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So, yesterday I finally started up my project of a bespoke peacoat: My tailor was very enthusiastic about it, and especially the below limited edition cloth from Fox I brought, of which his assessment was: "This is so damn cool." There are still some undecided issues which we will return to on the first fitting that I expect to have in two weeks time
Just re-checked the information in my email inbox, and it turned out that the price rise was plus 1800 euro for a suit. To be fair I don't know if that rise applied to existing costumers as well or only new ones. I inquired about his prices three year ago, and back then I found them quite reasonable. Then I contacted him one year ago to start a project with him, and he sent me the new price list. His ulster paletot (which is by the way extremely lovely) had gone up from...
I think that is a very modest raising of prices compared to some other hyped tailor. Musella Dembech, for example, in two years raised his prices for a suit by a whopping 1300 euros
Beautiful, thanks for sharing! I think the Fresco is a great project – though I was a bit late to realize it – and that it turned out very, very well
Absolutely, it's 57''
Hmm, depends on the style I think. I have the chelsea in DOAK on the 82 as well, and I think that version is great for more formal settings whereas the 202 is great for more casual versions like this make up - my thoughts at least For a black version I would definitely choose the 82 as well.
Chelseas today:
Looking forward to it! (Said the man who was late to the party)
Speaking of which: Does anyone have two meters of DWW's brown Fresco that they want to part with? I only signed up for a pents' length, but now I'm really considering doing a full suit
Thanks a lot for your input. Given I take 9.5E on 202 (that definitely shouldn't be any snugger) and 9.5F on the 82 (that fit me just fine), the guys at Skoak recommended me to take 10E on the GG06, which sadly isn't available at the killer price. However, I have gotten to a point in my shoe adventures where I've realized I should never compromise on comfort so in the end I decided not to take the plunge on the 9.5E though the price is insane. Moreover, I realized that I...
New Posts  All Forums: