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It took a few days for the last update to come out too. Hang tight I guess.
When's viberg gonna make some siqque sidezip boots?
 Maybe we're just sick of waiting without any communication. I fully expect the jackets to come but if they won't be here until late 2015 I'll take a refund instead. This is the reason people are upset. You're over exaggerating the people calling drew a scammer.
Please stop trolling/spamming this thread.
Hirsch you crack me up
people are blaming the victim 
 Yes, and that business model was one with consistent production and feedback for years.  Nobody knew we would be waiting an extra year in wait times.Nobody knew Drew was going to go dark on us and stop respondingNobody knew that TOJ would start sending out jackets only once a month. So stop assuming that we knew information that we didn't.
Lmfao nobody knew they were buying into a 16 month wait time you twit. 
Thanks gents. I like it.
#SpreadSheetGate #JacketGate
New Posts  All Forums: