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It really was a great read, and it had the added benefit of making me never, ever, ever want to climb Mt. Everest.
More likely, he's considering a Catherine the Great type scenario.
What third tier toilet is she attending? Law students really are devolving...
And with that, work on Deadpool 2: Bigger and Deader has already begun...
I'd say hemorrhoid shaped.
Rutgers wears red and it was "Team Spirit Day".I believe the chanting was "Scarlet Knights! Scarlet Knights!", for the team mascot.  College kids are very enthusiastic about sportsing.
I'm confused; Trump is a progressive?
^^True.   But if we've decided to start parsing out what "natural born citizen" means for presidential eligibility, Cruz is a good test.  Born outside the US, Cuban father, American mother, lived in Canada until the age of four and held dual citizenship (unintentionally, by all appearances) until age forty or so.  That's gotta be borderline.
Korea Is Awesome?
Ever since Al lost all that weight, it looks like his head got Photoshopped onto someone else's body. Someone with a 12 neck.
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