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Holy shit. http://www.mediaite.com/online/bronx-man-commits-suicide-by-pulling-his-own-head-off/
Gotcha. Now I'm with you...
A) A Tesla is not a shitty car.B) What does a ride sharing business have to do with car ownership?C) Are you implying that Musk doesn't like the cars his company builds because he bought something else before he started said company?
Nope. "Nobody Rides For Free" is the best song on that soundtrack.
You have got to post more. This is spectacular.
Buy the jacket or the hostage dies?
I wear the same size as I do in the 2298 last. As for how I like it, it's very good. Seems to match up well with my foot.
Which ones? Distance running on roads sucks, but trail races are awesome.
I have a pair of the Belgrave, they're nice. I think you're right about the teak.
Miss Universe Canada. She's wearing a name tag.
New Posts  All Forums: