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  I'm in my 30s. But work in advertising, so not much dressing up (except for client meetings) and never for "shindigs".  I do have some suits, but all from either Macy's (Calvin Klien, DKNY) or Nordstrom Rack (Hugo Boss) and one Ludlow from J. Crew.    All except the J. Crew are a few years old, more of the boxy style.   I think y'all have convinced me. I'm going to try to "sell" my gift cards to my wife and then go to Suit Supply. 
Quote:   Well the "custom" suit is (supposedly) usually $1200.  And the deal is through Gilt City, not Groupon (not sure if that makes a difference or not)   But I get your point - if they were worth their salt, they wouldn't need to discount the product.   Thanks again!
You'd go to SuitSupply over a "custom" suit that's a little over $100 more? Currently, Sebastien Grey is having a sale on Gilt City. I can get a super 120s for $600. Thanks for helping with my perpetual state of indecision.
So, even if you needed a suit and had $300 in gift cards, you still wouldn't get from Macy's? I'm kinda leaning that way too. But I kinda feel like I'm wasting money. I live in a 'burb of Chicago and the custom suit shops in the city have Groupons/Gilt City deals semi-often that I would like, but they are still $600. Or I can opt for SuitSupply at $500 (they have a store here in Chicago)
So I have roughly $300 in gift cards to Macy's and I need a new suit. I only wear a suit about 1-2 times a month for work. What are some of the better suits that they carry? How are Alfani, Tommy Hillfiger, Talia? Thanks!
Did you end up getting a suit from Duru? They have another Groupon and I'm thinking about it...
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