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My other suits are also a bit darker. I have a brown with a blue windowpane, navy blue and a black pinstripe.    Another alternative I was considering was this one, but I can't quite picture what it will look like as a suit in order to decide. Anyone have a similar suit or seen a picture of  finished product that looks similar?  
I'm looking to add a mig-light grey into my wardrobe and was curious if the choice that was recommended to me would be too similar to the grey I already have.    I've included a picture of my current suit (first) and a picture of the fabric sample recommended to me. Curious for recommendations and thoughts.   Thanks
Website implies site wide sale and custom shirts only. MTM suits probably aren't included
Would be great if it was 20% off MTM suiting. Hopefully it'll show up on their website.
What is the difference between MTO and MTM? I'd like to order MTM suiting, which appears to be an option under "custom" although I don't see a way to choose suits, only shirts.
You're right. Carmina is a bit cheaper over there than in Canada after duties and import fees (which are crazy)   When is sales season?
I'm planning to head to paris a little bit later in the summer.   I don't suppose the word affordable and Paris go together? Would love to introduce some unique french fashion into my wardrobe but don't want to break the bank. Any suggestions?   The only thing I really have in mind is stopping by Carmina right now
  I'm curious, who is your competition in Ottawa? From my recollection MTM selection was limited to Holts (on its way out), Harry Rosen (different price point) and maybe the tailors that do roadshows.
 Thanks for the feedback. One of my considerations is unfortunately shipping to Canada pretty much ruins any pricing when it comes to those brands. i.e AO = $75 in shipping... (madness) 
I've been looking into alternatives to Luxottica in my search for sunglasses without breaking the bank. I've owned multiple Oakleys in the past and looking to branch out.   I'm specifically interested in the aviator style which everyone carries so its been tough to discriminate on quality vs. price. I'm also a bit torn on lens colors as I've always stuck with black/black. Considering one of the following, advice appreciated!   FarmFresh - Unknown Canadian company that...
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