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I had some done here and turned out well.  I wouldn't trust most tailors unless they do it regularly.
    The photos I posted above are Kamakura - although it looks like the make several collars.  Is this true?
Was the post removed?  This link didn't work.
This one has a third "roll" at the points which I am not crazy about.  Is that happening because of where the buttons are set?   
anatomy, georgia O'keefe, gynecologists....I'll never wear another buttondown now.
I am an architect, sitting in an architect's office, drawing illustrations that represents (future) reality, surrounded by drawings that represent reality.  I get it.  I just didn't understand why you wouldn't  judge a folded shirt - couldn't it be illustrative of how a  worn shirt could look?  Anyway, thanks for the thread - I've narrowed down what i like in a button down: 1. Relatively low amplitude roll 3. A stretched out bell shape that's verging on symmetrical 4. A...
Hmmm..why not?  Your asking us to judge a line drawing.  But anyway...this is the same one I think:   
I quite like this which I think is closest to #1 with less "amplitude". I think the points need to be longer though...  
Even more impressive.
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