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Pros and cons to both.Leather sole:+ More comfortable to walk on, more flexible+ Less dirt tracked with you everywhere because of the smooth sole; you can actually just wipe off your shoe sole and walk straight into the house on non-rainy days (assuming full leather)+ Leather soles last for ages in non-wet weather+ Leather soles look awesome and gain character with use= Less traction (I actually like this, good for dancing)= Leather sole is porous and lets water into your...
I wouldn't pick a tie that colour for the tan suit in the bottom picture (white with blue or red stripes maybe?) but other than that everything is spot on.  The gorge isn't even that low; it looks quite standard and remains proportional to the lapels.
Consider 40oz+ melton wool and/or fur-lined coats and hats.  Felt hats aren't going to protect your ears, you need something with earflaps.  Knit underlayers and sweaters need to be thick and chunky. EDIT: Never mind the 40oz melton and fur lined coats, I was assuming you meant temperatures around -30C.  You should be fine with 18-24oz.  The points about earflaps and knits still stand, though.
Coats are made to protect you from the elements.  Button depending on weather, and don't shy away from buttoning all of them and even folding up the collar on a cold day.  If you neglect to button the bottom one out of habit from suit jackets, the wind will kick the coat front open and you'll lose a lot of heat that you'd otherwise keep in.
Yes, they'd be regular suit trousers.  Cream with satin stripe trousers are utterly useless.  They'd need a black stripe to match facings on black jackets because the cream is always self-faced.  In addition, an all-white tuxedo looks like it comes from a bad wedding rental shop, and the only place I've seen black top/white bottom is on stage.
Alternatively, you could get a cream-coloured peak lapel DJ with pocket flaps that tuck in, and get matching pants made so it could pull double duty as a regular suit in the summer if you're confident enough to pull off the cream summer suit.  I love me some cream/ivory shawl DB, though, and if one came into my hands I wouldn't let it go.
For my own 38R frame, these are my personal ideals and acceptable range depending on button stance:SB Notch: 3.75" (3.25"-4")SB Peak: 4" (3.75"-4.5")DB Peak: 4.5" (4"-4.75") I like medium or medium-low gorges on peak, as it keeps the point of the peak pointing to the shoulder tip. 
Using tweed to mop your brow or blow your nose sounds painful.
 I'm a personal fan of flecked fabrics like this when it comes to pants or casual jackets.  Easy to pair with things, and doesn't show dirt as easily because of the visual noise.  Not a good choice for more strict dress standards, and definitely wouldn't want an entire suit of it.  I have a pair of mottled light grey fresco pants with flecked red overcheck, and they're absolutely beautiful.  YMMV, though. Price point? Luxire has some 90/10 wool/nylon heavyweight flannels...
Oh god, you're using the un-heeled trees that destroy the fit of the heel.  With loafers you've just made them unwearable forever.  Not that bit loafers are great anyway.  Get rid of the metal and then they might be okay as house slippers.
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