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I thought it was a pretty solid costume until I read an article that called it "too Xena: Warrior Princess", and now I'm kinda forced to agree.  
'I can't imagine what his reaction was. I wish I could have been there to see it.' I imagine his reaction was, "shit like this is why I left that crazy bitch."
Quote: "It takes me roughly a month to do an episode" So that means he'll be done in April 2017 instead of May?
Pens?  Surely not; they should only be given washable markers, since they write on everything.
So you admit that you don't care what this "Stephen Speilberger" person does, but some blonde girl makes you so enraged that you take to the internet to condemn and disparage her? And I'm the bigot?
That's available on demand?  Might have to try and track that down.
Wow, calling me ignorant and bigoted. That's classy.And are you saying that dinosaurs are imaginary? Because I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that.
Oh I agree, nothing he could do if the idiot insisted. Just that it's one of the few absolutes in law.
Do you have any beliefs left at this point?
It's the most important rule of criminal law- defendants never ever speak. Ever. It does not help.
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