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Your face looks more square and could benefit from a crown with less tapered sides.  Brim width looks good for you, though; overall the hat is acceptable, but not ideal.  If you could manage to stretch it cheaply it's probably worth keeping, but ideally it should be re-blocked to a teardrop or diamond crown if you really want to make it work for you.
Depends on body type.  6x2 is better generally, as the top closure is at waist level or slightly above instead of hip level.  With a second anchor button, it can be buttoned on the lower buttons to get the longer line of a 6x1 without losing the option to close at waist height.  The longer line of a 6x1 works well on shorter bodies (see how Fred Astaire usually wore his 6x2s, or the increased popularity of the 6x1 in Asia), but has to be cut really well to have any...
Yes.  Leaving it outside in a Canadian winter for a week should have the same effect.
If you wait 40 years, they will have some value.  Currently, '80s and '90s suits that were not worn by international celebrities have no resale value whatsoever.
The first time they replicate the existing garment, they will copy everything perfectly, even the details that you didn't know the garment had.  Every time after that, they work from the replicated garment's pattern and you have to make sure to specify with precision the details you want because they really only have the paper pattern copy to work with.
There are a couple members of the Fedora Lounge who custom-make accurate reproductions of those newsboy caps you see in movies.  Turnaround time is probably not going to be in time for Christmas, but if you're looking for the real deal and know your friend's head size you'd be hard pressed to find better.  Leather sweatbands, unique designs, the works. (though you could request a fabric sweatband if you want more rainproofness) Cordova Handmade Caps Monsvais Caps The Well...
Legs don't need to be slimmed so much as they need hemming to fix the quadruple full break going on down there and rebalancing in the back so they don't crumple up under your butt. There's not enough room in the sleevehead for your actual shoulder, and the sleeve crumpling looks atrocious but I'm not sure if there's anything you can do to fix it other than pressing the sleeves.  The sleeve angle is also off for your natural posture.
Wow.  This is the first time since the 1920s that the button stance of jackets is so high that buttoning just the bottom button is a reasonable proposition.  The bottom button on that jacket is only like an inch below his natural waist.  Crazy.
The suit is a reasonable enough cut for suits at this time - though you may find yourself regretting the short length and high gorge a few years down the road.  A birdseye like that is a fantastic weave suitable for most things (weddings are A-OK), and I would wholly recommend getting the matching waistcoat to increase its versatility.  The noticeable weave and contrasting buttons will allow you to wear the pieces separately, but not exclude the pieces from being formal...
A contrast cuff+collar shirt like that only really works worn under a darker-coloured jacket that is never taken off, in which case the fit of the shirt isn't a problem.  The bigger problem is your enormous wristwatch forcing the cuff all the way up your arm.
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