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[[SPOILER]]  Yeah, it's intensity of her suckitude, rather than the overwhelming presence of it.  I think she can be easily made less awful in the show, if not minimized almost out of sight.  I'm guessing she'll be too important for future storylines to eliminate completely, but I can hope... Very true, but I said worst new character.
So? Are we supposed to apologize for comments in a thread that's over 2 years old? Give us an explanation for why Redditors aren't stupid, or anything substantive at all, for that matter, otherwise your "contribution" to the thread only reinforces the original point.
You don't believe in its existence, like Santa Claus?
I just hope she doesn't suck as much on screen as she did in print. Easily the worst new character, in my opinion.
Apparently, they're thinking you're stupid enough to consider reenlisting.
Oops. Got the titles reversed, sorry. Yes, Dance is way better than Feast.I read Feast when it was first published, then when Dance came out, I read the pair in the combined method. It actually made Feast tolerable. Even taken as a pair, however, they are a significant step down in intensity and enjoyability from the first three.
Feast is better than Dance, by quite a bit.  That said, it's not nearly as good as any of the first 3 books.  Personally, I'd wait for GRRM to die and have a second writer finish the series.  Or just watch the TV show, as it will happen first and probably be better.
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