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What did I miss? Is it different from the two MTO options they have now, where the the second option allows change of sole and slight change of pattern?
Great colour of fabric, great suede, great combination!
You should try 363 they use for their Millbank chukka. I find it very sharp looking, albeit the last fits a bit snug (for my feet at least)...
But no split toe, no?
+ 1How about the Malvern on the 888 or the Inverness in edwardian? I've been very tempted by them myself...
Nice collection there! But where's the Edwardian?
These are freaking great looking boots! I can't pull a bal boot off myself, but if I chose to try, these would be my boots of choice. Very nice
I' expecting my Alderleys to arrive some time soon, and they're with the B1 as well
You don't know what's in a Coke either, do you?
Great job, will be exiting to see the swatches. However, am I the only one thinking that 170/2 is way to fine? I tend to prefer the work horse kind of fabrics...
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