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Yeah, that would be good, but this is Marvel we're talking about.  No one ever dies.  Not for long, anyway.
And still better than either JFK or LaGuardia.
Just stop sucking.
I suppose it's only fitting, considering the thread title, that the absolute best airport serving New York City is the one in New Jersey.
I feel obligated to point out that this is not Neil. Science is about getting facts right, after all.
He's really bad at math?
Damn you, Obama!
Murphy bed. Problem solved.
Probably a blow job. I hear after marriage getting a beej is the rarest gift you'll ever receive.
I used to work in a sports bar that was home to a Notre Dame fan club. The asshole quotient was off the charts. Ever since, I've loved to watch the team lose, the more painfully and humiliating, the better. It was a good game.
New Posts  All Forums: