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yeah, the jacket has it on almost all its seams. the only exception is probably the shoulder seams. 
has anyone else that doesn't have immediate access to a brick and mortar store had issues with tailoring? i wanted to get the sides of my jacket taken in a bit, but the pick stitching is everywhere and makes it a little difficult for tailoring...
+1   Looks great
kent is the effin man.  as previously mentioned, there was mix up with my trousers and someone else's order- adding about a month wait to my order.  kent just notified me they were shipped and gifted me with a $70 code for my troubles.  can someone explain to me why the hell people would buy a suit anywhere else now?
  Yeah, I don't have that advantage unfortunately.  I like suitsupply and the stylings/offerings.  I've ordered from the site, and i've just had too many issues with the consistency of sizing even within the same fits.   I prefer suitsupply for any of their suits that are sub-500, but beyond that price point i think there's too much value in kw when put side to side
Try kent wang, fully canvassed MTM for sub 1k
For what it's worth, I feel like the standard suit length is already pretty short.  I had my MTM suit shortened an inch based off the measurements on Kent's site and my favorite suit and I probably won't have it shortened the next time around.  I think it'd be worthwhile to try out the trial suit.  
Here's the suit jacket I had made. Sorry for the crappy pic, but fit/quality wise I couldn't be happier. I did the grey glen plaid with a very hard to notice light blue over check. Did mainly default options with the exception of non-overlapping cuff buttons, because I think it looks too cramped. For anyone considering purchasing, I highly recommend. I mainly wear RLBL, but will likely just use KW for suiting now. Sizing/measurements were pretty much exactly like my...
I saw the groupon deal in my email today, came by here to see what information there was... this thread reeks of BS.  It sounds like a conversation between three clones.  
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