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I have a pair of Malverns inbound on the 888. I think they will be pretty
Thanks a lot, very helpful! I already have a traveling tailor from Florence who visits my city, but next time I go to Naples I would be very eager to find a tailor who puts a bit more shape into his coats, or at least pronounce the waist a bit more, and have clean lines. I don't know if he might be the place to go? I also like the work I have seen from Pirozzi, so he's definitely also an option. Please share any photos you might have of your garments from him Cheers,SKM
I've never heard of this Iorio either, but very curious to learn more. Managed to dig out a few photos here on SF and it looks really nice. Does anyone have first hand experience and/or know about style, prices etc...?
Never done it before, and didn't plan on it either, but when I visited my trouser tailor the fabric caught my eye since it looked rather peculiar. He explained "for shorts" and I knew I couldn't leave without them...
Mmmm, looks like my bespoke shorts are on their way to me
Who are those people? I just ordered bespoke shorts In this really cool fabric:
I have two lengths of cotton twill for sale, both from Harisson's Mesolair range at 310 grms. See more here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/521832/two-length-of-harissons-mesolair-twill-cotton/0_30
I have these two very nice lengths of Harisson's twill cotton for sale. Both 310 grms from the Mesolair range. Perfect for chinos. 100 USD pr. length. Shipping at cost, PM me for options.
You are quite right, my bad. What I have in the works is actually a Steadfast, not Botany
I have a navy Botany in the works, around 14/15 oz I think, which will probably fit the bill. Have opted for half lined though, due to the weight...
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