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You guys should come to Copenhagen. The summer here is awesome! The best day of the year!
Finally obtained a length of the LL blue/grey barleycorn For next autumn I'll have it made into an overcoat somewhat like this
The problem is I'm based in Europe, so Skoak's prices were so sweet. Heck, I ended up ordering directly through G&G and swallowed the cost. They will be my first G&Gs so I'm very exited Settled for a wardrope stable: the Oxford on MH71 and went with cherry red lining. Should be very versatile, not least because I don't own any black shoes at present
So sad to discover this the day I was ready to place an order for the Oxford on MH71 Would have been my first G&G, and your prices were so attractive. But of course totally understandable given the situation you describe, and all the best to both you and G&G. Will now have to see if I can find an evenly great webtique with comparable prices, haha.
But damnit, it's so much more expensive than Skoak's prices :ember: Will probably have to reconsider G&G and maybe see if John Lobb should be something for me, though I know they don't have the same appealing lines as G&G. I have a range of EG but was on the lookout for some new adventures and finally thought I was ready for some G&G. I'm actually just looking for a black oxford which shouldn't be too hard to find after all
So, with Skoaktiebolaget out of the picture, who has the best prices on G&G MTO these days? I had just built myself up to finally taking the plunge on my first pair of G&G, only to discover that Skoak discontinued G&G last week
But check out Gusvs9's awesome jacket here. Would love to find a quality like this, though in blue/grey shades... Anyone in for a custom run?
Indeed, you're right, and I've contemplated it very closely. But I'm just afraid that it is too light – in Alden's coat he has lined it with heavy cashmere :ember:But I will keep contemplating it, I'm afraid. I've also considered contacting Molloy to check if they should have a leftover or something remotely similar...
Yes, I have been in contact with Michael who referred me to an LL member who has an awful lot of fabrics up for sale. Unfortunately though, he only had the brown version of the Molloy barleycorn
Actually hadn't thought about it but will check it out for sure! I also thought about the LL Esquire 30 currently on offer, but afraid it will be too light for this coat...
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