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 Navy ma-1 looks baller. Hows the nylon quality?
I can't believe drew got away with this
have we gotten our revenge yet
Goddamn is mr porter lagging for anyone else
AcebBaron don't feel too bad. these days it's practically impossible to get a girlfriend
I have the field jacket LT and it is a bit slimmer than usual, but honestly it does feel like a "true" American large, just slim. I wouldn't call it an American medium.   It depends on the jacket, too. For example the Align shell is roomier than the field jacket. Honestly, while the jackets are slim, they are cut so anatomically that you don't need as much room as you would with a normal garment. 
the shoulders are too wide
 large probably 
Monitor Down Coat looks amazing. 
We could send an envoy to South Korea with that money. Someone with the guts to dispense justice by force.
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