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Asking such a question makes me wonder how you managed to move out in the first place...
Just fine; I think they leaked a bit around the tongue, but that's to be expected - especially when it's a zug/suede combo and not full zug. But wearing them in the intended elements felt just like... You know...
My zuggies had their beating inauguration today when I was caught in a heavy downpour:
New linen liabilities, soon to be funded...
Nice. I haven't tried the 606 yet, but I think it looks damn sexy for the split toe style though. But let's see if others are interested. Tifosi, do you enabling magic!
I'm thinking 606, round apron, storm welt and brown dainite
+1Makes me want a coffee suede halifax even more
Thanks a lot both. Unfortunately nothing available now, but will consider joining the order in January if I don't find some lengths sooner.Cheers,Soren
Gents, does anyone know of an online source for Alumo oxfords? Not necessarily a webtique, but someone from whom private individuals can order? I have been quite satisfied with Acorn's oxford range so far, but I's like to see what the Alumo-fuss is all about Cheers, SKM
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