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Quite simply awesome and beautifully worn!
Nice catch, esp. the top one. Where did you find it?
I ordered via email befor they set up their web shop up so maybe that has something to do with the difference in price. Just found the old price list (a pdf scan) and indeed the prices were in the range of 12-15 pounds pr. meter. But then again, I ordered more than two years ago.
That's what I did, though I think the price was slightly higher but definitely below 20 pounds. The lengths even arrived at trunks, like this:Anyway, though the designs from the LL book is definitely pick from the Spence Bryson range the quality is different. I have shirts made from both, and as states earlier the LL versions ar heavier stuff. In fact so much that I would be willing to pay the premium for future shirts.
Sounds very promising, and definitely agree about how a work shop should look. Sounds just like Cerrato's, though admittedly I haven't seen his new location. But do post photos of your finished shirts and photos from the shop next time ou visit Btw, did you speak English with Mr. Merolla?
PS: Seems @coolpapa and @Winot also have some experience with Luca to share
Did you visit in Italy or at one of his trunk shows?When collars and cuffs are fused the interlining is glued to the fabric, whereas with a non-fused version it is free-floating (just like in a bespoke suit where the interlining/canvas is typically either horsehair or linen). Personally I strongly prefer the non-fused versions because it is much softer, though they are also more complicated to iron because the outer layer can fold over the interlining. I know Luca does...
Great info, thanks! Very eager to see what has come out of your visit to Merolla. Do you have any photos from his workshop or of finished products? It seems like he doesn't have a webpage. And how was the process of ordering?Thanks in advance!SKM
All of the posted are LLs
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