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You ingrates are fucking disrespectful for insulting Drew when he took the time out of his day to come address the issues and communicate with people. You guys should be grateful if you receive jackets at all at this point after disrespecting the man like that. 
you wont get what you need at that price   I would recommend a custom bates jacket for a little more
 Our precious jacket funds built their restaurant.As far as I'm concerned we should all have free meals at Libertine for life
 gotta step it up since dieworkwear rage quit on us
 post the rest 
 sorry your $800+ dollars isnt worth 5 seconds of time maybe next time struggle kid
Drew has been eating nothing but nong shim noodles in order to fulfill the oustanding orders    he has given up his lavish lifestyle for YOU... the honored customer   please be respectful 
Hey guys, quick update.   I dreamt deeply last night and in it drew told me that a big shipment of jackets should be coming soon.
 im sorry  please dont go
New Posts  All Forums: