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 This one comes with pants!
I like it for the most part.  The cut is very good and shows a lot of shirt (though my preference would be for the closure buttons to be at waist level, pocket level works too), the piped edges on the lapels are a nice touch that I'd like to see more of.  However, the white contrast stitching on the flaps, sleeves, and chest pocket needs to be removed and restitched in black.  I'm not as anti-pocketflap as some people, but I think the proportions would be a little better...
Actually, if you're having the suit made to your specifications anyway, there's another way to add Scottish detailing - pocket flaps on the bottom pockets of the vest (though I don't know how well this would work with a DB vest), and/or a cuff detail on the sleeves of the jacket.  It would make the suit stand out in a good way, with a touch of Scottishness.  The tartan should probably be constrained to a tie that you can wear any time.Please excuse the fact that the bottom...
Try it and see if you like it - it'll take all of ten seconds and a stitch ripper to undo if you don't.
I note that you have gone for a princess-seam construction on the back of the coat - although you did not end up getting the reinforcement triangles, perhaps you could sew two matching buttons on (referencing frock coats).  I think it would be a good replacement detail (and faster/cheaper than sending it back).  
It's really cold outside and I had to cover my ears and face by whatever means necessary.
This would work very well if the groomsmen wore stroller instead of tuxedos. 
My collection of 4"-4.5" wide Bold Look ties that I occasionally wear.  I love these so much even though three quarters of them are made of acetate and rayon and have ridiculous styling. (the horses are embroidered)
More cheap linens, white with coloured stripes would be nice.
RRL's shawl collar cardigans are some of the best ones out there, and one of my favourite designs.  The collars are very proportionate and useful, able to be buttoned up higher on cold days via the throat latch button off to the side.
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