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Speaking of LL, should anyone happen to have a length of the blue/grey barleycorn that was produced a couple of years back by Molloy? I think the shade is quite unique and would love to have a coat made up for fall. Thanks in advance! SKM
Ouch that is nice! Details on maker and fabric, please?
Hmm, seems to me the two middle photos are actually the Slewfoot versions but hard to tell. Anyway, I'm in for 3,2 meters of the DWW version
As mentioned I would be game on a suit's worth of the brown rescue provided it's the DWW shade of brown
Stunning! May I ask how much Luca Avitabile quotes you for a shirt these days?
A quick snap of my finished peacoat that I picked up today. Fit pics will follow once I get the time
Oh yes, and spell camicia, no vents and rounded quarters.
Funny, that's more or less exactly such a project I have in the works. I wanted something in between a cardigan and a jacket and opted for a shawl collar design. Definitely not for everyone but think it will be very useful. I didn't worry too much about the canvas but he uses very light canvas anyway. On the inside it will be self lined safe for a very small piece of silk in the shoulders. My jacket is made up from pure cashmere from the LL, I think it's around 18 oz and...
I guess this is the universe trying to tell me I should just stick with the tailors I already use. But anyway thanks a lot for your input
You're right and I actually thought about it myself, but then again would be a bit reluctant to approach him about tailoring since I guess he left the trade for a reason. But definitely something to consider. If Beaman is involved it might even be appropriate to use a middle man who knows how to make him keep his deadlines, lol.
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