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Thanks, guys.   Duties aren't the driving concern for my question; I've had nothing but problems with DHL and I'd rather get kicked in the groin than deal with them.  My favorite service is still UPS, but Parcelforce is an acceptable alternative.
Apologies if this has been asked and answered previously, but my search skills appear to be well below par- who does Richard/The Shoe Healer use for international shipments?
Actually, that kinda helps. I liked Messiah, too. I understand the dislike of it, since it's so different from Dune that it's almost like it was written by a different author.
Needs more question marks.
I, too, am reading the Dune series- I just finished Dune Messiah. What's your opinion on Children Of Dune?
How much Bravo do you watch?
But he's really good at helping other people score.  That's nice.
If they did this, I might actually have some respect for their actions.
Flash is quite good, Arrow is not having a strong season, AoS still feels mostly like homework, but Gotham is easily the worst of the bunch.   Looking forward to the Netflix group...
Envelope full of glitter is the way to go.
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