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Yes, for now
Not a firm date, but as I understood Lauren they had decided to give us some room until after the price increase has officially been rolled out. But the quicker the better of course...
Yeah, I love how cordovan lightens up over the years, makes the patina so much more sexy...
No worries, and I completely understand! But hey, with the interest right now we're getting closer and closer to the required 12
Indeed, it's not cheap, and the only thing making it seem not too expensive is the fact that the price will be raised in August But by all means do what it takes to join – you won't have to pay before we submit the order (probably/hopefully within August)
There is a maximum in the sense that orders can only be placed in batches of 12, so unless we get 24 12 will be the maximum.I'm not sure if I find the comparison to Alden makes sense, since I find their last much more blobby and the design less refined, but since I don't own any Aldens in the first place (and never will either) I'm probably not the right person to ask PS: Official converter say 1086 USD atm
Well recived, thanks! Now we'll wait until we have 12 confirmed participants, but if @chipshot joins we only need three more to take off
Well we soon are if you join They usually do, and if not I guess they can help you with sizing in the C&J for RL thread. If you wanna join please send me a PM, since you don't have to confirm your size before the order is actually placed. It will have to be E-width, though.Cheers,SKM
Definitely the safest bet. But if you have a C&J retail near where you live, you could stop by and try the last as quite a lot of their shoes are made on it, including the Coniston. Let me know if I should add you to the list Best,SKM
Chipshot is right, the only difference is the speed hooks. But as the Lindrick is discontinued it should be mentioned that this is the only chance to get them (from new), especially before C&J's next price increase...
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