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 you're a real fan of theirs huh sounds good
Thoughts on this Isaora bomber?   https://www.isaora.com/products/g-1-flight-jacket?variant=6788288641  
I'm excited to see what new designs Charly and Dan will come up with. 
Charly, serious question, there were some fluctuations with leather thickness and softness near the end of TOJ's lifecycle. Has the quality of, say, the black lambskin been brought back up to standard? It was once well known for being very thick but I remember some people received some extremely thin lambskin in that last year of proper TOJ production.   Idk if it was just a lack of quality control or cutting corners but I'd feel a lot better saving up my change if there...
Which leather offers the best elemental resistance?   Does calf protect against both blunt and sharp attacks?   Will lamb get me laid better than goat?
Someone sell me a goddamn DR 2010
Forget the petition.   Lets pool money to send me to South Korea to confront Drew Keith on GoPro. I have NOTHING to lose. Drew keith RUINED my life and I live only for revenge!!!
Day 751 here. Anyone get their jacket yet? How'd the spreadsheet go?
Hello friends.   Listen: After Drew left me penniless, I spent two months wandering the cruel landscape known as the American Midwest, foraging through the day-old garbage of large Latino families for the slightest of crumbs to fill my wound-ache stomach.   Every night as I, wholly leather jacketless, spun myself a cocoon of cardboard boxes and filthy towels, I cursed Drew Keith, cursed Jawnz, cursed myself for making the worst mistake of my life.   But, like a...
Damn that fits me Real tempting!
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