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I'm still waiting for my cashmere hoodie and sweater from everlane. I guess i'll chime back when they arrive. However the real test of time is when/if their cashmere starts piling.   Guess i'll be able to compare them to my other cashmere pieces from Autumn Cashmere, Boss and Burberry.   I hope they are at least equal or better than Boss ;p
is there still free shipping for socks (though to Canada?). Looking to grab another 6 pairs of socks :)
If you want a more regular rubber sole just get one of the driving loafers at allen edmonds. I think most of the comfort issue is with pebble style soles that you see with Tod's.    Plus the ferragomo that you linked, the front is not protected by rubber so there's a good chance that the leather there will get damaged especially if you drive a manual and you love to heel n toe :) My pair is damaged at the front so I'll have to switch back to a pair one where the...
it's already back with the tailor for adjustments. The sleeves are fine, they just got bunched up from moving around earlier before I took the photos. They do end at the wristbones.   I'm hoping my other MTM suit from another tailor doesn't turn out this way. Trying to "test" out places in Toronto but now that I think about it, I should have just asked if any toronto members could recommend me an MTM place.
  I am far from a troll :(     The sleeves are fine they just got bunched up while I was moving around. But the suit is back to the tailor to do the adjustments now.
Thanks all for the reply. Posted this on Andy's when I was getting the error "thread does not exist" on here thinking I was too low in post count to start my own threads.   Leaving to go see the tailor now. Btw financial district in Toronto, Canada.
5'8 - 5'9 33-34 waist Off the rack, I fit 40R slim or 38R non slim I work out religiously - love deadlifts and pullups   This year I decided to get 2 MTM suits, 1 each from a different place just to see/feel out the quality before I get more done.   My budget was pretty much around $1000 for each MTM 2pc full canvas suit.   Navy blue one came back and I've kinda got mixed feelings. Now I went with this place because there were some decent reviews online...
Just picked up my first MTM suit. Super 150s Navy blue. Sorry camera phone pic.   height: 5'8-5'9. 33-34 waist OTR I usually fit in a 40R slims suits. Sometimes can pull off 38R non slim..   A have a decent V shape/traps from working out aka pullups/deadlifts. The suit fits great everywhere but i'm questioning the shoulder fitment as it looks a bit odd. When I brought it up with the tailor said he gave me a bit more shoulder room because my shoulders are very...
Maybe to wear for fall or early spring but then again I have two trench coats that fit this role.  
Almost 31.
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