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NO, on the watch.  I'm guessing it's probably (from the color, style, etc) one of those big over 42mm watches.  If you are wearing a sweater, tie, etc then get something smaller and more indiscreet.  Something vintage, with 3 hands, on leather or even one of those grosgrain straps will look much more appropriate than a big stainless steel chronograph with a colored dial.   Insofar as a dress shirt, sweater, and tie with shorts ... you might as well add a navy blue...
Headhunters and job finders are a good tool, but get out and pound the pavement yourself.  If you do, you may stumble on a gem of a job that you never in your wildest dreams thought you would be interested in, by looking on the computer.  It may turn out that you get the job, you come to love it, and your co workers are awesome.  Also, like you stated, don't shuffle out of bed and leisurely waste away the morning.  I promise you if you stay busy from sun up until sun...
If you were super fat for a long time, then you probably had to wear your pants in a position where a thin person would not normally wear them.  Maybe you got used to that and now the normal waistline feels/looks weird.
Will do.
    Still LOL'ing at you.  You sound like my 15 year old when he tries to make a "big boy" argument and uses his big boy words.
Hmmm .... I'm a bit older so their may be somewhat of a generation gap.  Plus, I was wearing military uniforms 90% of the time when I was your age.  OK, here goes ...   1.  Get some slimmer fit jeans that are the proper length.  You aren't very tall, and all those extra stacks around the ankles make you look shorter and kind of squatty.   2.  Lose the graphic tees.  You are right around the age where graphic tees start to = douchebag.    3.  Get some leather...
 Wearing the Sea Dweller today  
Yea dickhead, it's autographed.
You are clueless, and that is a troll comment.
New Posts  All Forums: