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Packing is always stressful. Which sex toys to take, do I have enough batteries, should I bring the good gimp suit or the one that's already broken in; lotta tough decisions...
My guess:Wonderlic score = jersey number.
For the motherfucking win.
90 minute facial? That dude is in serious danger of dehydration. Or did they have a team to service you?
Stupidity is ageless.
Yes, you fucking imbecile.
Without question.  That's actually why I'm kind of excited about this season.  Most of Feast for Crows is easily compressed for TV, and since it runs concurrently with 3/4 of Dance with Dragons, I think this is going to be where the producers are forced to move away from the text and we'll really start to see divergence from the books.  The idea of being surprised by what happens (and not just because the show did some WTF change in the storyline) makes me happy.
Did the restaurant at least comp your meal?
That Texas Toast stuff is pretty damn good. Probably takes a month off your lifespan per slice, but still...
I really liked the source material on that one, but the movie seemed to simplify and lighten it. Necessary, I guess, to turn it into a summer action flick, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be.
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