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Ha. pardon. predictive text turned being in to bring.
except it's generally just the one person bring a dick
Yeah. I have it in a medium. The fit seems typical of a genuine hand knit, in that it's a bit unusual compared to standard knitwear.My medium fit wide on the shoulders, high on the arms, slim through the chest, short in length, and roomy round the waist.The knit is loose; where it's tight it gives.
Interesting... In the UK, the code can be applied to all this season's lines.
these were seasonal washes not rigids
Slimmer than slim fit. I have 3 pairs in slim fit. All in 32. and one in slim boot, in a 32. it's quite a bit tighter all over.
the whiskers are more established. The fading is more obvious. overall, the colour is lighter. they are fantastic though. totally different to any of the other rrl denim pants. If in doubt, I'd say for them.
I have them in a 32 waist. they are awesome. quite a bit more distressed than the web image suggests. fit seems fairly standard for a slim fit. they are quite rigid - definitely not the softest pair.I am tempted by the jacket too. I want to know what the weight of it is, as I picked up the Nelson jacket from the fall navy collection, and it doesn't seem too different.
Does anybody know where I might be able to pick this up in a medium. I know you all ain't to keen on requests like this, but it ain't on ebay, and I am pretty sweet on it - especially given the lack of decent jackets this season.
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