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Don't get ahead of yourself.  I think that's the traditional attire for the Meereenese fighting pits.  We'll be seeing Jorah Mormont wearing a tasteful leather version in a week or two.
Why the hell did D&D put the Sand Snakes in elf boots?  Jesus, can anyone wear those and not look like a fucking idiot?
I had a friend who became a lawyer solely because of "From The Hip", starring Judd Nelson.  Your inspiration is far less embarrassing.
Seriously? Why? I know you think he's a great character, but best Hand? Based on the books, I'd call Tywin the best Hand, by far. Hell, Tyrion and even Kevan do quality work in the position (House Lannister as official Hand supplier to Westeros?). But Connington's most noteworthy action as Hand was failing to kill Robert. He sucked as Hand.Nearly as much as this episode sucked.
Of course I googled this, and you're right.I haz sad now.
This entire episode was one long WTF. Full divergence from the books at this point.
She was super sexy in Snowpiercer.
I feel like this deserves more recognition.
Do you work in Poison Control and need something to induce vomiting?
Gotta say, the only thing that surprised me about that announcement was that I thought it had been cancelled a while ago.
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