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Personally, I'd go for a darker tie, perhaps change socks and re-cuff the pants. The lapels on the suit is outstanding though.
Looks very good overall. I'm not very happy about the PS though, it just doesn't cooperate with the rest of your outfit.
That three-piece is so nice! I love the lapels.
This is my Italigente - Double Monks, which I love.
Here is a picture from autumn in Sweden. Jacket - J.Lindeberg, Doublebreasted Shirt - Madison Avenue Pullover - Gant Watch - Longines Jeans - Acne Shoes - Barker Scarf - Rose & Born    
  Not a big fan of the shirt/tie combo, I'd go with some brighter colours. It's a bit too matchy.
This is my first post here, hit me with everything! The picture is from my stepmoms party.   Suit: Oscar Jacobsson   PS: Rose & Born   Shirt: The Shirt Factory, by Linnéa Braun   Bowtie: Dako   Socks: Rose & Born   Shoes: Italigente Brown Suede Monk Straps    
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