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 Islam isn't a race. It's Islamophobic.  Unless you meant his use of the word 'fro'...
RIP Dodo   killed by the italian sneaker mafia
Anyone still on their May/June orders?
 I thought the standard daredevil fit was the Junya fit?
Imagine if Drew had posted an update saying: "DRs will ship out in November. Bombers and custom jackets will ship out in December. Big batches."   "We ordered new Excella zippers for the wallets and daypacks two weeks ago. They should be here soon. I'm hoping they'll be fully shipped by the end of September."   Would you guys have been satisfied with this type of communication instead?
  Take your concern trolling and shove it somewhere dark and wet. 
How do you know it's not true?
Daredevil...really?   wait if that's available now, then what is the SF rider? 
The zippers for both the daypack and wallet are the same: YKK Excella.
New Posts  All Forums: