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Almost certainly much, much cheaper. Take a picture and send them an e-mail - they'll give you an estimate. They quoted me $150 after seeing the picture, and they made it very clear that that was as expensive as their service ever gets. What you're looking for would be significantly cheaper.
I recently had a little bike accident (the crank snapped in half) and my new LBM 1911 summerweight jacket got torn. Here's what it looked like: I went to a few tailors and they basically laughed me out of the shop. So I looked into invisible weaving. Invisible weaving is a process in which a piece of fabric is taken and it's re-attached on top of the tear. Each strand needs to be attached individually to other strands on the jacket so that it attaches seamlessly. It's...
Sale pending.
Hello, I'm selling one UNWORN Sam Hober Grenadine Prometeo burgundy tie. This tie is lined and was created for being worn in a 4-in-hand knot. It is 3.25" wide at the widest point and 57" in length. The usual Sam Hober craftsmanship applies. I will ship it in a Sam Hober box. Please let me know by PM if you're interested. The price is $55 shipped, but all inquiries are welcome.
Consider this an opportunity to improve your posture. I had the same problem when I started wearing slimmer sportcoats, and it taught me to stand up straight all day every day.
I own this jacket in 40R and they're not as wide as they look in the pic - note that the lapels are actually meeting at the third button, not at the second button. This gives a shortening (thus widening) effect to the lapels in the picture vs. a standard 2-button jacket. I like this jacket because it's an off-white without being cream, which does not work with my complexion (and white being impossible to maintain). But from the picture, I'd assumed that there would be...
And, as you can see, you too feed the beast!
It's mostly because it is what it is. They've been making effectively the same twenty or so designs and after a few weeks of following the thread you've seen it all, so there's very little to debate - you either like some of those designs or you don't, and those who don't have no reason to be in the thread (because it is of no interest to them).Keep in mind that this is the sort of devotion you see for "hype" brands. Alden is "hype" in its own way in that certain colors...
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