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Patch pockets with flaps were more for summer suits (less layers of fabric) or when the patch pockets were pleated/gusseted for holding lots of things securely on hunting jackets.  It's a more consistent look than two open patch pockets combined with a standard breast pocket.
That's down to both personal choice and the actual angle of your hips. Suspenders would help prevent the front from sliding down and crumpling if you had particularly angled hips.
This topic will not be complete without a sock thrown in there for extra sprezz.
Can't he just sew an external seam along the same line with a similar stitch density? Because the jacket looks like it has been washed, the seams have puckered and the dye has slightly washed out. If you don't mind the "cuff" on the sleeve being shorter, that's probably your best option as long as your tailor can sew in a straight line. It's a casual knockabout jacket. Don't worry too much about things like this.
Nah, it's still fairly modern and sharp looking. The shapeless, low-buttoning sacks of the 1990s are what currently equate to frumpy.
There is no difference in your level of comfort or drape, but fishtail back pants have two distinct practical advantages. The higher back makes sure no shirt shows if you're wearing a vest and sitting down, and it also allows V-back suspenders to be used. The comfort and drape is wholly contained in how the pants are cut overall, and isn't related whatsoever to the presence or absence of a small detail on the back of the pants.
I'd say it's a combination of problems. The low gorge doesn't work with the lapel width, and the button stance would look better overall raised an inch to be in line with the patch pockets. The button size is only noticeable because the stance is off. If the gorge was raised an inch as well, the peaks would point directly to the shoulders. The white dinner jacket, however, is excellent.
You'd need at least 32" because you still need at least 0.5" of hem to turn under.
Black or two toned calf and suede balmoral boots are another valid option. I disagree on the issue of broguing, as quarter brogues (arguably half brogues too) have often been worn with morning dress to good effect. Morning dress is not about the slick understatement that the aesthetic of evening dress is based on. It's more playful, with huge variations in colour and texture that you don't see in evening dress or even CBD.
New Posts  All Forums: