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 lol oh yeah I'm glad to be that toj victim struggle kid
 I've had moments but I try to stay calm and humble every day. I used to have anger issues but now I take a more zen approach to life. I think people these days are being raised to react like immature children when pressure is applied to them and things don't go their way. We're raised to expect the world to coddle us if we shake our rattle at whatever's making us angry. I certainly know how needhelp123 feels. This would be a great moment for him to accept that he reacted...
We shall see how American Express fares soon...
 That's horrible.
 I don't have a boot in the 2030 last I was just curious.  The black scout boot I have in the 160 last has a very noticeable bump where the arch of my feet should be. I was wondering if the 2030 was the same.  I say should because my feet are flat and it's quite unwearable. Debating selling them if I can't find a thin insert to work.
Can someone tell me quickly, does the 2030 last have a raised arch support built into the boot?
In after Charly.    edit: holy shit even charly's paycheck is in the queue 
Lewis Leathers is cool but I think their lead times are 1 year at this point lol
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