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 Keep working on it then. Theres a niche in the leather jacket market that needs filling. The issue is that good taste and perception of leather jackets are hard to come by. It comes down to the small details, like the angle of the zipper which effects how much extra leather is double breasted, or the width and proportion of the lapels. Zipper placement, how exposed they are, how long they are, etc. Body to sleeve length proportions. Each of these seemingly minor elements...
Is it legal to protest in South Korea? Maybe we can fix some picket signs and set up demonstrations outside Libertine.
 Does anyone have web development experience?
 Funny you should say that. I never post about TOJ anywhere but on SF. I am like Illidan calling the Naga from the depths of the ocean at the beginning of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. "Sometimes... the hand of fate must be forced." 
I never expected Drew to threaten to further delay people's 2-year wait time jackets.   I think for people who are still hopeful it will work, but Drew forgot to account for those who feel their pride has been insulted.   You can blow out a flame, but the same action can stoke a fire. 
 in the educated world we call this "rationalization"
  holy shit
Libertine will be a necessary casualty in the Jawnz Rebellion.    Reservations will be made--and disregarded, carry out orders will be left unpaid for, and toilets will be stuffed. 
 Prime Tyson would destroy Ali. Totally different generation of of athletics. 
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