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Very nice! Didn't know about Celentano before but it doesn't seem bad at all! Does anyone by any chance know what price range they operate in?
Great info, thanks! Are we talking the 14/15 oz version here?
Both would definitely be assets to me, since I tend to run cold and I would have to use them for riding my bike to and from work (I know, not exactly extending their lifetime). But thanks for your inputs!
Thanks a lot, interesting to hear. I already suspected that the differences would be quite insignificant. But maybe I should try at least one of each
I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on Minnis vs. Fox flannel? For autumn/winter I'm sourcing some flannel for odd pants, and while I know that both are good I'm eager to learn about their potential differences. I'm thinking around 13-14 oz. Cheers! SKM
Nice! Who are the tailors (assuming Tofani didn't make them all) and what are your impressions so far?
[[SPOILER]] Arh, still no Malvern on 888 Anyway, all make-ups look stunning! Do you have a tentative price for the shell/Utah Galways? Edit: they're inbound
Ha, I appreciate your thoughts on my peacoat process! To @sprout2 I can reveal that I chose to go bespoke out of comfort and, admittedly, also the freedom to choose details. I can also comfort you that my tailor managed to discourage me from the rounded yoke today arguing that it would interfere with the biased shoulder seem he prefers to make (as can be seen from the photo he tried to draw it in chalk and I tend to agree). And as he argued: "I could do a straight shoulder...
Very valid point about the size of the collar! I will have the fitting tomorrow and see what my tailor says about the cuffs. I guess in some cases that's the first thing you should do (like when I imagined having it lined with some kind of patterned silk to which my tailor replied: "Oh yeah, silk looks very nice but it's as durable as sh*t. And you'll be drowning in sweat when you ride your bike" – problem solved).
Great thoughts, thanks! The back will look quite like Taub's sketch above, but will add a yoke like this (only probably more narrow) which will meet the seem if the sleeves:The design will be quite busy so I'm thinking I would need something other than plain cuffs to create balance. And I'm counting on using it for everyday casual wear to ride my bike in cold Scandinavia. Length wise probably something like this:
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