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Just watched the 2015 Point Break. Didn't completely suck, but it was most definitely not good, and it suffered greatly in comparison to the original. That said, it barely shared any of the original plot, characters or dialog, so it was a remake/reboot only in the loosest sense. If they'd just called it "Generic Action Movie", I think the reviews might have been slightly better.
She should be Queen of Portugal. She is a goddess type figure. Other newspapers around the world should feature her every day.
I added some extra testosterone to them.
Fair enough. I'm only slightly a track nerd. I mean, I loved running track back in my high school days, but meets are generally boring as hell. Oh, and I shoulda known a dude from Houston would recognize Carl...
On an unrelated tangent, what kind of parents name their child "Steele Johnson"?   It's like they wanted him to have a career in gay porn...
So in other words, he'll be completely forgotten by all but the nerdiest of track nerds?   How many people even know who this guy is?
Damn, these water polo women gots some thick booties. Not as tasty overall as volleyball players, but nice.
I think it's because they're too dumb for HR and too incompetent for Sales.
Nah. He hit the bar with his knees, then his dick, then his arm. Now if he'd set the standards back 3-4 cm, he might have cleared it.
Yeah, that was a good one. And I still maintain that "The Body" was one of the best episodes of any tv show ever.
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