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@seasquirrel, are those the Winn Perry model? Very nice!
Hey fellows, I really like the look of the Natural CXL LWBs that I've seen around. The Winn Perry makeup with the contrasting eyelets and laces is particularly appealing, however I'm not a fan of in commando. Is anyone aware of a similar model that has either leather or may be crepe sole? Thanks!
I missed the 80's arcade shirt entirely, didn't even catch a peak at the swatch. Can someone post it here to satisfy my curiosity? Thx! 
I don't care about the last, would like the double leather sole though.
Alt Wein with 360 welt and antique edge would be so boss, I'd definitely be all over that.
These are pretty boss looking, from TSM seconds list. Barrie Last, size 10D. Style #FD-40709H  
Exxxxcellent. Email = Sent
Is there a Marled Silver hat? I see the mittens in that color. She wants to dye her hair purple (teenagers!) so I think the silver would look great with that.
I want to get my daughter (14 years old) a matching beanie & mittens set for Xmas. Would the Dark Gray Mittens & Charcoal Beanie be my best bet?
Random PSA - anyone sleeping on that Mulberry jacket should pull the trigger and get himself a nice little Xmas present. I got mine a year or two ago at full price and it's one of my favorite pieces of outerwear that I own.
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