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schott and vanson are nothing like blk dnm.
 Your hope is inspiring to me
 Oh wow. My mistake then. I saw that my account was paying money to them and was confused.
 Your paypal account automatically pays them when you receive money.
 Previously they had no additional fees and even covered fees for a period. Now they skim an additional 3% off the top of each transaction. I'm going to shut down my account tonight. It's not so much the fees but the fact that they never even notified me of this change. At this point the site just becomes ebay BiN jr. 
Wow Grailed is charging 3% now per transaction and I was never even notified of this change. This is in addition to regular paypal fees.   The FAQ section states they are "free for all users."   I might actually try to dispute these charges. Who the hell do they think they are, charging fees without telling people?
 Haven, sometimes, but they aren't big discounts.
 I empathize with people who get into bad trading situations. I know an SF User right now who was allegedly scammed by another user and can't do anything about it. I told him to contact the Fok or the mods and possibly they could help but it seems like he has given up hope.
I report people for requesting gift payments on their b/s/t threads all the time and they rarely get punished and their messages stay up
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