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If the movie is half as good as this trailer, I'm gonna like this a lot. If it's like the first two Wolverine movies, I'm gonna be really disappointed.
None, it's just part of the joy of the sport.
Oh, I think this should stay forever. As a tribute.
StyFo sign of the Apocalypse?
It's tricky- they have to be good enough to bring in revenue, but not good enough to threaten recruiting or Sooner/Longhorn hegemony. It's a shitty conference that deserves to die, that's for sure.
He's not even as influential as Homer Simpson.
That's why it doesn't suck.
His best performance was in Dazed & Confused, but I'd agree that Kevin Smith got the most consistently decent work out of him.
Spooks was a great show. You should check it out.
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