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He is the bright, shining celestial object around which Styleforum revolves. So yes.
There once was a man named Crunch, On the ladies he loved to munch, He liked to go down, On both the pink and the brown, And when he was done, he'd take them to lunch.
Point Break is basically a perfect movie. I will watch it any time, anywhere. Everyone in it is perfect, even Anthony Keidis as a surf punk. And my all time favorite line: "Back off, Warchild. Seriously." Buy the soundtrack. It will change your life.
Yeah, I get that. But unless things have changed a lot since I went to college, there's a shit ton of paperwork before they let you in, including a whole pile just for housing and meal plans. Somebody had to fill all that out. Seems like they would have said, "hey dude- you've got a place to stay, right?"But mostly my confusion is how he had money for tuition, but not housing. Unless he got a need-based scholarship, but then somebody at the school should have tossed in...
So it says he was a walk on and that someone gave him a place to stay so that he wouldn't be homeless.  Umm, so how did he afford tuition to a private college that costs, oh, I don't know, 40k or so a year?     Not that I'm taking the NCAA's side on this, because god knows they're fucking evil, but I'm confused about how he got into the school but didn't have the housing part of the equation covered.
It doesn't count until you post about it.
I liked District 9 a lot, Elysium was only ok. I saw a preview for Blomkamp's new movie, Chappie, and it looked terrible. This is not an encouraging indicator for the latest attempt to revive the Alien franchise.
Legal settlements may be transfers, but what about legal fees?
That's how it works in Penna? I've gotten called for jury duty in two states and both issue bench warrants for no-shows. Which isn't a big deal until you get pulled over three years later for a burned out taillight and end up cuffed on the hood of a squad car. Not that I would know this from personal experience.
New Posts  All Forums: