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my closet:   1x Black suit set - CK 1x Grey suit set - BR Monogram 3x Polos (charcoal, navy, black) - Ralph Lauren 1x long sleeve henley - AF (small deer logo) 1x short sleeve henley - AF (small deer logo) 1x cardigan with shawl - AF (small deer logo) 1x plaid shirt - Ralph Lauren 2x Flannel shirt - AF 1x no-iron dress shirt (white) - BR 1x no-iron dress shirt (light blue) - Uniqlo 1x slim jeans - Uniqlo 1x straight jeans - Uniqlo 1x beige corduroy jeans -...
Henleys are cool but I've realized they are fads. Vnecks and polos are timeless
you dislike henleys or something?  
hollister and banana don't seem to carry long sleeve polos at the moment although there are long sleeve henleys.   intend to wear it with jeans or cargo shorts.
obviously, but that will take adjustments in diet and exercise that will take time. while im doing i would like some new clothes.
lately I've gained a bit of a beer belly.. the rest of my body seems thin except the gut. style dictates i should switch to darker flat colors.   i'm thinking of henleys.. but are they still in style? would long sleeve or short be the way to go?
I've seen mixed reviews of BR on this board but haven't heard much on CK, what's particularly bad with CK?
edited to change content of thread and added a poll!
I only find the vested one as too slim, the brown suit seems okay
I live in Hawaii so we get by with aloha shirts, but for the next two years I'll be working in Japan where I definitely will need a suit. I'm not too familiar with what to look for in a suit but there's a CK and BR Outlet here and my friend also can get 50% off BR (but non sale stuff) for me.   I'm broke so I can't afford too many suits, in fact I'm thinking of only having two.. it seems that in Japan dark colors only for winter, grey for summer.  The...
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