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That actually sounds like a better than average customer service experience for Comcast.
As in, you don't understand why anyone liked it, so opinion should be unanimous, rather than split?     Oh yeah- and The Strain was shitty and stupid.
Pilot episodes are always sketchy. Show seems like it has potential; anything with Dwayne Johnson and Rob Cordrey is with a try, IMO. As mentioned above, dude seems small to be an 80+ catch NFL receiver. I suppose you just try to get decent actors rather than going for the most accurate body types, though...
Not bad. Solid finish. First movie was better, show was better than both.
This is actually one of my favorite things about the state.  But it is weird...
I believe he plays by sense of smell.
She's actually pretty light on her feet.  The camera barely shakes at all when she lands a jump.
They're kind of running out of chicks to rape. Seriously, who's left, Gilly? Missandei? At this point damn near all the chicks in the show have been raped and/or killed.
I wanna see more of her body double. That chick has a nice ass.Rest of the show was pretty meh. Overall the only change from page to screen I liked this season was Maester Aemon's death. It was nice that he died at the Wall, instead of in some shitty Braavosi flophouse.
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