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Nah, my town was too small to have IMAX.  We only had three movie theaters, and only one was showing it.  I remember they hiked ticket prices about 30% the week it opened, to add insult to injury.
I think people were so excited about something good finally happening, that they overrated it.  The intensity of the suck in the first 2 fucking hours was so great that a mediocre light saber battle with sort of a weird end seemed epic at the time.   And I saw that piece of shit in the theater.  Twice, goddamnit.
I wonder if Kira's sister knows he's posting pictures of her on the internet?
The light saber was the least shitty thing about that movie. I hope that's not the case with this one.
I don't enjoy the act of dropping a deuce at work, since the bathrooms are as bleak as a Russian gulag, but I do enjoy the lightness in my being that I feel afterwards. Also, I had asparagus for dinner last night, so my product is especially potent today.
Middle guy on the right- he was on Stargate SG-1, right?
Scorpion is not a good show. Katherine McPhee's ass, however, is spectacular.
You and I have very different definitions of "winning."
This, +1000. I miss the birdman.
They should do that. It's about time superheroes started to look like real Americans, rather than reinforcing unattainable body standards and contributing to the negative body image epidemic.
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