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Mmmmmm just took delivery of these. Bought them on eBay for 599 USD – completely unworn and A-grade Seems 2016 will be a good EG year for me. Upcoming is a pair of Malverns on 888 in burned pine, and just the other day I placed another MTO for a pair of Westminsters in mink suede and R1 soles
Never tried Mola so wouldn't know. But Cerrato is very, very good. Taking delivery of three more pairs next week...
An Nevis in coffee and on 606 wouldn't be bad either
AFAIK C&J won't do veldt on cordovan. Moreover, there's not much reason for doing it since cordovan is not a very water resistant material...
Cool, thanks for the info. Since my girlfriend is also expecting I understand him very well and will not harass him any further
That is actually the email I used but no luck yet. I guess he's just very busy, I was only wondering because he's usually very responsive.
Stunning! Have tried to place a MTO for a pair in mink suede through Steven at Gentlemen's Footwear, but haven't heard back from him
I hope you know of the function "follow thread". That way you can see when there's a new post, without having to open the thread and trouble your eyes and mind with the sight of big lapels...
Speaking of London tailors, does anyone know what happened to Karl Matthews? I really liked what I saw of his garments and I even contacted him to ask about his prices etc. but he never replied. And now it seems his internet domaine is gone
Stunning jacket – anyone knows who made it?
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