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Very good and balanced gorge height, but that's the only good thing.  Not really a good fit elsewhere with the extra-tight closure and pulling at the sides (maybe a link front would have been better for this jacket?).  Sleeves are atrociously tight.
Patch pockets with flaps -> Welted breast pocketPatch pockets without flaps -> Patch breast pocketPatch pockets with pleats -> Pleated patch breast pocketPatch pockets without flaps and welted breast pocket looks unbalanced.  If you must mix the two, get flaps on your patch pockets.
As a regular wearer of detachable collars, I can say that it's probably not a fault of the collar.  There are a large variety of collar stud shapes, and some are more comfortable than others (and can be randomly found at thrift stores in the box of orphaned cufflinks sometimes).  The height and placement of the collar band on the shirt are also a factor, as is whether or not the studs are lying against the skin or if there is an inset pocket in the collar band.  I find...
To me, it just looks like a SB jacket where someone's moved the buttons over because it was too big for them.
This depends on your body type a lot.  At 6'1", I need a higher buttoning point to compensate for my height.  Vests, 3-button suits, and double breasted suits work the best on me because they help to balance the shape of the V created by the lapels.  I personally prefer the bottom button to be in line with the top of the pockets, whether SB or DB.  I have quite a few Bold Look DBs (one that I posted earlier in the thread) and while I'm an advocate of the look I think that...
This is a lot more in line with the postwar 1940s Bold Look than the 1980s revival of the style.  The heavily suppressed waist helps to prevent it from looking like an 80s sack despite the top buttons being below the natural waist.  Slightly dated, but not badly dated; the lapel gorge is in a good place and pointing to the shoulder tip.
Sounds like white tie and tails are in order for everyone who doesn't want to serve.
Wait, what? The other buttonholes are actually functional? That's even more beyond my comprehension.
And here we have the extremes in Pitti fashion codified and brought to the extreme end of cheapness.  Functional sleeve buttonholes that meant high-quality garment were unbuttoned to show off the fact that the buttonholes were, in fact, real... are now being copied by cheapo manufacturers, which in this format is new to me.  The contrast buttonhole stitching was originally chosen by people who thought that it would identify a garment as being made for them, and now has...
Pros and cons to both.Leather sole:+ More comfortable to walk on, more flexible+ Less dirt tracked with you everywhere because of the smooth sole; you can actually just wipe off your shoe sole and walk straight into the house on non-rainy days (assuming full leather)+ Leather soles last for ages in non-wet weather+ Leather soles look awesome and gain character with use= Less traction (I actually like this, good for dancing)= Leather sole is porous and lets water into your...
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