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  This happens to me constantly with any brand.  The only thing you can really do is buy shirts with wider/baggier sleeves, and don't rest your elbow on your desk as much (if you do that).  I try to buy shirts with heavier Oxford cloth, as the elbows tend to last longer in those.
I've been reading a lot of reviews lately, and I've narrowed my choices down to:      - Cottonwork      - Deo Veritas      - Proper Cloth      - Nialma's ghost   Any suggestions/reasons on which is the better site to use?
I haven't really noticed any disasters - most of the reviews have been pretty favorable. I had one shirt made by a shop in my area, but it cost way more than online MTM, and they still sent the work overseas. I'm not sure how weird my measurements are (14" neck, 39" chest, 30" waist), but my tailored OTR shirts always fit well.
 I try to keep a 3-4 week rotation, but they keep tearing at the elbow (not always the same elbow).
Did NiAlma go out of business?  After reading the reviews, it looks like they're exactly what I'm looking for.
Gents - getting my OTR shirts tailored (I have weird measurements) is no longer a good option for me, so I'm thinking about going the online MTM route.  However, the market seems to be saturated with options.  I've searched the forums, and it looks like a lot of the recommendations are from a couple years ago.   I'm looking for good quality fabrics (preference for heavier Thomas Mason cloth), white mother of pearl buttons, and decent shirt construction.  Also, my shirts...
So far, I found one bag that looks great and seems to be about the right size:  http://lotuffleather.com/collections/duffles/products/small-leather-duffle   However, I'm not sure if I'm ready to spend almost $1000 on an overnight bag.  Is there anything like that, but lower in price?
 When I said "weekender", I meant "bag that can hold a weekend's worth of stuff". I bought an 18" waxed canvas bag and ended up returning it.  It seemed like too big of a bag for an overnight stay, plus I figured all of my clothes would end up moving around too much, due to all of the extra space.  It looks like what I'm looking for probably isn't available.  I should just get another backpack, but I sort of feel like a high school kid carrying my stuff around that way....
 I usually pack pretty light, so an overnight stay is really just some PJ's and a change of clothes for the next day.  For me, it doesn't take up a whole lot of space.  My old backpack is around 10" x 9" x 16" (plus an external pouch), and that seemed to be perfect. I took a look at the Floto Mini, and it looks like it's marketed to women as a handbag.  Judging from pictures, it does look a bit too feminine for me:...
I go on a non-business overnight trip at least once a month, and I'm looking for a bag to take with me to replace my aging backpack.  I typically only carry 1-2 changes of clothes + travel toiletries, so the "overnight" bags you'd normally find are way too big for me.  Are there any duffel bags out there that might fit what I'm looking for, without looking like a purse?  A ~15" bag would be perfect, but an 18" bag would be too big.   Since someone might mention it, the...
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