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What is the Mac method for breaking in Cordovan shoes? I tried searching and could not find it.  
Well the comments from both you and Burton seem to indicate that it comes with the territory. I was not aware of the quality control issues but I am otherwise really excited about starting a shell collection.
Thank you. This is what I wanted to know. So basically I am overreacting. I don't need to have it flawless, I just needed to make sure that I am not getting shafted with below average quality.   I figured that there was no better place to get an experienced opinion on these shoes than the enthusiast thread.
Hey so I finally started my collection. I bought a pair of LWB #8 to start but I have examined them at home and it doesn't feel right. I took a few photos maybe you guys can tell me if I am being OCD or not.   1. There is a small scratch in the instep of the left shoe. 2. Some discoloration on the inside of the heels 3. There is a large bump or bend on the inner side of the left shoe.   I imagine some polish might get the scratch out but what about that bump...
Looks good to me.
I called Sherman Bros yesterday and this woman picked up. I asked her about the sale and she confirmed it. When I asked her if I could buy a 975 over the phone she said she it might be possible but that she would have to check with the owner. I told her the size I was looking for and she said she would call me back.    About 30 minutes later she calls me back and says she checked with a co-worker and that it was in-store only. Asked me if I was in the area and that I...
I'm in the market for the basic shell LWB right now. I called Sherman Bros and they wouldn't give me the 15% over the phone. Did I say something wrong?
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