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Happy times! They're finally gonna burn that motherfucker down and build something that isn't quite so Third World-ish.
Falcon v. Mouse: The Colon Of Doom.
How about Quaaludes?
Hmm, tough call. Better wardrobe in the fappening, but pics only. No noodz in Homeland, but full motion. Will have to review for definitive assessment.
Fuck yeah. I still don't like tOSU, but he rocks.
I still think her best work was her role in Homeland.
Said it before, but it bears repeating- Orange cordovan is phenomenal. Best of all possible colors, imo.
Maybe I shouldn't have, but I expected Ballers to be funnier. It's ok, though. The Brink is better than I thought it would be.
Interesting. Kinda expected you to go with Die Another Day by Madonna.I've always felt that The Living Daylights, both the Timothy Dalton movie and the A-ha song, are underappreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: