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Styleforum is the land of leather jacket disappointments 
Looking good Foxhound, you handsome boy!
 Thanks man. I'm going to grab a few. 
 How thick/thin are the current iteration of shirts?Do they need to be double layered?
 So is waiting around for something to hit dirt cheap prices instead of just paying a fair amount.
 Who's especially strange are the people who have no idea how to haggle. So they make an offer, and I counter-offer something closer to my original price, and then I never hear from them again. I've actually pursued people who revealed to me that they just didn't agree with my counter-offer. The concept of a back-and-forth was foreign to them.
I'll trade a $50 coupon to arby's for half a wallet spot hmu
lol I'm the oppositeI just get annoyed when people offer me like 30% of the asking price
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