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 Nice. I'm tempted to go silver but I love the 2-way zipper on the diagonal closure it has.
Go to the Vanson x Styleforum collab thread.
 Nice. What makeup for the 2010 DR?Mine is black calf. Been so tempted to go lamb a few times, but my wardrobe really needs a tough jacket.  I kind of wish TOJ offered a 2-way silver zipper with silver buckles.
 What did you get this time bro?
 That's a woman, not a leather jacket!
Finally got my Rick MA-1 in Nylon/Cotton.   Nicer quality than I thought it would be.
 Always go full leather. Always. 
Rick Owens FW08
  how is this possible
 Yes but you have to invent a new identity each time. 
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