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Green frog would never switch up from being a power bottom. Hroi seems like the type that enjoys variety, though.
One of two ways- a) it won't go well, and you'll moan about it here, or b) it will go well, you won't know what to do next, so you'll moan about it here. Either way, we're entertained.
Wrong. I'm ambidextrous. Only amateurs can't switch hit.
I perform selfcare daily, but I'm still fibro free and reasonably productive.
Yeah, it is pretty phenomenal.
As much as I detest Lucas and Disney, I will happily pay up for the original theatrical release on blu ray.
I always thought Luge was an awesome sport. Someday I want to try both Luge and Skeleton. Keep us updated on the nephew...
Damn, Jollibee fried chicken is awesome. Kentucky Fried Chicken should be ashamed, if they gave a damn about making edible food, which I'm not sure they do.
Is that some sort of euphemism? You might wanna take a break if it is.
Please. That's not even John Parr's best song. Taste this slice of 80s awesomeness.
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