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I have XL size escobar and flash hoodie. Will sell cheap together. pm me
But this basically is TOJ 2
once drew keith gets  a bowl cut, we'll never be able to find him!1!
Does anyone have a FQHH jacket that's really beat up and well used? I want to see how it looks after the top coat of dye fades off.
Fuck it I think I'm just going to go without a shell and buy some temporary piece of crap if it rains badly over there, lol.    I always love when it rains here and I get a chance to wear my veilance stuff. Makes me kind of biased towards copping more things I don't need!
I love my veilance pieces. Been considering flipping them to get a lighter jacket as I plan on traveling for most of next year. Is a Goretex Pro shell too heavy for Southeast Asia?   My big concern is that the veilance jackets really have no venting zips or anything.    Also what would be a good fabric for the SE Asian climate?
 It's more like you just have to know them, have a good feel for the value, etc. Some items are worth buying and flipping even if the market is small and the sale takes weeks or months, because the value persists despite the lack of immediate buyers.
It's ludicrously harder idk what happened. I think people's interests have become concentrated in a few select items/brands. 
 They have patterns already for a slim fit  raglan sleeve varsity. 
can someone with a nylon ma-1 tell me how the sleeves fit compared to the toj wool ma-1
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