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My waist measured is about a 31, and I wear a 30 in the 30BSP.  The 29 was unbuttonable, and the 30 was tight for a week or so, but now is perfect. The 31 would've definitely been too big after stretching out.  Word on the jeans though... They're definitely fantastic, and I love the fit and build of them, but I'm 8 months into my pair, and have VERY little fading. It's not a bad thing, just fyi. 
Hey all.    I know pretty much nothing about AE lasts, and I have no stores near me to check them out, so: I wear a 9.5 in the AE Wilberts, and I'm looking to pick up the Strands here on the Nords sale. The Wilberts are perfect on my right fit, a TOUCH big on my left. Stay with 9.5 for the Strands?    Thanks. 
    I ended up getting these, in a 30, and they're just positively fantastic. Thanks very much for your advice. :)   Fitpics:    http://imgur.com/a/3jps6   Definitely glad I have the extra room up top. I can pinch about 1/4 inch of fabirc around my thigh, which is great, and my calf fills the lower exactly as I'd want. Great cut. 
Can anyone reply which fit would compare to Levis 513? I'm an actual 30 waist, and I can't find any 513 fit guides anywhere. I like a tapered fit below the knee, but I'm a cyclist, so I've actually got thighs. What should I go with?    Thanks guys. 
Hey all. So I'm pretty sure I just skimmed / read 130 pages of this thread. Good lord.      That said: Why hasn't the Courtland been mentioned?    I'm new here, and found this thread by searching trying to decide if these boots are going to handle the PacNW. I ultimately decided that yes, they can, properly treated, and worst case half soled. That said, why hasn't anyone mentioned the Courtland?    Like I said, I'm new here, but it pretty much seems like...
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