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Has anyone had success using AMEX on NittyGritty?  They have the logo on their page but no option to use it.
Here are the goods from Hirshliefers Mens Market.  Anthracite OB's and the OB "tommy" T, all for under $100  .  I half expected east dane style, I ordered an APC knit hat and it came in a 12x12x12 box filled with paper.  Glad this wasn't like that.  A bit overdone but impressive.  Their wrapping team is aces.      
Damn, I bookmarked the Inis Meain sweater last night and it was gone this afternoon.  Enjoy it.  Still waiting for this elaborate package to arrive from Hirschlieffers, I will post a pic.
extra 20 on farfetch, the code is on the site
I was under the impression Mens Market AKA Hirshliefers was on Farfetch.  It appears they still are but have much more stock on the mens market site.  Either way they they are on the radar now.
Nice hangers, who makes them?
International sale is still on, if you change your setting to UK you'll see the sale
If giroux is playing grab ass all summer he will never make team canada
It's my general - gut feeling about the team
What's next?  Green getting 5 years, Erskine for 6?  At least GMBM got D.  If Holtby can pull it together they may be competitive this year.  Change is coming to DC, I barely recognize tiny ted anymore.Richards to Chi is the first signing in a slowing of the team, just my opinion. 
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