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Gentlemen, I just started a GMTO of this awesome C&J boot in dark brown shell: If we're quick, we might make it before C&J's price increase in August! For details etc. see the full post here. Cheers, SKM
This was a surprise to me - assuming shell is shell - but indeed; today when I discussed the current Lindrick GMTO with Lauren, she confirmed that whiskey shell is usually 50 pound more expensive than other shades of shell. Apparently because it's harder to source.
Speaing of which…Gents,I'm putting together a GMTO of the beloved Lindrick as seen above. If we're quick, we can place the order before the price increase in August! For details etc. please head over to my post in the GMTO thread.Cheers,SKM
Gents, I've started a GMTO of this great boot, an old RL style: For details, please head over to the GMTO thread. If we're quick, we can have this order placed before the price increase in August! Cheers, SKM
Lindrick Shell Cordovan GMTO Gents, As you maybe noticed I tried to drum up interest for the old Ralph Lauren style Lindrick in whiskey Shell cordovan. However, after some discussion with Lauren it was clear that the order couldn't be placed before early 2016 due to the infamous shell shortage, and moreover that we can't even "reserve" the hides for the production since retailers have privilege. Also, C&J will be implementing yet another price increase in August whick...
Why on earth is the price 700 for the GMTO then? Is the whiskey shell more expensive than dark brown?
Possibly not from pounds to USD, buy I can tell you it is from pounds to DKK...
Oh, please excuse my ignorance. But christ the price has gone up recently! When I bought my Harlechs (dark brown) the price was something like 450 Edit: Just checked, it was 510 pounds back in 2012. And the exchange rate has since gone from bad to worse
Do speedhooks and you have me in Sorry, couldn't help it. Btw, what's the price for this round?
It's not subscribed yet, but I actually can't remember if it was changed to Brisa. No matter the outcome I chose to sign up for it, though.
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