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Is it any good? That's one I looked into, but it didn't really grab me.
IMO: Orange> Teak Both awesome.
I had it on the Xbox and it was awesome.
The Jamie/Bronn show. - Ok, fair point. That's not strong. Brienne calling out Sansa in a crowded inn when there's a fortune for the person who brings her to Cersei. - Also a fair point. Kevan's loss of a great scene where he confronts Cersei about her incompetence and incest. - He may still get that. Plenty of time for him to treat Cersei like the incompetent cunt she is. Pod the bumbler. - Book Pod isn't exactly a model of competence, so this isn't too much of a...
Cause the original was such a magnificently written, beautifully acted, impeccably crafted series, right?
What did you think was so shitty about it? I thought it was ok, all things considered.
Separate entities is probably a better assessment. I remember him saying something about writing hundreds of pages of backstory for that atlas and then throttling back when he recognised that none of it would make it into any of the books. This is why he has a crew of OCD nerds fact checking and indexing everything. It's becoming an entire universe that he's going to franchise out for tv, movies, books, graphic novels video games, etc.
Just my suspicion, but I think the show is now the "official" version. The Mountain That Writes is never going to finish the books. He'll work out a deal where he consults, writes an episode or two, and executive produces, thereby keeping it generally in line with his rough literary outline, but A Song Of Ice And Fire is now being sung on tv, not in print. Love it, hate it, endlessly debate it, but I think that's our reality now.
File for a continuance. No court would deny it for something as important as this.
That was a solid game.
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