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Mmm coffee suede? :P
Great work! However, I also think the ranking system is a bit too hard to make work and that there are way too many options. I suggest to just make it a tick-off list asking "would you join the 2nd GMTO if it has:" and then list options like leather, Dainite etc. Asking preferences for the shape and colour of the laces is a bit too detailed IMHO, and I guess it will make the reading of the poll bloody hard, haha.
Sounds great, please keep us posted. If you organized the first batch I might be persuaded to do the second. If one could be with Dainite and second with double leather that would be great. Just saw a photo in this thread of one with metal eyelets, and it doesn't look half bad. Especially if combined with speed hooks
Agree 100% on the brass speed hook though bot so much on the Dainite. But let's see what people says. I have to admit, though, that paying it all upfront within weeks could also be a showstopper for me sine i've just acquired a length of the LL cashmere
Great, that make two of us already 12 more to go
Exactly, but if it aint bust don't fix it Anyway, I'll be happy to join the second run (you might even be able to persuade me to organise it), but it will have to be with speed hooks then. But I'm open to negotiate the sole (though as you know I would prefer double leather) and I also think there should be consistency between welt and sole (i.e. Dainite and flat welt doesn't make a lot of sense to me).
Sorry, that's just my bad memory. Anyway, all blind eyelets is a showstopper for me (will take ages to get them on!) and I also think rubber sole and regular welt (as opposed to storm welt) is a bit contradictory. But maybe we could make the second run with leather soles and speed hooks?
But i don't even think the specs was discussed for the first run?Maybe it would make sense to split the two runs into a leather and a Dainite run then…?
I'm fine with joining the second run instead. But we haven't discussed the details yet? But actually I think I can live with both single and double leather as well as Dainite, but some might feel differently. But I will say, though, that I think the double leather sole is going brilliantly with the shell. At least it does on my beloved brown Harlechs
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