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Jesus Christ, GQ's website is an overactive clusterfuck of shitty programing.
I said something similar to my girlfriend and she said, "I think timeslots are so antiquated. I just set my dvr for everything I'm interested in, then watch when it's convenient. I couldn't tell you when any of my shows is actually on the air."I realized I do the same. I usually have a backlog of 1-2 episodes of the things I watch, so whenever I do watch TV, I have a full range of options for whatever my mood might be.Networks need to hurry up and adapt to this, since...
I'm assuming that spot in the upper left corner is lens flare.
Sounds like you now have a lot of extra time to get paid while websurfing fetish porn. Living the dream, big guy, living the dream.
Yes, it will. You're completely wrong.The dye will affect everything- the denim, the pocket bags, the leather patch, all of it. The only things that won't be affected will be the rivets, buttons or zipper, and maybe the construction thread, if it's polyester. If it's cotton, it will take up some of the dye, too.
Truth. Now, Amazon Marketplace is the better source for damn near everything. I miss the old "fleabay" days.
It is terrible, but I honestly think CW's is worse.
The lesbian on that knock off of The View?
I wouldn't call that crazy. Dude wants to sell yoga pants. Fatties want to buy yoga pants. Sure, they look like shit in yoga pants, but why should he not take their money? Rich MILFs aren't going to stop buying them because their size 18 ex-sorority sister got a pair, but they will get pissed at Lululemon if they think the company is run by sizist misogynists. Apologize with the appearance of sincerity for a minute or so, don't lose millions in revenues. Totally worth...
Is she hot? Google image search just turned up pictures of cookies. :shrug:
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