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Hey @Epaulet, was wondering if you'll be doing another run of polos of some kind? I'm thinking I'm going to need some to go with my incoming West Egg Madras EFF Rivets.
No worries, I scored these from eBay, they were the shop display models.
My Epaulet Brixtons came yesterday, wearing for the first time today, an absolute steal at only $365!
I'm in for the West Egg Madras, thanks Old Sport!
Props to whoever shared that Ebay link for the Epaulet Brixtons, I just scooped up the other pair!
@Epaulet   Is it possible to do an Alden group buy for a milkshake suede LWB? Say with a natural welt and darker/contrasting laces & a leather sole?
Can anyone comment on the fit of Barrie last, shoes vs boots? Are they pretty much even or does one tend to fit larger/smaller than the other? I realize such a question is highly subjective, just wondering what folks think. I only have boots and was wondering about the fit of a LWB. Thanks!
@seasquirrel, are those the Winn Perry model? Very nice!
Hey fellows, I really like the look of the Natural CXL LWBs that I've seen around. The Winn Perry makeup with the contrasting eyelets and laces is particularly appealing, however I'm not a fan of in commando. Is anyone aware of a similar model that has either leather or may be crepe sole? Thanks!
I missed the 80's arcade shirt entirely, didn't even catch a peak at the swatch. Can someone post it here to satisfy my curiosity? Thx! 
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