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That's available on demand?  Might have to try and track that down.
Wow, calling me ignorant and bigoted. That's classy.And are you saying that dinosaurs are imaginary? Because I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that.
Oh I agree, nothing he could do if the idiot insisted. Just that it's one of the few absolutes in law.
Do you have any beliefs left at this point?
It's the most important rule of criminal law- defendants never ever speak. Ever. It does not help.
Too bad, The Sandlot is such a fun movie.
I guess people aren't as outraged, since the killer is a middle aged white guy and not a pretty cheerleader. Where's jsimonovis413 and his righteous anger when the world needs him?
Have you had them for a while? It might be time for you to get sheets of new jersey.
As I recall, GRRM was a fan of Rome, too.  Which makes sense, because the show was fucking awesome.
You, as a person, don't give up any.  The entity you create, the corporation, is an artificial construct that has certain legal characteristics.  The most important of which is to shield individuals from liability; for instance, in a bankruptcy, the debt holders can't go after the personal assets of the founder, CEO, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: