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To be fair I don't think I would bother returning them, and I even guess my Harlechs would look a bit like that in some places. This is after all a spot that would usually be covered by your trousers. But DON'T use renovateur, but instead Saphirs cordovan cream that is much richer. I apply it once or twice a year at maximum, and the rest care I do with a brush and some water. Can't comment on the bone-trick since I have never used it.Best,SKM
Today linen and fresco, but alas no mirror around...
They're produced by the same company, yes, but their range is 10 times larger than the LL and price, well, not exactly the same… Don't know if the LLs are given a special treatment though (after all the LL is printer at the hem of the shirting fabric), and I'm exited to see how they hold up compared to my (official) LLs...
Btw, amongst the shirts I received today was the beautiful Ulster linen I posted back in December: [[SPOILER]] There are also a couple of Alumo oxford shirts. First time I try them, so pretty exited about them
I for one thought it referred to the cloth, and once turned in to garments the liability would be funded… But what do I know, english is not my mother tongue.
Always nice to receive some funded liabilities… In three shades of Fresco: PS: Please excuse the extremely crappy (iPhone) photo quality...
Or 606? The Nevis in coffee suede is still crossing my mind… Was it @tifosi who was interested? Sounds likely
Looking forward to seeing them good Sir Cleave
This I remember very only too well.
Though most LL cloth, and especially the linen, is very pricy I don't find the cashmere to be too expensive. Obviously it's a lot of money, but compared to, say, Harrison's Saltire collection, which I think is about the same price pr. meter but for a "regular" jacketing weight, I find it quite reasonably. I also have the Etna II and I have just signed up for the double faced version of the Everest. I have a small swatch from the first Everest, and I have to admit it's...
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