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Or 606? The Nevis in coffee suede is still crossing my mind… Was it @tifosi who was interested? Sounds likely
Looking forward to seeing them good Sir Cleave
This I remember very only too well.
Though most LL cloth, and especially the linen, is very pricy I don't find the cashmere to be too expensive. Obviously it's a lot of money, but compared to, say, Harrison's Saltire collection, which I think is about the same price pr. meter but for a "regular" jacketing weight, I find it quite reasonably. I also have the Etna II and I have just signed up for the double faced version of the Everest. I have a small swatch from the first Everest, and I have to admit it's...
^This! I also put in mine, but seems it's not going anywhere
Would be awesome… Preferably some F-widths
There you have it! (although I am a Carlsberg man)As far as I know you always had to make an appointment in advance which now is not necessary anymore… I do hope she is old though, and not cold
Oh, once again I find my self wondering who I don't live in Britain. Or go there more often… https://twitter.com/EdwardGreen1890/status/553485577480568834
Mistakenly posted this in the C&J MTO thread. Anyway, here goes: For those who might not be aware, C&J's new shoe trees are now in stock. Here's a comparison to the old ones: I quite like them. But it's surprising how similar they are to EG's. Definitely same producer, though not same price (EG left)
Finally dine real zug weather in my corner of Europe...
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