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You can't go wrong with a single red or white carnation.
Navy pants only work well with non-blue mid-tone or lighter coloured jackets, and if they aren't of a sufficiently distinctive weave or lack variance in colour they tend to look like orphans from a navy suit.  You may very well have several darker-coloured jackets that can be interchanged with a pair of lighter-coloured pants (being that most of the suits in your closet would be darker because that's mostly what stores sell these days as lighter-coloured suits are a hard...
 The choice of lazy horizontal peaks are the right choice for this gorge height and shoulder padding combination, and works well with the ticket pocket.  If you want the peaks to swoop upwards more on the next jacket, you need to lower the gorge so that you can continue to line up the lapel with the tip of your shoulder.  Lapel width looks ideal, and the current roping looks just fine (although a smoother, rounder sleevehead might match the lazy peaks better).
The ideal for peak lapels is to have one of the lines of the lapel (either edge of the peak) to be lined up with the shoulder so that it emphasizes the shoulders.  When the peak sticks up above the shoulder line, what is it meant to be emphasizing?  The air?  
It looks a lot like a campaign hat.
I've got a couple of different shapes of wing collar in the batch I picked up, so I'll try a different one.  However, I think I'll stick with the four-in-hand as I've seen it done with wing collar a number of times and don't feel like tracking down an ascot when I already have a perfectly serviceable wedding tie.  The morning coat really doesn't have any worn areas, it's just crumpled (especially in the sleeve) and needs pressing badly.
It's a bit early seeing as I haven't proposed or anything yet, but here's my nearly-complete morning dress outfit.  Pants need to be hemmed down and the jacket needs pressing, but apart from that and the lack of top hat this is nearly complete.  I may try to find a pair of Chelseas to wear with this instead of the shoes I have on. 1920 two-button pinstripe morning coat - $95 1890s/1900s detachable button cotton waistcoat - $10 1910s cashmere stripe trousers -...
Keep the pants as pattern pants, but keep in mind that they're severely limited and you can't expect to wear them. As for wearability, it wholly depends on the width of the stripes.  If the stripes are more widely spaced like a chalkstripe, you could wear the pants as part of a stroller outfit or with an off-white sportcoat.  If the pattern is narrowly spaced, you're SOL.
Butler, it looks like your braces are too long in the back and the elastic is bunching up at the fork.  The rear elastic could probably be shortened to half the length it currently sits at to correct the angle at which the front elastic joins it.  Fantastic rig, by the way.
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