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nice I wonder how long he waited for that jacket
Week 77   still no jacket   Someone please kickstart my trip to Seoul to demand answers   contributor bonus: exclusive GoPro helmet cam footage of distorbiant confronting toj founder drew keith
  It's asian honor. Drew used to have it but began to slip after his second bmw and opening american food restourant  
 The daypack shouldnt be $710. It's a $350 item. If they doubled the value and got him more taxes its TOJ's fault. Cmon Fok.
"HAHA Look at that IDIOT with his jacket!" *still waiting 2 years*
ok you can get a lewis leathers for like 1150 USD and a half year wait time   checkmate bitches    
  011 (US exit code) +82 (S. Korea Code) +  2-790-9477 Number for Libertine in Seoul  My God guide your justice, friends. 
  Daypacks were all made already.
Upcoming global news before jackets are delivered ISIS defeated Hilary Clinton becomes president Detroit Lions win the Superbowl
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