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Sounds like someone just requested an image dump of vaguely related pictures.                                                                                
I have a hunting jacket from the same era that I wear during the winter and paid about 70 dollars for it at a vintage store. You could probably get at least that much out of yours, especially if you can source a matching sleeve button from an antique store and sew it on with cotton thread.
Looks 1940s or early 1950s.  Is it missing a button on the sleeve cuff?
Don't forget sock garters as a solution! Hold your socks up and the ladies love them.
Those look more 1970s to my eyes. They're not junk, but they're not high-end either. Perfectly viable shoes.
If the HAT MATERIAL is visibly stained, you can give the hat a bath in naptha if you remove the sweatband, liner, and ribbon first. Sweatband and liner stains don't really matter. You can also try wetting the entire HAT MATERIAL with distilled water to see if it makes the stains less prominent.
It's like a color-coded funeral.
Sized socks without stretch materials, or sock garters. You could also use a stick to poke your socks down.
Happened to my pair in that fabric too. Best you could hope for is bleaching white or overdying black.
That suit jacket mentioned earlier also has contrasting brown buttons, and I think that is a major factor in how well it can pull double duty.
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