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Who are those people? I just ordered bespoke shorts In this really cool fabric:
I have two lengths of cotton twill for sale, both from Harisson's Mesolair range at 310 grms. See more here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/521832/two-length-of-harissons-mesolair-twill-cotton/0_30
I have these two very nice lengths of Harisson's twill cotton for sale. Both 310 grms from the Mesolair range. Perfect for chinos. 100 USD pr. length. Shipping at cost, PM me for options.
You are quite right, my bad. What I have in the works is actually a Steadfast, not Botany
I have a navy Botany in the works, around 14/15 oz I think, which will probably fit the bill. Have opted for half lined though, due to the weight...
If it's in whiskey shell I might be game – the dark brown just turned out so wonderfully well. The next batch of whiskey shell probably won't be available before 2017, but then again I'm not in a rush
God, that is so funny. I really doubt he would have typed it himself, though, as he does't speak one word of English. Moreover, his assistant's English is really broken, so I kind of doubt he would phrase a sentence along the lines of "in my humble opinion" – but who knows. Funny though, as you probably know Guida used to work for Liverano – indeed on one of the sartorial travel reports from Naples from a few years back you can see him at the cutting board.
Francesco Guida
Thanks a lot, and those are very decent prices! Almost tempted to try them out myself when I go to Naples in three weeks time, though I'm also very satisfied with my own (traveling) north Italian tailor who does CMT for 1900 euro for a suit.Looking forward to see your update on the above projects!
Very nice sir, I really like the clean shoulder of Ciardi – looks like it's a bit elongated as compared to Tofani? Btw., would you mind sharing the CMT prices for Tofani and Ciardi? Would be interesting to know.
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