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I see the FF Rivets are still on the site despite it saying the ordering ended yesterday. Does that mean we can still put in another order? I guess I could go ahead and try it, haha...
That's a bummer about the Safari jeans, was really looking forward to those...ahh well, shit happens. I emailed y'all about a refund since I'm not too interested in that Midnight Oil color, especially since I've got a pair of the Grey Wilshires on the way.   Also, and this is just a curiosity, I placed an order for one of the FF Rivets yesterday and never got a confirmation email from the website. I did get the Paypal email though...maybe I should just email the shop and...
I've been wearing the heck outta my olive Doyle since I got it, kinda crazy since I grabbed it on a whim but it's been my favorite thing in my closet the last few weeks.   Question about the FF Rivets, the burnt orange specifically, how close in color are they to the orange wool rivets?
Barena via Yoox with the current code, it's 100% linen, should be nice for summer:  
In for the G&L preorder, thanks for giving us that option Mike! Still trying to decide on those suede Coopers, I've got a pair of Clark's DB in that same color, the sand suede so buying these would be kinda redundant...they are damn nice looking though.
I'm coveting the hell outta those Coopers in sand suede, wow! Question - if (haha, should say when) I buy them, should I use some kind of protecting spray or cream? I'm seriously a n00b on proper shoe care. Thanks!
The Doyle wasn't on my radar at all but I just grabbed one in olive as a belated b-day present to myself!
Cool man, thx!
Wow, the new grey jeans are already sold out in size 35! Will there be re-stocks anytime soon or is it too early to tell?
Those greys are pretty tight! Is my monitor screwy or are they almost black?
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