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Currently in the market for some AE or Alden Penny loafers, as the title indicates. Size is a 9D, in reasonably good condition (as per this forum's standards). Please PM me if you have something available, thanks!
so after seeing these hauls from LA today, I guess it's pretty safe to say that Miami is shit for thrifting. 
Can anyone ID this maker? Sportcoat made in France.
Why, Mr. Erickson, I do believe you just won this thread. 
very cool pics Boh! and quite the haul, as well.   If anyone would be interested in this Bozghese suit (cloth by Zegna) please let me know and I'll see if it's still there when I go next weekend. Tagged 46. Very minty.         [[SPOILER]]
Saturday turned out to be a decent day for me, JCrew shirt (in my size) and the AE's I ordered from the bay for just under $70 arrived (Chili Stockbridge). Being my first pair of Allen Edmonds, I was shocked at the quality, even if they were just lightly worn (no imprint on the footbed). I think they still hadn't even been broken in, since I got them in my size but am still feeling some discomfort in the pinky toe, which I believe is customary with shoes until broken in,...
Being in my first office environment position, I've had to start building my business wardrobe from the ground up, taking cues from here, which has definitely helped my awareness of these kind of things.   One thing I've noticed in my office s that suits are only worn by our managers, typically only when they have meetings. Otherwise, we are not required to put on anything else beyond a shirt and tie, which is in reality a little bit o fa bummer for me. No tie is...
sorry if this is a noobish question, but are Ike Behar and Valentino not regarded as quality brands??
Spoo, are you in Miami??!
Please forgive me, I had tried posting earlier form Tapatalk and was told there was an error so didn't think it even went through.   ^^ thanks for actually helping.
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