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High end watches serve a special purpose that is very hard to achieve in any other way: To subtly and tastefully convey the presence of wealth and power. It's a way of saying "I'm serious. I'm successful. I'm not a charlatan. We belong to the same club." without having your butler follow you around opening doors for you. This is very important in business and some unfortunate social circles. It's a very good reason to buy a high end watch and I don't want to sound cynical...
They only play on CRT. The gamecube has some lag when played with LCD monitors.
SO... a collared cafe racer?   sheesh
Anyone get their wallets yet?
Rich people are scum.    Can't wait for the collapse. Lets see you trade your expensive watches for a bag of potatoes then.
Raf Simsons AW07
 Honestly I'd like to see pics of your overall wardrobe
Absurd amount of money for a watch.   Just another novelty for rich people to throw money at.
 Eat my butt
 I certainly hope not or I'll be really upset. Some people have mentioned that their TOJ Lamb jackets came out very thin (enough to tear easily), and drew has always been extremely confident about the thickness of the lamb he offers. So I do worry about this. It's one hell of a gamble to put on a $800+ jacket we've been waiting for for almost a year.
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