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what brand are those suits anyways?
  Think this hat would work well with cargo shorts, t-shirt, and slippers?
looks generic brand  
i've b een thinking of the br monogram too but how does it compare to ck suits?
for $500 and under suits, BR Monogram or CK?
how does CK compare to BR suits?  
im in the same situation, but reverse, tropical climate to semi arctic
hi guys, I'm new and here to get advice on suits  
how is the quality of the BR suits?  People say it got worse over the years but i can get it 50% off..would it still be worth it? or should I go Calvin Klein?   I'm looking for something under $500 and there's a BR and CK outlet here. I need a pair of suits when going to Japan, but I don't have very many because in Hawaii most people wear aloha shirts.
I live in Hawaii so we get by with aloha shirts, but for the next two years I'll be working in Japan where I definitely will need a suit. I'm not too familiar with what to look for in a suit but there's a CK and BR Outlet here and my friend also can get 50% off BR (but non sale stuff) for me.   I'm broke so I can't afford too many suits, in fact I'm thinking of only having two.. it seems that in Japan dark colors only for winter, grey for summer.  The suits there...
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