge people to see that...by the song
    Sorry to hear about your experiences at George. I've been three times (most recently ~8 months ago) and was always impressed with the overall experience and flawless service. It might be because we've opted for the 7-10 course tasting menu and have only sat at the "alcove" table (a cozy table for 2-4 tucked away near the front that can be curtained off), so it's always felt special. That said, the food is somewhere between Nota Bene (boring and well-executed) and...
  Jacobs is consistently the best steak I've had anywhere, period.
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