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Remember the wallets and bags are coming from other manufacturers   they will be done in only 2 months :o)
Drew said all daypacks were made and shipped.   People have reported that they haven't gotten their daypacks yet.   Something dont add up!
Sept 9 spot for sale. $835 black calf
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 I think it's a sure sign that Drew lost whoever was making the jackets before and is relying on a new worker who is fucking shit up.
 So your jacket doesnt get wider from the midsection to the waist? The whole point is to have it come in at the midsection and then taper out again. And a whole 1.4" more around the chest is pretty damn significant.  The standard ratio is (chest size) x (1.08) = Measurement for jacket, as per Charly's measurement he gave you.
 Ok now here's step 3 Get a tapemeasure and measure your jacket and see if it matches those measurements    
  Very nice fit. Welcome to the TOJ family.
 Black Calf TOJ spot - $830   September 9th   please buy and put me out of my misery
nice to see february orders finally coming thru :3
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