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Forget a silk brocade, they have almost no place in formalwear. Instead, go with a deep blue silk velvet.
Same way you'd wear any other tweed jacket. IMO you could easily get away with a flapped chest pocket as long as there weren't also elbow or chest patches. However, since your tweed already has green in it I'd throw my lot in for a lightweight brown linen instead.
Hi, I will be the devil's advocate here. I have used voodoo magic to make you suddenly desire a forest green herringbone tweed in 3-roll-2 configuration with steeply angled flapped chest pocket, wide lapels, lower gorge.
I think it was 13oz raw indigo.
Jeans made from a reference image I sent in.
Considering the look you're going for, stiffly starched detachable collars and corresponding shirts from Darcy Clothes are probably what you want. The taller the collar, the better the match for your tailcoat. Tripp pants are a bad match, because the coat is distinctive enough already. Go with laced knee breeches for tall boots and plain black or striped fall front pants for short boots.
They look uncomfortable.
All of your suggested jackets would be reasonable with black pants.  Personal choice would be a medium scale black and white houndstooth or shepherd's check jacket.
Do any of your other shoes crease in similar areas?  It may be due to your gait, how you use your ankles, or the direction your feet point.  My own gait gives incredibly deep creases in the front of all of my shoes despite shoe tree use because of long steps and using my toes to push off the ground, and it's always kind of baffling to me to see other people's well-worn shoes with mild or no creasing in that area.  Nevertheless, while some of my shoes exhibit light ankle...
No love for bellows pockets?
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