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By my count, Brooks Brothers offers six traditionally-styled navy blazers in the Fitzgerald cut, priced from $448 to $798. Obviously the "best" is probably the most expensive one, but can anyone comment on the differences between them, aside from the obvious?   For instance: Is one an exceptionally good value? Is the BrooksCool version better than it sounds (a wool blend doesn't sound great to me)?  Is the made-in-USA Saxxon version worth $150 more than the other...
I am incredibly happy with my six-fold Macclesfield print tie with hand-rolled edges, and I'd like to buy a similar tie for my boss. I want something in the design below. However, Sam Hober only seems to have it in wool, and the description notes that the material works best as a four-fold.   How will a four-fold in wool differ from a six-fold in silk, in terms of drape, its knot, etc? Does a wool tie like this look distinctly like wool, or is it interchangeable withh a...
I literally placed my first order last week, after drooling over Vanda's ties for years. Kicking myself. Should have waited another few days.
On certain pairs of jeans, the waistband will seem to "fall" beneath the belt between the rear belt loop and side belt loop, on both sides. This only affects jeans with 5 belt loops, but doesn't affect all jeans with 5 belt loops. I'm trying to figure out what the issue is so I can avoid it in the future. I think the back rise might be too high for how jeans sit on me. Has anyone else experienced this? As I recall, I had the issue with 501s, but not 514s, and I currently...
Darn, looks like I just missed a sale.   Is another one expected soon---Black Friday, maybe? I've got my eye on a blue label tie.
I ordered a pair of seconds from the Shoe Bank, which I decided to return due to sizing (the "defect" was quite minor to my eye). I shipped them back, and they arrived back on June 7. I still haven't received a refund. I emailed the Shoe Bank yesterday with the tracking number, and they haven't responded. Any suggestions on how to handle this?
Thanks for posting that. Forgive my ignorance---what does the Semi-Annual Sale typically entail?
I ordered a Rue La La suit identified as a Golden Fleece Fitzgerald (a lot didn't specify 1818/GF or the cut). Is there anything I should check for when it arrives? Is there a way of identifying the manufacturer based on the tags?
I believe these are the Fifth Avenue, rebranded for BB, right?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Perforated-Captoes/MH00024,default,pd.html   Can anyone confirm that they're also on the 5 last, same as the AE Fifth Avenue? I seem to remember reading somewhere that some of the BB shoes "unofficially" made by AE were on different lasts.
I just received a pair of Fifth Avenues from the Shoe Bank (seconds). I can't really see anything wrong with them, except for maybe a misaligned captoe on the right shoe. Can someone confirm that it's off?    
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