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Hey gang, a couple of questions if anyone has any help to offer I'd appreciate it:   1) Does anyone know any stores (besides Gentry NYC) who carry the Black Captoe Trench Boot with Danite Sole? 2) How do these fit compared to say, Alden? I'm a 9.5D in Barrie & True Balance and a 10D in their other lasts and most dress shoes.   Thanks!
Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely am not a cargo pants kinda guy, but those Driggs Tacticals are something else, wow! It's gonna be tough to resist those...
I was unsuccessful in my hunt for a boot in Natural Chromexcel with a commando sole so I landed on these PTBs from TSM which feature the double leather soul. I think they'll be great for winter, regardless (at least I hope so). I may swap out the laces for a pair of the waxed ones, I think I have a spare.  
Does anyone know of any current offerings in a Natural CXL boot with commando sole?
Pardon me for any potential blasphemy here, but is AE's Dark Brown Shell roughly equivelant to Alden's Cigar Shell?
How do you get put on this TSM list?
Jacket is now sold.
Stupid baseball jacket I ordered off of eBay is a bit too tight, I think deep down I knew I was a 54 all along
Here is a beautiful specimen, looking for a new home. I recently bought this from a guy on eBay and it is (unfortunately) a bit too tight on me and my winter belly. The jacket is in great shape and I hate to let it go but there's on sense holding on to something that just doesn't quite fit right. It's a stock size 52 and measurements are as follows:   Pit-to-pit - 22" Shoulder - roughly 18.5" Sleeve from collar - 31" Front length from collar - 24"   Terms: Buyer...
Whoa, that Green Tea Momo Chambray is incredible. @Jay-D, does it come washed and pre-shrunk or should we expect some shrinkage upon the first wash? My experiences with chambray have involved some serious shrinking on some models. Thanks!
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