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I'm unsure if I'm a L or XL in the sweaters. I'm an XL in the BD cut shirts but I got one of the merino crewnecks from a couple seasons ago in XL that was too big on me. Eyeing up one of the turtlenecks that's on sale. If Mauro or anyone else could offer their sizing thoughts I'd appreciate it, thanks!
Thanks for the email, Epaulet folks! I grabbed the suede Coopers and am seriously considering that green suede Eisenhower...I already have it in deerskin but that variant looks so boss.   I didn't realize I was in the top 100 of customers, volume-wise. I'm not quite sure how to feel about that
It seems that it all depends on which color you pick. I got the white ones for $79.98 but some of the other colors are more. They all seem to be discounted some amount though.
Not sure if it's been posted but Finish Line online has the Free 4.0 Flyknits on sale for $80 in all colors, can get them shipped for about $75 with a coupon code.   http://www.finishline.com/store/product?A=4880&categoryId=cat302263&productId=prod744183
I started fooling with sumo dead lift about a month ago after trying in vain off and on over the last few years to do the conventional variant. Anywho, I pulled 315x2 this week and am really psyched on that and that I found a kind of dead lift I can do!
I hope that it's not indicative of some "new fit" with their shirts going forward. I can see if the first FF using a different factory resulted in some wonky specs here and there but the OTR University Stripe being that way also leads me to be concerned. Epaulet shirts have always fit me better than any other shirt but these last three I mentioned look and fit more like something from J Crew. I don't mean that to sound harsh or whatever, just relaying my recent experiences.
Has anyone else noticed the fit of their shirts seems to have changed? I got two from the latest Factory Finds and the University Stripe that was recently released and in all three the fit around the waist and stomach area and darting in the back is a lot looser than my older Epaulet shirts. The fit is not as sleek as it used to be which is kind of a bummer :(
I just noticed those Petrol Blue Walts on the Epaulet site the other day, only a matter of time before I order a pair. So much great new stuff lately! I just ordered the Black Overdye Doyle and Grape Canvas Driggs (my first pair of Driggs).
Question on the Driggs trousers, with their 33" inseam will there be enough to roll/peg them? Note - I normally take a 32" inseam.
I have an OG one and I'd say size up to the XL if you're in between sizes and want to layer stuff underneath it.
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