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Can anyone comment on how closely the Natural CXL Belt matches Alden't Natural CXL boots? For some reason the pics on the Epaulet site make their version appear a good deal darker.
"Ends to our friends"...that's a reference to a B.I.G. song, right? Was that already pointed out? My apologies if so, this thread has been goddamn nuts the last couple days.
If anyone got those Brixtons in a 9.5D and isn't happy with them please PM me, I'll be glad to give them a good home!
Jos. A. Banks shoe trees are on sale again, cost me $9.01 shipped.   http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101593
Here's a few quick & dirty pics of my new Natural CXL PTBs I took delivery of today. I swapped out the included cotton laces for a spare pair of the flat waxed ones I had on hand. These are my second pair of Aldens, and definitely not my last. Also, I've learned that taking photos of one's shoes is no easy endeavor.
Hey gang, a couple of questions if anyone has any help to offer I'd appreciate it:   1) Does anyone know any stores (besides Gentry NYC) who carry the Black Captoe Trench Boot with Danite Sole? 2) How do these fit compared to say, Alden? I'm a 9.5D in Barrie & True Balance and a 10D in their other lasts and most dress shoes.   Thanks!
Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely am not a cargo pants kinda guy, but those Driggs Tacticals are something else, wow! It's gonna be tough to resist those...
I was unsuccessful in my hunt for a boot in Natural Chromexcel with a commando sole so I landed on these PTBs from TSM which feature the double leather soul. I think they'll be great for winter, regardless (at least I hope so). I may swap out the laces for a pair of the waxed ones, I think I have a spare.  
Does anyone know of any current offerings in a Natural CXL boot with commando sole?
Pardon me for any potential blasphemy here, but is AE's Dark Brown Shell roughly equivelant to Alden's Cigar Shell?
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