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I think it's well established that the answer to this question is yes.
Srs question:   This would be a proper syllogism, correct? Pork roll is Philly. Anything Philly is vile and only barely tolerable when drunk. Pork roll is vile and only barely tolerable when drunk.   The difference being the larger thing (Shitadelphia) imparts its taint on things coming from it, but not vice versa, right?
Nope, can't agree. A cheesesteak beats all.
"What's a Nubian?" still makes me laugh to this day.
I watch just so I can see how things end. I realized years ago that Martin is going to die before he writes the last book. This is my only choice, no matter how half-assed it is.
A shitty song does not necessarily make a shitty movie. But that is fucking terrible. Like really, epically awful. (and I'm confident that the movie will be shit, too)
Only Why?
The author talks about that in the comments, when someone else asked a similar question.
I'd like them to get closer to the tv DC universe. Not as light and occasionally silly as The Flash, but more in line with Arrow, which balances humor and grimness pretty well.
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