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Random PSA - anyone sleeping on that Mulberry jacket should pull the trigger and get himself a nice little Xmas present. I got mine a year or two ago at full price and it's one of my favorite pieces of outerwear that I own.
Do you guys find black shell hard to wear with everyday business casual-type stuff. And I mean that one the more casual side of casual. I think a makeup in the Indy boot with commando sole and speedhooks would be a pretty boss winter boot. Contemplating either that or the No. 8 chukka for my first shell purchase.
Hey everyone! I received my Epaulet Dark Glacier Heirloom Cardigan, size 42 the other day. This was the second round that were ran as a preorder. Unfortunately (for me) I just don't think I'm going to get the wear out of this to justify keeping it at the price I paid for it. I've only worn it for a couple hours to try it on and see if I'd like it so I really need to get about what I paid for it. I'll cover shipping within the US of A. The picture is from Epaulet's site, I...
I got these same two colors and received them yesterday. You're going to be blown away when you feel how soft this fabric is! Also got that light & dark blue checked one which is equally incredible.
Hey folks, I've decided not to keep my Heirloom Cardigan, Dark Glacier, size 42. Thought I'd mention that here so if any of you want the first crack at it before I list it in B&S. If this sort of self-promotion isn't allowed in here then I apologize and will remove the post at once. Thx!
Nice Alpine WT Boots, @MrDV. Question, are those on the Barrie last? The J. Crew description doesn't specify. Thx!
I received my Heirloom the other day and wore it to work today. The Dark Glacier is so amazing in person. Sadly, I may have to try and re-sell it, I'm just not sure if this kind of chunkier knit is for me.
@HenryIII, what last are those boots on? When I saw them on TSM's site it didn't specify. Also, I agree with the others, they look great. Wear & enjoy!
Here's a really dumb question that's probably been asked five hundred times - How do the size guides work? I see they're referenced on each item's page but that only shows measurements for size M. How do you see it for the other sizes?
Dang, kinda kicking myself here for not grabbing that nautical print too. If anyone got an XL and isn't too keen on it, I'm your huckleberry.
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