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Gents, happy to note that I have just been in contact with Lauren, and she is expecting our Lindricks in about tow weeks. After QA she will start shipping them, so if everything goes well we should have them on our feet in like three weeks Cheers, SKM
I reckon Harrisons Oyster book might be what you are looking for.
Anyone know of an online source for Brisbane Moss cotton?
No, it's a rerun of the TW10 that was made years ago in grey, but this time will be made in navy and brown.
The London Lounge has put a heavy overcoating up for subscription. It is a wide herringbone around 900 grams and is double sided with navy on one side and brown on the other. Might be worth checking out.
In case anyone is interested I'm letting go of my EG for Asprey brogue boots. Would love for them to find a new good SF home http://www.styleforum.net/t/517084/edward-green-for-asprey-black-brogue-boots-in-9e/0_30#post_8294489 Cheers, SKM
Thank you very much gentlemen, let's hope we can find them a new good home
Gents, I have my black EG for Asprey boots up for sale since they didn't fit me very well after all. If you take them off my hands I can use the funds to place a new MTO with GF http://www.styleforum.net/t/517084/edward-green-for-asprey-black-brogue-boots-in-9e/0_30
Up for sale is a very nice and rare pair of black boots made for Asprey by Edward Green. They have recently been fully refurbished by Edward Green (hence the EG-stemped in socks and box), but have been used very sparingly, since they are slightly too small. I have finally had to admit that I am an F-width. The boots are en very good conditions with some minor and insignificant scuffs on the tip of the right boot which can't be seen when worn. The boots have been treated...
Not really much too early; in her last email Lauren said she expected the by beginning of February or possibly earlier. I guess it will just be beginning of February them
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