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Good biscuits are great, even when plain. That said, I usually like mine with honey.
Are you on drugs?
Since you're only going to be in Atlanta for two (very, very depressingly long) years, is there any way you can keep the car registered in another state for the duration of your sentence in purgatory?
Jesus, all this talk of caffeine and killing is making me tingly.
Happy times! They're finally gonna burn that motherfucker down and build something that isn't quite so Third World-ish.
Falcon v. Mouse: The Colon Of Doom.
How about Quaaludes?
Hmm, tough call. Better wardrobe in the fappening, but pics only. No noodz in Homeland, but full motion. Will have to review for definitive assessment.
Fuck yeah. I still don't like tOSU, but he rocks.
I still think her best work was her role in Homeland.
New Posts  All Forums: