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^^^^  That's where I post. ^^^^  I'm not reinventing the wheel or interested in overhauling my style.  Like I said, I have to look a certain way at work whether it's a coat and tie or other.  Also, given the nature of my job I don't really wear anything to work that I wouldn't want potentially destroyed.  So thanks for all the S&D tips, but I'll stick to CM Casual.
True, and when I'm not working I dress different. But I'm a plainclothes cop, and when I'm at work I have to dress a bit more, I don't know, boring? Just what the man that signs my paycheck wants.
I wasn't referring to him, unless he is in fact an anorexic hipster.  I just meant that I'm too old to rock a lot of the S&D stuff.  I guess I'll have to settle for the Streetwear and I.T. Dept look. :)
 They probably think the same as me, which is no fucks are given.  Sorry dude, but I don't do internet slap fights.
Lol ... That was AWESOME !!!
I hate to disappoint you, but no IT.  Maybe I should have left the badge and gun on in the pic if you are really that interested in my occupation.  I'm in my late 40's and don't dress like an anorexic hipster.   
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