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TOJ Black Parka for sale in size L   dont want much to do with this brand anymore   make me an offer
Thanks @mdubs. You know your Alden.
 Thanks for the reply Mike. Right now I'm looking for a black shell boot on the Trubalance or Barrie last with a commando sole. I'd also go for black calfskin as well I'm having an extremely difficult time finding places to buy what I want. It's very difficult to buy Aldens online for me. I need something in 12EE, possibly 3E. I've tried Jcrew for Alden boots in 12E before and the instep was painfully tight so I'm hoping 12EE would remedy that. Or perhaps the Barrie last...
 God bless you.
Is there a complete list of ALden stockists anywhere?
I agree, and it's also true that persistent small acts of can accumulate into great results. In the end, what matters is that the rock moves at all.   
 To be clear, are you saying that getting angry will cause Drew to not get our jackets to us?  Right after people began speaking up, Drew immediately began to ship out jackets, and then promised an update as well.  Coincidence? Perhaps, but if it is, it's a timely one...
 Lmfao you have four jackets on order. Get outta here.
I got sniped so fucking hard during the bdga sale.    Norse projects tee, sniped. Cool sweater with bears on it, sniped.   Oh well.
New Posts  All Forums: