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Personally, I have had good luck with ordering from suitsupply. I've only had 1 logistics hiccup where they accidentally put a return label on the box instead of the shipping label. I called toll-free customer service, no hold time, courteous rep overnighted me a replacement the next day. Also, refunds have been fast. Most recently: Return shipment received Oct 24, refund processed Oct 30; return shipment received Oct 29, refund processed Nov 1. For reference, I live in...
I always need to get my SS jacket sleeves shortened. $90 at my tailor to shorten from the shoulders. I know the store does it for cheaper. Worth it, IMHO. 
Lol, the problem is your thighs, not the pants! You probably need MTM. SS seems aimed at the slim fit market mostly.
 Indentation in sleeveheads - maybe you need to size-down to 36? I would try the smaller size before going to the tailor. Waist and length look good. Nice tie!
Anybody own a Suitsupply topcoat? I was just wondering if I wear a 38R suit if I need to order a 38R topcoat or a 40R to fit over it. The online "Size Advisor" is completely useless. 
I purchased the SS Havana Wool Cashmere  and SS Havana Pima Cotton from the fall/winter collection. Both of these are stunning with great texture that can go well casual or dressed up. The Pima Cotton jacket was surprisingly nice and the online photos do not do it justice. I didn't know a cotton sportcoat could feel so soft and luxurious. I wore the Pima out yesterday before bringing it to the tailor and got lots of compliments from attractive female strangers. :)...,en_US,pd.html?start=70&cgid=Pre-Order   Texture on this fall jacket looks awesome! I'm ordering as soon as it's available. What are you looking forward to in the fall/winter line?
  The suit descriptions and accompanying videos on the website are pretty accurate.    Suitsupply has free shipping for orders > $500 and free return shipping. You can even arrange pick-up for returns right from your door or drop off at a UPS center. In my experience, the return/refund process was speedy and hassle-free.    So I suggest ordering any number of suits on your credit card and returning the ones you don't like. 
I purchased it. It's a very nice blue blazer. Despite the use of patch pockets, I think it's more dressy than casual due to the high-quality material and goes better with wool dress pants rather than denim jeans. Main con is that it has functioning sleeve button holes, which means shortening at the shoulder if you need shorter sleeves ($90 at my tailor). 
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