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That Ghost Suede MA-1 -- Holy macaroni! I've taken a pretty severe hiatus from buying clothes, but as soon as I received the email yesterday, insta-buy.
PSA - I just received an email from The Shoe Mart saying they'll be setting up an Alden Fan Facebook page and to send an email to if you'd like an invite. I did but have yet to get anything back.
I thought the same way with the LWBs I just posted. They came with matching laces so I emailed the shop and they promptly sent me two dark brown pair for free. Great service! I also ordered a purple pair from Amazon for when I'm feeling extra saucy
I ordered these Milkshake Suede LWBs from Alden San Francisco about a month ago, with the weather finally turning nice here in MD I decided to wear them for the first time today.
Hey @Epaulet, was wondering if you'll be doing another run of polos of some kind? I'm thinking I'm going to need some to go with my incoming West Egg Madras EFF Rivets.
No worries, I scored these from eBay, they were the shop display models.
My Epaulet Brixtons came yesterday, wearing for the first time today, an absolute steal at only $365!
I'm in for the West Egg Madras, thanks Old Sport!
Props to whoever shared that Ebay link for the Epaulet Brixtons, I just scooped up the other pair!
@Epaulet   Is it possible to do an Alden group buy for a milkshake suede LWB? Say with a natural welt and darker/contrasting laces & a leather sole?
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