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^I do that with all my C&Js and I'm very happy as well. My cobbler says he prefers to install them when the shoes are due for a resole (cause it's always the tip of the shoes that get run down first) and then the rubber can be replaced a few times before the soles themselves are ready to be replaced. With some sole oil they can last a pretty long time then!
Thanks for your input, you're actually the first person I have heard speaking negatively of the Brisa (for other reasons than the price that is). But thanks, much appreciated!
How would you guys describe the difference between the LL navy blue Brisa and Minnis Fresco 0516? I really love the depth of colour of the 0516, but I'm somehow tempted to try out the Brisa instead, though I guess it's more smooth and less coarse than the LL? Any inputs much appreciated
I don't think demand will be a problem, but when I pulled together the order of the Lindrick in August Lauren told me that there won't be whiskey shell available before 2016 and the order thus can't be placed before
Sounds very nice, was actually looking at something around 14 oz and then maybe go partly lined, so the fox might be a winner. Would be very interested to see a photo or two of your jacket if possible Thanks a lot!SKM
Thanks a lot to both, will check it out. However, I'm a bit concerned with the weight of the Barbera for Lesser, but will have to see it IRL.Thanks a lot, the Harrison Oyster could be just what I was looking for, as I'm looking for something versatile and sturdy. Initially I was looking for something both soft and sturdy, which is why I was interested in the previous LL offering in angora/lambswool, but the very dark navy made it a no go for this. If there was interest we...
Gents, I'm looking for fabric for a casual navy blazer/odd jacket. I would like some interest to the weave like a hopsack or a very pronounced serge. I hope to find something very versatile (maybe like the LL ultimate blazer fabric) and in approximately the same shade and depth of colour like the Minnis 520 fresco. Any recommendations?
I think that if you own the Chelsea on last 82 in DOAK, black, mink suede and chestnut you're pretty much equipped for any occasion (obviously disregarding boots), though it might be a bit on the conservative side...
This might be the story of how the internet broke...
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