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Thanks guys, extremely helpful!
Haha great! However, I always use over the calf sock, so I hope that won't be the case...Great info, thanks a lot! What's your opinion on material? Would light cotton work, or only synthetics?
Great, thanks. Do you think high twist cotton would also be an option? I imagine it would look very good with pockets and lining made in ex blue and white striped cotton, but not sure if it would work out or not.Cheers,SKM
Gents, how do you normally have your fresco pants lined? Most of my pants are lined till around the knee and I'm thinking it might be a good idea to do likewise with fresco so the fabric is not too coarse on the skin. And what kind of lining do you use to keep it cool? Do you stick with bemberg or is cotton (something like shirting fabric) an option? Input much appreciated! Cheers, SKM
We're in the same boat, I'm also waiting for my Alderleys that were ordered in April as well
Very nice! Kind of regretting I didn't get on board for a trousers length - would look fantastic for summer odd trousers with a light blue linen shirt...
As stated probably a hundred times here on SF I really, really love my Harlechs so I understand your choice However, I would never use them with suits of any kind or colour. To be fair, I could never pull off a suit and boot combo in the first place, but since this is both a derby boot, shell and has double leather soles I find it way to rustique to pair it with a suit. Unless, maybe, if it's a full tweed suit, if that's your bag. Good luck with the purchase!
I can't remember if the G&G whole cut in black stingray ever got going? I recall a GMTO getting very close to fruition quite some time ago, but I don't know if it went all the way. I find the black stingray offered by G&G extremely nice in a pimp kind of way...
Having myself another Harlec day...
Gentlemen, thank you for your valuable input. I'll see if I can get hold of some swatches, though I guess the challenge with the Finmeresco is finding an online source. But maybe I needn't look further than the Fresco - seems like there should be enough shades for at least 3-4 pairs of odd trousers Cheers,SKM
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