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Hi all! Looking for two shopping recommendations:   1) A young/cool distressed / vintage leather shoe store (that's not Nordstrom / Bloomingdales). Anything that would sell items similar to --or--   2) Same as above but for leather jackets.   Thanks guys :)
I have this leather jacket but I lost the hoodie portion. Any idea on how I can go about replacing? It's just one of those fake hoodie liners inside.       
Based on some reviews these shoes seem a little cheap. Any recommendations under the $600 range for similar shoes? 
Based on some reviews I've read here it seems like this is not a great shoe. Any recommendations for alternatives? No budget really but would prefer not spending more than 600 per pair. 
I am indeed. Please PM me your PayPal and post confirmation here when money is received. Thx
I'm sorry if this appears rude but I've spent hours searching and can't find 1st boot, and I want to reward your time so if anyone can find me the exact boot in 1st pic I'll Paypal you $30. John Varvatos looks most similar but the two indents in the shoe on most JV shoes look threaded whereas shoe in pic looks more refined. 
Have been trying to find a book like this low ankle one below, any recommendations? Saw it on a Chinese fashion site and can't find it for purchase anywhere... don't have a name. Also which of the numbered boots do you guys like?     Also looking at:   1) Tricker's Aldo Style Chukka 2) Meermin 3)    5) Alden's
I'm wearing a fedora to a dress up Christmas/company party on Friday. Any recommendations on what to wear with it (with picture samples if possible?)   I'm 200 lbs, 6'0, black hair, medium-complexion caucasian and just turned 31. Thanks guys!
Hi everyone,   I'm 6'0, 200 lbs black hair and wear black framed glasses. I'm going to a dress-up Christmas party and will be wearing a dark gray fedora. I'm struggling to find a style of clothes that would go best with that. Maybe just standard black suit + ____ colored tie? I'd rather wear something like slacks + my favorite "nice" sports coat which is also a dark/deep green color. 
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