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Posts by juven further drops when you click on each item looking for this in 40 if anyone has a lead please let me know
if you live near a kiehls they actually do free facials and you can try everything. my wife and i went and her skin has been better for it. i've been using their centella wash and lotion for years and couldnt be happier. i used the facial fuel at first and found it too abrasive, my skin would peel off after playing ice hockey when i would take my helmet off but that could be an isolated incident. as far as the lotion i like the creme de corps light as it is less heavy duty...
unless they have recently changed their measurements 40 actually fits a size 32 and 38 fits a size 30   source: i have about 7 pairs size 40
he definitely does staples in his own way which is what i really liked, thinking back to 2013 and 2014 when he did them in colors like aubergine and light yellow.  now with the kitschy fruit and smile faces all over the stuff i don't feel like i can wear it as often. still wear his stuff everyday but i just don't buy it as often. it sounds like you have your handle on his stuff at this point but if you ever need a second opinion let me know. perhaps one of these days i...
honestly i haven't seen anything from this season yet (i go to med school in the mountains, so no time). though, I had dinner with an ami employee in Paris during mens fashion week last jan and i believe he said something about working out the sizing so it is more universal across all their pieces.  anyway, i haven't been as excited lately for his new stuff as i was in his first few seasons. hope that changes
the sweaters always tend to fit large. i get size small. versus the suiting and overcoats which fits small/trim as you have mentioned.  the pants depend on what cut you get but lately have been running true to size. i recently placed an order for some boxers, i'll chime back when i get those.  also at first i thought the shoes fit small to size so i got a 42, only to find out they run more true to size.  moral of the story is don't lift upper or you'll need bigger shirts
I would like to personally thank you for asking this question
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