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The fact that you don't know just shows how privileged you are and how you oppress not just Asian women, but all non-white people. I bet you cheered when they pillaged the continent of Hawaii, didn't you?
We don't really have many walkers or kids running around, and a lack of trees eliminates the blind entries into the street. So fuck the idiots that think a block long straightaway is an invitation to try and reach escape velocity. Dude who lives across the street from me parks his F150 on the street every day. I try to make sure I park my car directly across from his truck, effectively bottlenecking the street to a single car width. I'm cool with the potential for other...
I like parking on the street. It forces the assholes driving 50+ mph through the neighborhood to swerve or slow down. I think there are several others who feel the same, which is why probably 40% of folks park on the street, despite a plethora of two car garages and wide driveways.
No, they're going to make a movie that doesn't suck.(I hope)
I thought Canada just put everyone on welfare when they hit puberty. Sort of a bar mitzvah for Canucks.
I just read yesterday that a poll had them tied in Texas, in both a two candidate and a four candidate race.  I honestly can't wrap my head around that thought; the state hasn't gone to a Democrat since Carter in 1976.
They were probably just cheering because he didn't say, "I'd like to conclude with a passage from One John, Chapter Four."
I think you mean, "Death Eaters."
^^This. Go Tuesday.
Not just Chicago, they're odious everywhere.
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