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This is also my experience with the Cedar FF Rivets, they're a touch on the tighter side of a size 35.
Yeah man, thanks!
Do you mind if I ask what sizes you normally wear? Height, measurements, etc? I thought about going for the 44 but ordered a 42. Wondering if I should change it...
In for a Dark Glacier in XL, hoping it fits properly!
I was pretty on-board with the MA-1 but didn't expect that shearling bomber, now I don't know which one to choose! Questiong for Mike - I'm guessing the shearling is a lot thicker? It looks to be a glossier black too, is that correct?
Thanks! I just ordered a thing of Alden Neutral Shoe Cream and also a bottle of the Leather Defender, so I plan to polish them using the shoe cream then apply the defender. Is that how I should do it?
Hey there gents, I have a cleaning question. Pictured above are my WinnPerry tan calf boots that I recently purchased. I wore them last night and was briefly caught in a downpour if rain. I went inside and wiped them off, wearing them for a few more hours before taking them off for the night. I was out of town so I initially put their trees in them, put them in my tote bag and removed them back to my shoe shelves a few hours later. This morning you can see the...
I ordered the hoodie from Gap yesterday and sized according to what size I would take for Gap clothes, not necessarily JE (ordered it in size L). Do you guys think I fucked that up?
This might sound like an incredibly dumb question, but I've gotta ask: Do you guys who tie your boots like this get longer laces? I tried doing this with mine and they're not long enough.
They are Epaulet Rivet Chinos from their last round of factory finds, Washed and Sanded UK Canvas - Tan.
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